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Student Learns Boyfriend Sexually Assaulted Her While She Was Asleep

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Part 1: After writing him a letter, Niki Genthe's boyfriend admitted to her that he sexually assaulted her.
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byindani (13 hours ago)
Hmmm. Girlfriends have jumped me in the middle of the night and I didn’t remember it until they mentioned it later. I don’t find them criminals. This seems like a very muddled line. She drugged herself, she never said no, she voluntarily slept in the same bed, and she didn’t say anything about it til after they separated. I think there are different sides to this story. I also hate how people blame depression on people wronging them. People can get depressed sometimes when they aren’t satisfied with their life. Stop blaming others.
Misfit 636 (19 hours ago)
If she couldn’t tell she got it up the butt, she does anal regularly
Ever After (1 day ago)
If it was my boyfriend that touched my vagina when I slept I wouldn't care. Am I gross or wrong for not minding if my boyfriend touches my vagina without asking me? If we sleep in the same bed I don't think I would care......
SpookeyClown (2 days ago)
My college girlfriend did something similar to me. I passed out in the middle of an argument with her and woke up with her dildo in my ass. Her friends thought it was a funny revenge tactic.
tucan sam (2 days ago)
I tried this on my ex once while having sex. I put my finger in her butt, and she pulled it out right away. I respected that she didn't want anal. I then had vaginal sex with her, and gave her a dirty Sanchez instead. 😎
MrPreacher8770 (2 days ago)
im older and i literally dont get it , your in a guys apartment in his bed and you claim rape,, ???? what the hell do you expect. getting into a guys bed is permission, he didnt go to your home to your bed
reality check (3 days ago)
Her first mistake was getting with a dude named Luke !!
workingmom NC27 (3 days ago)
Anjelina Zuniga (3 days ago)
She reminds me of Hannah Baker from that show 13 reasons why.
thereign (5 days ago)
How do some people not think this is rape, are you fucking kidding? He even knows he raped her, because he lied about what he was doing.
BeagleBrains 1 (5 days ago)
You dont even remember anything! Move on with your life. You let him do it when your awake so what's the difference?
Brandon Rauls (5 days ago)
I live in southern Oregon and Ashland isn’t that nice and the people run into the streets randomly and often then yell at you because they don’t wanna look both way or use a crosswalk to say hi to there friend on the other side of the road
J P (5 days ago)
Prude bitch
richard padley (5 days ago)
hmmm i geuss the guy had a small penis
sun shine (6 days ago)
This is way too close to home I live like 3 hours from Ashland and I've been thinking about going to a so you or Oregon tech for a while now when I get out of high school this is scary the think about
Gregory Artisan (7 days ago)
Hey men: get video recorded consent, then written consent (if possible get it notarized) before any physical contact whatsoever. Even if your married because modern feminism is out to demonize you. Ladies: if your boyfriend is doing something you consider sexual assault then breakup with him and stop sleeping over with him
Luis Baez (7 days ago)
Wow why is people so dumb how is it sexually assault when she is dating him(boyfriend) when probably she wanted to be touch by her boyfriend while asleep and she acting like she don’t remember. Jeez to couple don’t have sex and touch each now in days. What about if it was the other way around she touching him let me guess is not a big deal right gtfoh they are dating is not sexual assault period!!
No Comps (7 days ago)
Should learn how to make better sandwiches
Trocilyn Rufus (7 days ago)
Why did she take sleeping pills
Blast Boi (7 days ago)
This is fucking stupid, bitch just wanna play victim. Their is real people out here getting rape and she just trying to get revenge on a ex.
Chris Perkins (7 days ago)
College is fornication every day If you go there as a girl you are a fool
mari lopez (9 days ago)
Girl, you went to his house, you slept in his bed... what did you expect?
Drilla Boyz Ent. (10 days ago)
I dont know about these weirdo guys but nothing is better than consensual relationship.
