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Adam's Track - George Showcase
This is a video montage I put together on my visit to Adam's track in Riverside w/ George Limbasan. Sorry about the bad footage and what not, I didn't have my tripod, and about the background music... I tried my best to shorten and sync the segments together but I got a little frustrated and said "fcuk it." Enjoy! =) Music Credits: Metric - Gold Gun Girls
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Deal or No Deal - Chuck E Cheese, James
James playing "Deal or No Deal" at Chuck E Cheese. Super Fun. Great way to kill time when you live in a boring town like ours. lol.
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jericos bday
Jerico receiving a fake Hustler for his birthday. Inside the bindings of the Hustler cover is a EuroBoy gay magazine. And to ensure poor Jerico ganders at every single page, Aaron took the liberty of taping a dollar bill on the inside of every single page. haha. Happy Birthday Jerico.
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Bouldering @ Threshold
Me, Jerico, Chalico, Jut, Michelle, and more friends trying to do one of the harder climbs. Watch me FAIL. haha.
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Man Vs. Smile Capturing Camera
Me and some of the loma linda boys trying to beat the "Smile Capturing Camera!" haha.
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Me takin' a shit one night at Winco. I was surprised at how clean the PUBLIC bathroom was. I'd so0o0o0o take a shit there again. lol.
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Meteor shower convo
attempting to watch a meteor shower in Yucaipa with the homies,
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Hip Hop Anonymous
Here's us at Celine's Debut. I eff up quite a bit so don't watch me(red hat). But everyone else did GREAT! Happy Birthday Celine! Hope you were satisfied with out performance!
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Chuck E Cheese Dance Troupe
Introducing the team leader and choreographer for the Chuck E Cheese Dance Troupe, James Anthony Pelen. LOL!
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LLB Bash Aftermath 2009
Threw a crazy Halloween party, and this is just some footage of what we did when we woke up the next morning. For us, "The party neva stop!" lol.
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Aaron shaved
Aaron was always against shaving his facial hair. Then he went camping, came back, and shaved it. Don't know what life changing experience he went through. But it made for some good media coverage. lol. Background music is Lil' Jon feat. East Side Boyz - Bia Bia.
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Abused while sleeping.
Randy fell asleep. Then he was taken advantage of. haha.
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Aaron's farewell slideshow part 2/3
My good friends Aaron boned out to the airforce a couple days ago, and as a farewell gift, I made him a DVD or pictures and video from the years we've been friends. This particular video is one of the slideshows from the actual DVD. Music credits go to: The Freshmen - The Verve Pipe
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Jamison's Last CannonBall.
Our dear friend Jamison just recently got back from Taiwan on a Mission Trip after two years. So now, about a month later... He's leaving again to start school in Hawaii. Sucks he has to leave, but at least he knows he has good friends whenever he's around the Inland Empire. The Olympic line up from left to right; Justin Pelen (blue), Johnson He (black), Jamison Sheffer (sky blue), Justin Acosta (black plaid), Bryan Lee (burgundy), and Andre Nguyen (white). Billy Wagui is the one in the inner tube lol.
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Love, Kikay =)
My adorable niece Kikay leaving me a message before she left to the Philippines. =)
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Aaron's farewell slideshow part 1/3
Music Credits: Joe Cocker - With a little help from my friends. This is the first slideshow in Aaron's farewell DVD. this particular slideshow still has Randy's speech attached. Soooo, watch it and make fun of him.
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Jerico sleeps again.
Super funny. Again, this is why I couldn't sleep.
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fly buck
I was bored. I thought these flies were gonna do it. After I watched this myself I realized how funny it was. lol. Music credits go to J squad - Jurassic Park theme
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Prom Half Time Show. haha.
Super old video from my prom night. We were doing a pit stop for nathalie at a nail salon so she could get her middle finger fixed. lol. This was when I had mad facial hair. I looked derrrrrty as fuh. lol.
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Foaud's Waiting Room. lol.
Foaud gave us a scare when he was admitted into the hospital. He shouldn't be surprised at how many people showed up. We all care about him. Our prayers with you and your recovery Foaud. See you soon!
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Bumpy snow ride.
An old video from back in the day.
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Attention Whore
I was trying to get Joan in a video of her making a fool of herself, but we all know who the real fool is. The one who thinks the camera is on him. What a dumbass.
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billairds fail
April Acosta doing what she loves most. Epic Fail.
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Interview with the children of the future. lol.
Me havin' some fun with my nieces on an off day. Haha.
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Johnson's Bday Question game
We were playing this card game where you ask yes or no questions. Two red suits means yes, two black suits means no and one red one black means maybe. This game turned out to be one of the funniest things I've ever been a part of. haha.
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Here's a little love letter/message from a cutie on the east coast.... u da effin best..... ISABELLE! LOL! ;P
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Viral Video #3
December Sky goes to Wal-Mart for some midnight snacking and fun!
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December Sky Viral Video #2
December Sky trying to practice, but as always, we're entertainers first. lol.
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LL Boyz went to the beach late one night and I caught a crab.
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Peanut Hygiene
My niece washing her hands like an independent woman.
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There was a white Acura RL i didn't like in the parking structure in LA. So I gave it a little love tap.
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Randy The Great Drum Player. (Eric Kim spoof)
Eric Kim messing around on Randy's drum set.
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Princess' Question Game
Princess' run through of the question game involving a deck of cards.
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Ghetto Hose Pull
Me trying to stay on top of my Fire Training. It's ghetto but it works.
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Just another wonderful morning.
Just another wonderful morning with the girlfriend. =)
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