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Student Learns Boyfriend Sexually Assaulted Her While She Was Asleep

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Part 1: After writing him a letter, Niki Genthe's boyfriend admitted to her that he sexually assaulted her.
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Vic F (2 hours ago)
Y’all stupid
The Sisko (2 hours ago)
Has no one here ever slept next to someone? Hella lot of touching and shit when ur in a relationship. Even waking up to sex is a thing and has been a thing for a long time. If u dont want it from ur partner all the time at that age then why the fuck u dating them?
Jenny (13 hours ago)
Wellllllllllll ummmm Im a 24 year old women and i get on top of my husband a lot , sleep or not asleep and he doesn’t seem to mind. He also does the same if I am the one asleep in the middle of the night something very sexual and romantic happens and I really don’t mind. Idk why sex is so good when you just wake up out of nowhere in that mood hhmm anyways, sooo i understand she drank sleeping pills and that might have been the reason why she didn’t feel the penis inside ? Idk The other thing is why are you sleeping in a bed with a man that you don’t want to have sex with ? Don’t get me wrong if he knew that she was not prepared to have sex he shouldn’t have done what he did however I don’t consider this rape. Women please stop accusing men for everything? Seriously, I always tell my husband to be very careful who he is around with specially in what place he is because women this days call rape even if you didn’t touch them. Thankfully my husband is amazing and most importantly he is trained to slap a bitch that tries to get close . Any of you ladies want the secret to keep your man on check ;) contact me
PANDAPIGEONPOWPOW 38 (20 hours ago)
You obviously fell for an asshole like most women do, with your talent, fuck boys not literally, but their is someone on your level whom will appreciate you and your music
Alexander Berhe (1 day ago)
Wife is this why are people so sensitive we all play dam when young and on college
Lenny Gage (1 day ago)
I’m not even going to finish this video before I know it deserves a thumbs down yuck. I say that for so many reasons which I choose to keep to myself.
Jenny (14 hours ago)
Lenny Gage i want to know, tell me
David R (2 days ago)
I too was rape in my sleep by a women i meet , i woke up look at her she was riding on top me then i went back to sleep and she continued as i didn't even know she was having sex with me , she told me in morning i had sex with you last night she said you woke up look at me then went back to sleep , i said yer i do remember waking up looking at you being on top ,,,,, than i said did you enjoy yourself , she reply back by saying of course i did .. i didn't report her for Rape i took that as a when will you do that again , lol.
Sarah Hyland (2 days ago)
Just watching random news clips and I find my own school.. I had no idea about this.
VIP TEAM (2 days ago)
What an idiot!!!! Why would this guy admit anything to this hoe girl after they have broke up?
Sir Moomoos Da noob (3 days ago)
What would happen if an under aged person did this to someone
christy capers (3 days ago)
Ugh, I get so SICK of these stories... 😡
Sadia Ziaullah (3 days ago)
u r making this up.first u should get mental help before blaming others
Sadia Ziaullah (3 days ago)
this is not rape .its consensual.if u r sleeping with ur boyfriend how he can not touch u or want u.u American people r dumb.
Perfected Gamer (3 days ago)
Sneak: 100 (with damage over time)
Andy Martinez (3 days ago)
This is the most retarded shit ever
T D (5 days ago)
Meh, it is only ass, no big deal........
GetRecKtSCRUB (5 days ago)
Consent is a myth
A S (5 days ago)
Something very similar happened to me. It started when I had gone to a Halloween party with a boyfriend of mine. I didn't know anyone there, but he had a bunch of friends there. I really don't remember much about the party and I found out that it was because one of his friends had put something in a drink of mine. I don't drink much, so it made no sense as to why I had blacked out, but that cleared everything up. The next day he was talking about the party and I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me that he knew I was completely out of it, but that he decided to take advantage of the situation so he could take advantage of me. I still couldn't believe it until he told me that he had pictures to prove it. I never thought he could do something like that, but he showed me the pictures he took of me which showed how out if it I was and that he had in fact took advantage and had sex with me, knowing I couldn't consent or fight it. I have never told anyone about this, but it feels good to say something. At the time I was confused as to how I felt because he was my boyfriend, but I can look back and clearly see how inappropriate and disgusting it was.
Rachelle Brown (6 days ago)
Zack Tenney (7 days ago)
So do I have to go hunting down the rest of the video to find out what happens? That's stupid. Fuck you uploader.