Frieza (10 days ago)
Loose pussy, thats how u wake up and not notice u got pounded while sleeping
His Presence (11 days ago)
Something is not right here. There is more to the story. How did they breakup. On the best of terms or the worst. Was she angry. Sounds Conniving. He may be a victim also.
Frotax Frotax (11 days ago)
This is total bullshit. It's called trying to get some pussy. This ugly bitch should be happy some dude would give her the time. My gf starts playing with my dick when she wants some. It's not assault.
Excelsius Dei (11 days ago)
aware24 (11 days ago)
What would happen if a porn Star didn’t get paid?
Zz Z (11 days ago)
I had a gf that told me she went oral on me while I was asleep.. That's sexual assault as well.. So many of us victims..
Fernando Villalobos (11 days ago)
sounds like she was abusing sleeping pills and her grades started dropping.... she used him as a scapegoat....
Ashley Johnson (11 days ago)
Fernando Villalobos are you fucking serious? You’re disgusting. Probably an incel. I hope some dude does this to you so you know how it feels.
johnny d (12 days ago)
She cant say no when shes sleeping 😁, i just wanted to ruffle some feathers
He is a closet homo who wanted to take her butto.
He is a closet homo who wanted to take her butto.
Wicked Widow (13 days ago)
This happened to me by my cousin , its on my channel
ZEConvert (14 days ago)
Haha idiot got raped. Why didnt she just leave the relationship then if she didnt want anyone abusing her? Moronic girl.
Herman Browndog (15 days ago)
This is the kind of story that gives rape a bad name!
Austin Stout (15 days ago)
Ok so nobody is gna believe this but straight up I jus found this video on my home page and said hmm I know that girl and sure as fuck its her. I swear to God this girl works at the front door of a strip club with her tits out every damn day tryna get 20 bucks for a quick flash. If ya dont believe me call little darlings in Kalamazoo MI and ask for Nikki ...this segment totally just fucked my mind !! Not saying she wasn't raped jus stating facts on what I know
Max Long (16 days ago)
My man just wanted to do anal
CD Smith (16 days ago)
Hmm. I'm a bit torn here. For one thing they were in a sexual relationship, a consensual one at that, so there's the expectation that the other person wants to have sex with you. Yes, she was out of it at the time, but then I recall a time or three in my past where I was passed-out drunk and woke up to a girlfriend going down on me. As I recall I didn't get all traumatized or cry rape, I remember even through the haze enjoying it. Some could very well argue that at those times I wasn't fully conscious, which I wasn't, yet I'm of the mind that I was very much into the girl I was seeing and wanted her as much as she wanted me. However, I think in this here case the boyfriend could have handled things better. Waiting until she's out like a light to spring something like anal probably wasn't the smartest move, thus I think I'm inclined to side with her. But people, really, young people especially... you all really ought to talk about boundaries at some point once you get to the sex-having part of the relationship. Perhaps, oh I don't know, ASK your partner if he/she would like to wake up and find that sex is already occuring? A lot of people really dig the notion of it, but some absolutely do not. Simple solution: ASK. Don't weasel around like this kid did. EDIT: And now that I've read (down below in comments) a better explanation of what went on I'm inclined to redouble my above statement that I side with the girl on this one. Here's why.... (As posted below) -- "1) He didn't merely assume that she was okay with him doing that because they had had it before— _he knew that she wouldn't consent to this specific sexual act_ (the beginning of this video said they had already talked about it). 2) so instead of respecting her decision, _he waited for an opportunity when he knew he could get away with it without her stopping him._ 3) Then when she kind of woke up the first time, not only did he lie to her about what had been going on, but he did so in order to be able to continue what he was doing." If all true, then the kid deserves whatever the justice system can inflict on him, absolutely. Harsh lesson to learn but he needs to learn it. However, I still stand by my initial thoughts above as well. Not every case is as black and white as some would have everyone believe. Men can be pigs and often are, but men can also be innocent. Women are often legit victims, but women are sometimes liars or are guilty themselves. Misunderstandings happen. Intentions misread. So let's not be too eager to ruin someone's life over the mere word of an accuser. Accusers need to be taken seriously, but as to believability, that's a thing that has to be established, along with PROOF.
