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English Speaking Lesson – What is different about Travel, Trip, Journey & Tour. –English Vocabulary.

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✅ https://youtu.be/puNo0sxC3VI 👉 Check the latest Video - American Idioms I love to use the most? English Speaking Lesson – What is different about Travel, Trip, Journey & Tour. –English Vocabulary. http://www.learnex.in/different-travel-trip-journey-tour-english-speaking-lesson/ In this English speaking lesson, you will learn the difference between the words, Travel, Journey, Trip & Tour. These often confuse English learners and make mistakes while speaking English. In this Spoken English lesson, you will learn how to differentiate between the words travel, trip, journey and tour. If you are a traveller, it may be a good idea to know the difference and hence use the words correctly in your day to day English conversation. Travel is used to talk about going from one place to another. It can be used as a verb, noun or an adjective. • Verb: Sam travels a lot • Noun: Travel has become easier these days. • Adjective: I know of a good travel agency. Journey: Is the distance covered when travelling from one place to another. It can be a long or a short journey. • How was your journey? • How long is your journey to work every day? The trip is used to talk about a short journey somewhere for a purpose, business or pleasure. • We went on a trip to Greece. • My boss is always on a business trip. Tour is a journey during which several places are visited, especially on a holiday. • Noun: We went on a tour to Spain last year. • Verb: I toured Europe with my friends. I hope this English speaking lesson has helped you a lot and that you are able to now understand how to use these words to better your English vocabulary. Stay subscribed for more useful English lessons from us.
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Giuseppe Bascià (16 hours ago)
Nice lesson. It's a pity Youtube introduced all this advertising (two spots in ten minutes), they are very greedy, I hope people will move to other platforms.
Sanjay Yadav (1 month ago)
Make video on art and craft
Sanjay Yadav (1 month ago)
Great mem
Preeti Sharma (3 months ago)
thanks mam
Mawadah Ali (5 months ago)
Thank you 💙
Abderrahim Benboualam (6 months ago)
I liked this video so much that it is interesting I will download it on my Facebook page I wish you continuity thank u 😊 We belong to: www.htpp://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com
Uttam Singh Burathi (9 months ago)
tq mem
It is British variant of English, isn't it?
Phillipe Augusto (1 year ago)
Very well! I learned a lot with you! Thanks!
Tamilly Batista (1 year ago)
I love your videos! I'm a brazilian learning english, the best thing's practice my litening with the videos❤️
Beatriz Ramírez (1 year ago)
quite useful and clear. However it's a bit difficult to read because of the size of the characters. Thanks for your attention
Marcelo Moraes (1 year ago)
i had have this doubt a very long time, and now no more, thanks a lot!
Abumazen Hassan (1 year ago)
Val San (1 year ago)
Great!!!it's was useful to my improve
Areej Mallhi (1 year ago)
loved that thanks teacher
maneesh kumar (1 year ago)
Thanks mam for the lesson because I couldn't get this information from anywhere else in detail.
ND NAVEEN (1 year ago)
add me in english learning group my no is +91 8124359871 i am from india, eager to learn english
Khalid Fahad (1 year ago)
Many thanks, Sonia.🙋‍♂️🌷👍
soso hamoly (1 year ago)
Simple but informative, thank you
ZE KENZY (1 year ago)
thanks you for the lesson
انسى همومك (1 year ago)
hi I have whatsapp group for english learners just send *add me* and your name 2 this number: 00967772001273
Lafaw (1 year ago)
Mounir Ps (1 year ago)
Nice voice, nice lesson and very helpful. Thanks,:D
تفرج و تفهم (1 year ago)
I love this video, can you SUBSCRIBE to me. thanks
Заебали столько рекламы в видео пихать
droll lucas (1 year ago)
There are "trek" and "voyage" too
India first (1 year ago)
Hey YouTuber if u want to learn English through WhatsApp I go to creat a English learner group if u interested to join this group leave ur whatsapp no# with ur country code
+91 9805701110
Brunno Santos (1 year ago)
abrar khan 5198983144261
Sakib Shahriar (1 year ago)
You said "between" instead of "among".when you compare more than two then it should be "among". Happy teaching👏👏
Amit Mishra (1 year ago)
she should upload another lesson about differences between among and between.😁
BEAR: Big Blue House (1 year ago)
Sakib Shahriar Yes!! I asked that question to my teacher and it is exactly that you said😆
savitri sharma (1 year ago)
solved all the confusions in my mind
Mohamed Afeel (1 year ago)
Ashish Zaware (1 year ago)
Thank you !😃
indeed (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. I really like your teaching.
Saeed Raja (1 year ago)
Hello, you are beautiful, are you in London? And single?
Afzal Khan (1 year ago)
I appreciate your efforts for this lesson. Thanks mate.
jason roy (1 year ago)
Where is rima mam?
Arkan Mohamed (1 year ago)
Your accents very bad
gia are (1 year ago)
Sayan Roy Jajajaja
Sayan Roy (1 year ago)
Arkan Mohamed your grammar is worst
nuzla jamal (1 year ago)
what about excursion?
pritam bais (1 year ago)
nic very beautiful distinguished between all of it
Balinder Aujla (1 year ago)
To Be2Fun (1 year ago)
i like only niharika mam
Hjj Ggb (1 year ago)
mam I have one dought if a man went to shop wat we called travel or journey
Piyush 12345 (1 year ago)
'Having' ka mean kya he? kB or kaha use karte hai? Please mam batao Na.......... please..... I will still waiting for your Video
khurshid Alam (1 year ago)
thanku for this tips sir
khurshid Alam (1 year ago)
not lol
Afzal Khan (1 year ago)
khurshid Alam lol
Swarup Hait (1 year ago)
Nice lesson..learned lot...
vimal jain (1 year ago)
tq maam
Sofiya K (1 year ago)
Thank u Mam
vikas kumar meena (1 year ago)
आपके मोबाईल नं बताए
Vivek R M (5 months ago)
mam your lessons are very useful...thanks
ASHOK SAIDHANNA (1 year ago)
nice mam
Consulting Perú (1 year ago)
Hello :)

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