Scandalous.Opinions (8 days ago)
To the boys who don’t understand, You can have a girlfriend yeah, you both can have sex that’s great, however if she’s asleep, not aware as well as under the influence of sleeping pills and you fuck her without her consent, Congratulations you raped your girlfriend. That is rape. My ex boyfriend sexually assaulted me in my sleep, I was confused when I woke up to my shirt being off and he wasn’t assaulting me, I didn’t feel the same way anymore.. I trusted him I flew out to see him and he did that.. It made sense to why my shirt was up all those nights I slept in his room.. he knew that I myself took sleeping pills but he didn’t fucking care.
Connie Barnes (9 days ago)
And,the ignorance abounds. If she is not a willing partner, no means just that. "NO". Is that hard to understand? If she is not a willing participant, every time, then the man risks rape charges. I don't think most people want to know what it's like in prison. There will be a very short intro. Maybe he will enjoy that, also.
EverlastingPeace (10 days ago)
Her boyfriend?????? What the hecck
Kels Krueger (11 days ago)
My ex of 8 years did the same thing. Exact. So those making SINISTER comments..... Are you implying my boyfriend of 8 years had the right to sodmize me???? KNOWING i didn't want that type!!!! He used to ALWAYS bring this up. Before he raped me.(1 year pre rape)...i DID agree to it. To please him. We tried he didnt stop. I screamed and cried. That was 6 years ago. I didnt report it. Few friends knew. Then 2 years ago Easter, an ex drugged me at the bar we were at. We had been split up for 1 year. I told him millions of times, i felt nothing. Wr remained friends. Until Easter night i decided to go to a bar (i never use alcohol but not the pt). I uad 3 drinks so yes i was drunk bc no tolerance. But not drunk enough to black out. Time seemed to fly. I couldn't walk out of the bar. I made a fool of myself ex: made comments to strangers aka things id NEVER say and slurred speech. He carried me out. Hours before this he asked if i wanted him to stay the night. Told him no 2x. He asked again aftet i was drugged (i didn't know i was drugged at that moment hence i NEVER knew what that consisted of). I said noolooolooo then everything went black. In amd out of consciousness. I remember AWFUL details. I came to when him in my bed and screamed YOU I KNOW WHAT YOU DID. I couldn't move. I laid there unable to speak or fight. I thought i was when rape occured. Did rape kit. Called cops. Long story short rape happens in marriages, relationships, exes etc. It is usually with someone you know. Men OR women are raped. Age, sexual orientation/preference Doesnt matter!!! Rape can happen more then ONCE. If you haven't been raped don't assume or be evil about it. Smdh
Amanda Somma (10 days ago)
Kiersten Gantz (14 days ago)
I think the discrepancy people are having with this is the use of the same terminology in this instance where the man is her LOVER as opposed to a case where a person is brutally attacked/ forced/ kidnapped/ assaulted/ injured by a STRANGER. I just feel so irked by using the word rape for both cases.
TheUpwardbound1 (15 days ago)
Women are fucking ridiculous in these days and times biggest hypocrites on earth! Stop giving them any kind of attention! Only shake hands stop giving compliments as well as that might be a form of eye rape sooner or later
Tatiana Marissa R (15 days ago)
But also if your not ready to be someone else’s girlfriend than don't be their Gf or BF and don't let them sleep over or sleep In your bed unless your ready to be sexual with someone cause your not ready to be in a committed relationship at all and I get that you want consent but at the same time he was your boyfriend and you we’re not ready to be with him: I would warn a lot of other men about you. If your not ready for a relationship than say so, cause what if he just really wanted you?
Tatiana Marissa R (15 days ago)
I love my fiance and I love it when he touches me sexually at night: I gave him constent because I Love him so much and I’ve been with him for 8 years and I do not mind it. I feel bad for you tho.
Dental Doctor (15 days ago)
Wait , did he Do ANAL ?
Lightningstriker1 (15 days ago)
Wait a minute...it sounds as though she was coerced into claiming assault because she was adverse to receiving anal sex. Every BF/husband initiates sex w/his sleeping GF/wife at times & vise versa. She self-medicated herself, willingly slept beside him in their common bed & never said no to sexual contact prior.