StarrTile (17 days ago)
What am I missing ????? They dated, had a sexual relationship and he gave her oral sex while ahe slept...is that the story??????????? I'm confused😕
Wim van de Steeg (17 days ago)
victim, survivor, assault, depression, rape, trauma ......wtf is this, what a complete bs, this is not something to go out with in public, this happened IN a relationship, has nothing to do with rape, only a fantasy what he shouldnt have done, and he know's it, and apologised...thats should be the end of it...he could even end up in jail for this, and be a sexoffender for the rest of his life...this girl to me is a immature dumb kid
thad anderson (18 days ago)
If she was asleep how did she know... it even says in the thumbnail... umm if a girl went down on me,, what am i going to do wake up and say you sexually assaulted me... this girl is lying threw her fucking teeth makes me sick...
I'm that good brah (19 days ago)
A 22 yr old taking sleeping pills zzzzz no need for that just go to bed earlier. Her boyfriend was dumb. Why would he do that, he just had to be patient and he would have smashed her another day. Second, why would he confess to her, they already went their separate ways.
Dave 1977 (19 days ago)
did you know Muhammad slept with Saffiya the same day he beheaded her husband Kinana, her brother and her father? Prophet of mercy or prophet of rape and murder?
Up the ass.................Might turn into a Lesbian
LordofDublin4 (18 days ago)
Only low-life scum would post what you did here. I'm sure it's the norm for you however. You probably sit in a dark room routinely.
JG Valid (20 days ago)
Jeez it’s not that serious
Jane Doe (20 days ago)
they'd had sex before, so how is him endeavoring to have sex with her a crime?
Jermaine Wright (20 days ago)
So did he fuck or not
Julie Davis (21 days ago)
Her eyes (no pun or jokes intended) tell the lies. Body language is key and she has unlocked all of her mother effing bullshit!!
Ray Schindler (21 days ago)
1.she is sleeping over at his place. 2. Do you expect a grown man attracted to women playing Monopoly at night?
John Melber (21 days ago)
Only girl will support this bullshits. Fuking bitch this women she was with boyfriend who had filed her before, and now she claims she got assaulted fuking bitch, you don't deserve a life go full yourself with some cucumber. Useless pieace of girl no integrity what so ever.
is it just me (21 days ago)
Husbands can RAPE their wives. Women who have been raped by them say the same as many of these comments. "I've slept w him before, he's my husband," and yet it's still a traumatizing ordeal, and women will remember if that has happened, when, and how. If a woman says NO, IT'S NO, no matter what the content of the relationship is.
Sonya Tinsley (21 days ago)
This happened to me and my baby daddy but I didn’t catch him. He wasn’t my BF. I didn’t report it though I told him and he said I enjoyed it because I was intoxicated. 😰 I don’t remember anything but I woke up with my pants off and it was traumatizing more because no one cared because he was the father of my children. I didn’t remember anything. We had been separated years was just coming in town to get my children. It’s really sad ppl laughed and I remembered feeling horrible like I wanted to kill him. Unfortunately this isn’t near the worst thing that has happened to me and I got over it in less than a year. At least I thought until I watched this.... 😥
TN (21 days ago)
yeah this is rape.
Gary E. Ko (22 days ago)
6:09 Angela Fletcher isn't exactly confidential anymore is she? Defeats the whole purpose of confidentiality putting them on camera lol
sierra 117 (22 days ago)
This is a particularly strange case.... Sad.
Saint James (20 days ago)
@sierra 117 a boyfriend that wanted sex on demand??? wow not strange at ALL???? WTF?? I find it strange that she had an issue with it?
sierra 117 (20 days ago)
@Saint James ya true, just strange to come from a boyfriend
Saint James (21 days ago)
Nothing strange about it.... she should have made a better choice than to sleep with a guy she didn't love
Brandon Glaze (23 days ago)
If a girl dont want there man touching them while there asleep means they have emotional problems, had bad childhood memories of uncle tom messing with them, or they need to be single... Just not ready for a relationship... Get therapy and stop screaming RAPE... Rape is holding you down forcing you to have sex... Get common sense or get therapy
Brandon Glaze (23 days ago)
This was rape but there is nothing wrong with couples messing around while there sleep... Smh, sleep, awake,riding down the road.... Get comon sense
Brandon Glaze (23 days ago)
I love waking up with a girl on top of me having sex
Saint James (20 days ago)
@Brandon Glaze Bingo! Waking up to a BJ is the best.... lets all be honest
Brandon Glaze (23 days ago)
Consent or no consent... It's My Woman.
Ava (23 days ago)
Kinda seems like some bullshit
That1Mexican (24 days ago)
Thats crazy i live here
The Signature Podcast (24 days ago)
Does she not want anyone else to have him?
itz KR7 (24 days ago)
She ugly anyways why didnt he sexually assault a bad bitch
IGATECH (24 days ago)
WTF is this bullshit? I fucked I few of my exes while they were sleeping and the next morning they made breakfast and say they liked it, ATT. Guys we have to be very careful now days, basically any butthurt bitch can make something like this up and even if they consent and put us in jail
Scott Hampton Jr (24 days ago)
Wow what a snitch
Apollox44 Pollo (24 days ago)
lol the idiot admitted it to her. Guys, if you're gonna do shit like that be smart enough never to tell anyone ffs.
Shadow 133 (24 days ago)
The guy may have assaulted her, but she drugged herself and made it all too easy. Non news here, just be smarter.
R.O.T.C SEEM (25 days ago)
I'm confused why did he rape her if they relationship was sexual?
Jay Moon (26 days ago)
So ridiculous. Is this a troll vid? If not, Nicky is a deplorable human being. I’m a dude and I guess I was raped multiple times by my former partners giving me oral in the middle of the night. Fucking snowflakes in this world.
Doug Collins (26 days ago)
There is no reason ever to get in a relationship, if she doesn't "always" want to satisfy you, Entitlement & no accountability, Mgtow is the only way
FER- CURIUM1 (26 days ago)
Doug Collins what tf are you talking about?
XXX (26 days ago)
I don't get it, they were both sexually active in their relationship. He has sex with her one night when she's sleeping and omg all hell broke lose. Her story don't sound as nearly as tragic as she makes it out to be.
TheRealDavieLondon (27 days ago)
I do this all the time to my girl lol she says there’s nothing hotter then when I fondle her in the bed.
MrKZdemos (27 days ago)
Next time my girl puts her hand down my pants im reporting her for attempted rape
Chris Thomas (27 days ago)
That’s how powerful the subconscious is. She subconsciously knew but consciously couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. Messed up. consent is consent whether in a relationship or friends with benefits.
mariam meer (28 days ago)
Tell me babe,if you are going to sleep in his place what else he is going to do?That sure was bad but why trust somembody to this extent in the first place?
James Smith (28 days ago)
Unfortunately the US college campuses have become the Rape Capital of the world!!!
Mattie Davis (29 days ago)
He crazy looking to me. SMH. Also she looks older than me. Our subconscious mind always working n remembering.
sparklebutt111 (29 days ago)
Where the fuck is Part 2? Get your shit together abc!!!
Edward (29 days ago)
What was she doing in his bed in the first place?