Ketia Brenner (16 days ago)
This actually happened to me but when I tried to do something about it the cops and everyone else told me that being raped in my sleep is impossible and that I would have been aware of it so basically they told me that I was lying😤😭
TonyDracon (17 days ago)
lying slut
Sof BX (18 days ago)
Why did she put herself in that position? She was sleeping in his room. Is he wrong? Yes! Is she wrong? Yes! If I don't want to be with a man, I won't be sleeping in his room! Common sense!
acajudi100 (18 days ago)
Your rear end should have been sore.
acajudi100 (18 days ago)
The music was not needed. You must go to the hospital the same night.
DIANE B (18 days ago)
We had very, very few assaults when I was in college. We had curfews, single-sex dorms and the opposite sex were not allowed in the girls' dorm except on rare, very-supervised, Sunday afternoons. Room doors were to be opened during the entire three-hour period. For the most part, girls were safe. Fewer regrets about sex when drunk because you had to be back in your dorm, and all the guys knew it. Less drunkenness for fear of being caught. Fewer assaults, rapes, and pregnancies. Something to think about.
Andrea Foxx (18 days ago)
Where they ever learn
21350ctw (20 days ago)
Oh what a sob story cry about it
Angelique Violeta (8 days ago)
Ur a pig
tallblonde1976 (20 days ago)
The part I can't understand is -they had anal and she didn't fully wake up!!??!! I would wake up for sure if someone even tried. I mean, he has to get her in position first. I just don't see how unless his thing is teeny tiny she would have been AAAAAHHHHHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!!
Annemarie May (21 days ago)
I might be a bit dated, but when I was at university as a creative artsy farsy time at the height of the free love hippy era, we arts students knew we were about studying life, humanity, creative expression and such artsy stuff. But, the seriously creative smart arts students, though prone to pushing the boundaries of conventional thought, behaviour etc would do so via books, learning, study, mastering artist skills, thought, discussion etc. Some explored sexuality but quickly got bored with the flesh stuff or got pregnant and dropped out. The rest just contuned to study hard, explore new ideas etc, interspersing this and sharing such fun with opposite gender students they enjoyed sharing and chatting with, studying with. There really was not much time or energy left after studies etc to engage in all the sexual Hatred muck current era feminist uni students engage in. Many of that era's students went on to marry other partners etc and are now old. But they are still friends with their opposite gender uni days friends, their partners etc. Even when relationships failed, as they often can do. We didn't dislike somebody because of their gender but because of something they did to us or simply because they are not our type of person to like. Gender had nothing to do with it. Unlike now, where women are expected to hate men simply because they are a gender they had no choice in getting and the male aggression hormones they have. That is just so sick and irrational. Especially at university, where, presumably, women gain entry there because they are supposed to be intelligent women. Makes me really wonder about our tertiary education system and what students are really studying there. Feminism? No wonder our nation is such a mess, with students so focused on studying crap like feminism and sexuality, instead of the real things that matter to help society progress, which even women can do. But, first they must get a brain. And then apply said brain. To solving real problems of the world, instead of obsessing over penises, their vaginas and assorted sexualcrap. If you like that, then be a doctor, where you can see and touch these every day or be a sexologist or psychologist or a forensic scientist investigating real rape cases or similar pursuits. Don't waste national taxpayer funded university resources on feminist bullshit.