Leonardo Diax (29 days ago)
What the point of havin a Bitch if u can’t smash whenever you want ? 🤦🏻‍♂️
The Halvening (30 days ago)
what like just the tip? I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't know you just got it in the butt even under the effects of sleeping pills, especially considering she distinctly remembers her waistband being moved. So you can feel your waistband being moved but can't feel something going into your boohole?
fnaf toys (30 days ago)
this has happened to me - soo many times, but back then we were always made to believe it was the girls fault and its just what boys do. firs time i was 15 at a party -drunk and passed out , i took myself to a friends room and they said no one would come in and i was safe to essentially sleep it off - the necxt week at school ppl would look at me weirdly and i started getting confused. my friends turned on me and called me a slut. - I had a boyfriend at the time , he wasnt at the party. one of the girls in his year came to me and asked why i cheated on him. i had no idea what she was talking about . the 4 boys who each took turns assaulting me while i was unconscious were bragging about it around school. i went into a massive depression and tried to kill myself and because i couldnt remember it and i had alcohol - i blamed myself. my boyfriend was the only one that supported me and took me to a teacher for help. im 38 now and bits of that night have come back to me... sigh
Anime Stalker (7 days ago)
It's not your fault. Men are DISGUSTING and have no control!
Roman Soiko (1 month ago)
rapists should be behind bars my Malawian girlfriend in a south African university and raped I feel like going to the constitutional court and defending her (BTW I am Russian)
TraRob-EastSide (1 month ago)
F'kin hannah baker 😐 and he's a dumbass for admitting 😅.... statute if limitations dumbass
Asamoah Aye (1 month ago)
But they was dating tho 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Heart2HeartBooks (1 month ago)
This statistic is false. What parent would send their kid to college with a 1 in 5 chance of being raped?
Retnick (1 month ago)
Where is Part 2???
2K Doctor (1 month ago)
Wow this girl really is a fucking asshole, what a fucking dick. She should've got shot as well
Nick Kona (1 month ago)
Hmm.... will he get 20 years then
Levi 123 (1 month ago)
Hey y’all happy = happy piece sad= sad piece 😆
99% why are people blaming her? 1% he deserves jail time!
Pulse RELOADED (1 month ago)
Stay outta other ppl's asses w/o their consent ! 🚫
John Marston (1 month ago)
If this happened to the girl then it was outrageous. However people need to understand that the 1 in 5 statistic is utter fabricated nonsense that former president Obama should have verified before saying. The actual statistic is nowhere even remotely close to that.
mknmemories1 (27 days ago)
@Erica Singleton soooo parents are sending their daughters to a place where there's a 1in 5 chance of her getting raped?? Use your brain more often...stop believing everything you read...
Erica Singleton (1 month ago)
John Marston do some research for once will you smh 🤦🏽‍♀️😒
Leticia Perez (1 month ago)
I find this odd. No hate or anything but it really wouldn’t bother me if my boyfriend had sex with me while I slept. I trust him.
Liyani Bernier (1 month ago)
I don’t get what is wrong with these girls reckless taking a sleeping pill next to a man who is not your Husband 🙄
Tony Velazquez (1 month ago)
Anyone could go and make a claim and they are automatically guilty of rape
Angela Ang (1 month ago)
Where is part 2?????
Opal Holly (1 month ago)
I swear men can be trash sometimes.
Anime Stalker (7 days ago)
Opal Holly (30 days ago)
@Fallible Angel I said sometimes
Fallible Angel (30 days ago)
Opal Holly So can women, so what’s your point?
Never forget (1 month ago)
This is BS! She wanted to report him for breaking up with her!
bacon froyo (1 month ago)
kinda looks like that but to bad it was true since the guy admitted it
Caligula (1 month ago)
Theres no point on demandig consent in every situation. If you don't mind your bf being inside of you when you are awake why would you make a big fuzz about it when you are sleeping and feeling nothing?
Alex Jay (1 month ago)
If my girl threatened to charged me for sex assault for boning her in the morning if I woke up first....it would be like 👌 you need to work on your humour girl. I dunno know how society got so heavy influenced by Libertarian BS...I thought transvestite marriage being applauded was the end of it... now sex in the morning while she's still asleep is called rape SMH 😩😩
Caligula (1 month ago)
Lol she didnt know she was "raped" she had to been told. This proves how retarded the modern definition of rape is.

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