Annemarie May (21 days ago)
Oh dear... How sad. My heart bleeds... She had already been screwing this guy, so what did she expect him to do? Treat her like some pure, pristine vigine she obviously no longer was, though not being a vigine is not a crime. Like most third and fourth wave feminists, she seems to think that men are there simply to service their own sexual whims and preferences and only when they say so, never what males may desire, when they desire, though I would agree that some partners might want sexual activities the other objects to and they should be free to say No, Stop and it should stop immediately ie RESPECT. Punish the perpetrator who continues after being told No by the party who really means it (most women say NO but really mean Yes, please do, because they play a female sexual game to enhance the sexual encounter for themselves and/or the male, if they wish to excite and please him. This scenario also involves the issue of tacit consent by the woman, though can also be by a male behaving a certain way to avoid responsibility eg drinking, drugs etc that Diminish control over the sexual scenario. Not only was she in bed with him, after having had numerous sexual encounters etc already with him and maybe many others, too as university current era girls do, typically. That and the fact they are in a genuine relationship is already enough tacit consent ie saying an effective YES to him by her actions alone. But she then took a legitimate mind altering substance to induce sleep. No problem with that. And he then proceeded to indulge his male sexual desires. Well, unless he did serious physical harm or abuse to her, I would hardly class what he allegedly did to her as abuse. Maybe annoying, unpleasant to her or she might be the sort of woman who likes obedient lap dog boys who seek permission from her to be male....Some women like to dominate men and some men like to be treated in this degrading, belittling way Sexually by women. This guy obviously didn't, despite being your creative sensitive gentler male type. And when he effectively called her out for her unfair behaviour towards men in bed, she didn't like it and screamed abuse, as most feminists do. This is about power, not sex. Sex is the means feminists use to gain power over men, which they then proceed to abuse, the way some men used to do and a few still do nowadays, if sick enough to do this. All she had to say to this guy, in a serious sober etc state and an 'I mean it' demeanour is: If you want our relationship to continue Sexually, you and I will Not be engaging in any sexual activities before we BOTH agree to trying them and we will STOP immediately if EITHER of us does not want to go further". And ensure you both lay down the o ditions, denitions of mutual consent very clearly eg is taking a pill to go to sleep so you have no idea what he is doing to your body effective consent, by her? She could have slept elsewhere with the door locked if she really wanted to just sleep, not in bed with him. Is him engaging his male sexual fantasies with the object of his Lust, affections or whatever beside him, available to him, so easily accessible really such a crime when she never said No, actually said a tacit Yes with her behaviours, even though it may have obviously annoyed her. Not all things guys do to women or the reverse are enjoyable but, unless they are told so, they often continue because they are unaware of how the other feels, until it is too late and the unpleasant experience has happened, as in this case. Nobody is really to blame here but a good relationship was ended as a result of the combination of poor communication and some pretty destructive, toxic feminist indoctrination.
WackyBisexual (21 days ago)
What a long stupid comment. Don't have sex with your girlfriend unless they consent. Especially sleep sex. Also she didn't even want to do Anal, but he decided he wanted to and fucking raped her. It's no fault on her behalf, he should've stopped being a pussy and just accepted he was not getting that kind of sex from her. He could've just started dating another girl if he cared that much.
stormking989 (22 days ago)
It's 2019 and this story has caught my attention.
The Knee (25 days ago)
This is stupid. He shouldn't have messed with that crazy bitch.
Kevin ray McGaugh (27 days ago)
It's terrible that men treat women that way especially if hes her boyfriend
Paul Collins (27 days ago)
He got that booty
Hillary Cowan (28 days ago)
Part 2 https://youtu.be/Z01cotuXK9g
Rebecca Oprea (1 month ago)
Don’t send your children off to college .
Amanda Somma (10 days ago)
Especially when they are unbalanced emotionally stunted whores
AD Manassas (1 month ago)
Fierce Expression (1 month ago)
Wow. This's heart breaking. I was Sexually assaulted by my Supervisor in Gap inc Warehouse and I reported it to HR and my Manager, so they targeted me...etc I have created a play lost on my YouTube channel, to share my stories. https://youtu.be/qgyO68W4LOw
Jitesh Bhattacharjee (1 month ago)
Omg western women's are something that's why soo many divorces happens there because they are not committed to each other.
WackyBisexual (21 days ago)
I know right, I guess consent is too much to ask for. Lol.
Michael Diaz (1 month ago)
All these hoes just tryna get famous
elsa1942 (1 month ago)
Why do some men have to feel so freaking ENTITLED?!
Trigger _ (6 days ago)
Hahaha really? You're delusional
Internets Content (1 month ago)
There boyfriend and girlfriend.”its still fucked up” (better than a 40 year old child rapist) IM NOT SAYING ITS OK
Hate Is live (1 month ago)
Nikki is dumb tbh
Guero Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Get her drunk and stick it in da butt!!!!
Tea Bear (1 month ago)
This is disgusting and wrong. He didn't have the right to touch her without her consent. This also proves that you can never be too careful and we as women need to take extra precautions. It's not bad to trust someone but at the same time no one can be trusted. That's just how it is. Poor lady.
Sophie Ward (1 month ago)
Just because your together with some one doesn’t make it right!
Ashonti Flowers (1 month ago)
Where is part two?
Neander Doe (1 month ago)
Ww get all types of special treatment.
Neander Doe (1 month ago)
Her grades dropped? She’s in the theatre program. How hard could it be?
Neander Doe (1 month ago)
Ww accuse EVERYONE of rape.
Jeremy Smith (1 month ago)
S M (1 month ago)
He’s wrong 100% but I think it was clear he wanted to have sex. Young inexperienced males often fuck their lives up because a female lead them on. Wrong is wrong but she should have told him to go home and this could have been avoided.
Recreate Regine (1 month ago)
It took them forever to get to the point of the story and when they finally did, it was very vague.
Ericson Presents... (1 month ago)
I guess to each their own. I had one ex where sleeping sex was welcomed. So that I guess knowing who you are with and likes and dislikes are key.
Holly Cups (1 month ago)
So question, if you're fucking your boyfriend that night and then you both pass out...and he wakes up and starts fondling you....that's now rape? Seriously? It really is not safe for men to be i any kind of relationship with us....I would never expect my boyfriend to ask me if it's okay if he touches me, kisses me or attempts to have sex with me before he actually does it....I'm with him therefore I'm giving myself to him...if I'm not in the mood and then he beats me up and forces himself on me that's different ....but if I'm sleeping and he wants to touch my body because he's wanting to have sex with me....I'm okay with that....but the way all of you are acting is men should really take a video recording along with a signed contract every time they want to touch you....HEAR ME NOW MEN....GET A VIDEO AND SIGNED CONTRACT RIGHT BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX AND THEN AGAIN AFTER....YOU WILL NOT BE SAFE.
WackyBisexual (21 days ago)
She was asleep....and he raped her...and did anal even though she said while awake she didn't want. Like wth, if this shit happened to y'alls kids it would be a different story.
tvfan14 (1 month ago)
I'm watching this video thinking you've got to be kidding me. She's been dating him for four months and he is a very good looking young man! He's in his early 20's and has sexual needs, she should be happy that a good looking guy is interested in her. Doesn't sound like sexual assault or rape to me. Sounds to me like a girl who is ungrateful to have a boyfriend. Sexual assault should be taken very seriously as should rape and it's just my opinion that this isn't the same. Seems like their trying to demonize that young man for being horny. I understand I will likely get a lot of hate for my view, this is just my opinion.
WackyBisexual (21 days ago)
No hate, its just consent. Just ask your partner. If a girl just whips out a stap on and starts fucking a guy in his sleep, he may not be okay with that. Sleep sex? Fine. Anal? Fine. Just make sure you're partner is okay with that.
Jeez, he just wanted some anal... big deal, i would have said go for it.
Stratubery (1 month ago)
This is a story? Really? Ah, the Obama years. Good riddance.
Abashed Ash (1 month ago)
Vaginal sex is regular sex. He asked her for kinky sex which is anal. A lot of women don’t like the idea of that bc it hurts and embarrassing because that’s where we shit. It’s like taking someone’s virginity again and I’m sure she was in pain when she woke up and bleeding. She didn’t consent to having vaginal sex with him that night LET ALONE ANAL. You are delusional if you think just because he’s her boyfriend that he can take her booty while she’s unconscious. They aren’t even married and it still wouldn’t be okay if they were married. The fuck wrong with some of y’all
Arthur Morgan (26 days ago)
I love how women get embarrassed over the smallest things, but forget that we stare at their buttholes when we fuck.
Baby Goose (1 month ago)
People who believe that a partner/spouse or whatever can’t rape you are beyond ignorant. Absolutely disgusting how many of y’all on here think it’s okay. Get some help because you are part of the problem.
Arthur Morgan (26 days ago)
She should have just said yes to anal. It was painful for my gf for the first few months but she learned to like it.
Matt Sherv (1 month ago)
He could be gay.
Amanda Somma (10 days ago)
Ok..... but ...... nope you’re a moron
Matt Sherv how does that even make sense
marlin gates (1 month ago)
I'm so sorry this happened to her. A lot of the time with Rape tends to be someone you know partner, friend etc. I hope he's in prison
Layla Hasanzadah (1 month ago)
ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ is raping a partner while they are unconscious a need? do you feel the need to sexually abuse someone? pornhub is a thing. i’m sure it has all that you need. that’s twisted as fuck.
marlin gates this is natural. Everyone has sex and needs.
GizmoMaltese (1 month ago)
Not every wrong or immoral act needs to be a crime. That's why American is the #1 incarcerator of its own citizens. You can't fix everything that's wrong with the world with laws and prisons.
People are terrible .-.
Alexis The Stoner Bitch he was her boyfriend?? I don’t understand how this could be rape she needs to go to jail for false allegations! You can’t _rape_ someone you date?! wtf people
ASMRyouVEGANyet? (1 month ago)
This has happened to me. I woke up while he was having sex with me without my consent (I was in pain). When I wanted him to stop he told me to be quiet and he'll be done soon....it was horrible. My memories are foggy too.
Bah Humbug (1 month ago)
Big deal, one sticks one's finger into your girl's butt all the time, no permission needed. It's pathetic, all this permission crap. Thank the good lord my girl is not an uptight bitch like this.
gillian owens (1 month ago)
That is horrible
Juana Ortega (1 month ago)
Why she was in his bedroom does she didn’t had her own place sometimes woman’s must be more careful because at the same tome you are ruining someone’s also life that could be your brother, your son please ladies 🥴
JTG JTG (1 month ago)
Wtf are you talking about bro? Just because my girlfriend is in my bedroom,it doesn't mean she wants sex. You sound like a rapist
Anthony West (1 month ago)
Amanda04 (1 month ago)
He purposely placed something in her drink cause he knew she doesn’t like to have anal sex! He should be fcked from behind in jail see what he feels about it! Just cause you are dating doesn’t mean you can do the fck you want. I don’t get why guys want anal sex probably they often see it in porn. I find it disgusting! Oh those porn girls are actresses I don’t think they really find pleasure in that
Awakened Angel (1 month ago)
Omg this so creepy and 🤢🤢🤢 anyone thinks is ok is insane
sharon hillman (1 month ago)
That means someone is going to marry these sexual assaulters and have kids by them.
Jingle Jungle (22 days ago)
Not unless they're jailed
Barbie Bauer (1 month ago)
ABC will publish anything to sell commercials. Assault is a private legal matter that should be handled by the legal system. Publish the many ways she could have avoided everything. Live a moral life. She is in his place, unmarried, taking pills.....
JTG JTG (1 month ago)
You're ridiculous and ignorant
Pacific NW Native (1 month ago)
Anal isnt for everyone, respect her "NO!"
dogsitter68 (1 month ago)
why didn't she just put out .......
Albious Konet (2 months ago)
I go to this school
Amanda Somma (10 days ago)
Well stay away from this girl
Mulan đ (2 months ago)
Honestly if I was dating a guy and we were sleeping on the same bed and he did that that is rape. Simple as that especially if we never did that before, and he just does it.
crowleynotcrawley (2 months ago)
Guys the dude even ADMITS wat he did was takin advantage of her. So like tf? THIS. WAS. ASSAULT
rae L. (2 months ago)
So 4 months of dating and you guys are sleeping in bed together at ,night? (Has nothing to do with getting assaulted, that was horrible and wrong so don't get me wrong) it's just maybe young couples really should slow down..
Rosabelle Hennings (1 month ago)
rae L. She said they were best friends before they started dating
PODCAST KAT (2 months ago)
I take sleeping meds and my current boyfriend has done it to me and I only found out after I found pictures of myself on his phone nude and passed out with him doing things. So I don't know how many times he's done it, I'm scared and in denial about it.
Amanda Somma (10 days ago)
Oh seriously shut the fuck up with your whiny victim bullshit
oh no (2 months ago)
This bitch is overreacting
Edit_Name_Eanli (2 months ago)
while y’all argue if it happened or not, I’m more concerned of him confessing. IN PAPER isn’t enough? and now we gotta put her in more danger for a “spy” mission? He literally said he touched her inappropriately in a letter, the only way that confession wouldn’t be enough is if she lost the letter. Like 🤷🏽‍♀️ i think the problem is we are putting her in way more trouble then she needs to be.
swan D (1 month ago)
Edit_Name_Eanli he didn’t say it in a letter
Shh_stone Shh (2 months ago)
She’s looks 36.
Jasmine Rubin (2 months ago)
Some boyfriends have sex with their girlfriends when they're asleep and it's normal because they have consent. This dude was clearly hiding what he was doing from her. Very different. He knows he was raping her.
Lara Monster (2 months ago)
Wait I’m confused did he just touch her or did he have intercourse?
Blanca L. Padilla (2 months ago)
Where's part 2?
Blanca L. Padilla (2 months ago)
Where's part 2?
make money daily (2 months ago)
I wake up all my gfs with dick..thru love it
make money daily (2 months ago)
Now I see why many men are gay or don't fuck with women

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