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Best Of Fashion TV Part 41 Model Oops 4

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Ben Engle (1 hour ago)
See through fabric that sits on the models' bodies as the designer intended is NOT an oops.
Donald Hill (3 days ago)
Almost like an art in motion. Very beautiful. I find this non sexual but a work of art.
Kam Cheong Wong (4 days ago)
esperCELL (30 days ago)
*best of bouncing boobs tv*
freiesMoRei (2 months ago)
Ab 16:48, ein wunderbarer Stoff und super Brüste darunter. Dieser Anblick erfreut mich. Danke an Modell, Fotograf und Designer.
Muhammad Rusdam (4 days ago)
Muhammad Rusdam (4 days ago)
Giovanni Celeste (2 months ago)
vestiti un po morti
Nigel Old & Grey (2 months ago)
Shapeless stick insects, yuk!
These women look scary, like they are taking lithium or something
Brian Rappleye (3 months ago)
I love it when women wear their nipples like jewelry. Not offensive and not an accident.
Sonia Dey (3 months ago)
Open boobs style..smashing
Sonia Dey (3 months ago)
Beautiful jiggling
Josiah Gaji (3 months ago)
So women can show tits but men can’t....unwearable clothes I must say..soft porn
John Yohann (3 months ago)
These shows are fashion statements, and classy modern art. But damn- they sure are getting me horny!
Dan McGee (3 months ago)
I like when they wiggle but I love when they bounce!
Martin Graham (3 months ago)
Wesley Snellgrove (3 months ago)
So dumb. Not even a single slight smile. Bunch of scary skeletons. Jeesh!
Eric Lan (3 months ago)
free the boobs!
Shabbir Pinjari (3 months ago)
Sonia Dey (4 months ago)
Bralessness is such a neautiful concept..to be able to show off ur breasts...so proud..
John Yohann (3 months ago)
Get a woman- ban the bra movement #2 going. Ladies, keep beautifying the world!!
Jeff Roberts (4 months ago)
This is beautiful!
Donald Hill (4 months ago)
I respect every woman. Don't touch and enjoy their beauty.
Sonia Dey (5 months ago)
Whao..naked breasts on display..so much confidence..the pride..showing of her assets
Sonia Dey (4 months ago)
Jump babies jump..whao..how they sway frm side to side..beautiful breasts show..it looks so gorgeous when the boobs dances while walking..make a woman fab
Sonia Dey (5 months ago)
Nipples speaking to u..lovely to see them thru the transparent dresses..lovely lovely
Sonia Dey (5 months ago)
Going braless nd showing off ur nipples is most attractive..so wonderful
Kirk Schweickert (1 year ago)
I don't understand why some people are so uptight about seeing boobs. boobs are not genitals. if you grew up with girls going topless all the time you wouldn't even notice.
shyguy0006 (1 year ago)
then there are people who turn 30 and still havent seen a single boob in real life
Tuan Le (3 years ago)
the best part of woman need to show, unless her part is bad. Thanks for love design
beth anne (3 years ago)
The clothes were beautiful with the exception of the sheer fabric exposing the breast which took away from the beauty of the design. Where would a woman go to wear anything that sheer without getting the attention to the exposure. I can't say I didn't like the designs especially the ones which did not expose the breasts.
Ben Engle (1 hour ago)
Most women I know would have on something underneath. Models just happen to be allergic to bras.
Brittney Popovitch (4 years ago)
fashion don'ts boob!!! every were man where's the respect.
(4 years ago)
Fashion has become a "Playground for Dirty Old Men"!!
ERWIN HOLID (3 months ago)
Hey it just for entertainment , girls 😁😁😁
Raoul Fleckman (3 months ago)
+Packiri Samy. . . . Your comment is like an animal is trying to communicate with humans.
Packiri Samy (4 months ago)
English video English sex video
(4 years ago)
These clothes are AWFUL and disrespectful to women .. what's with all the boobs showing??
bunny lefluf (1 year ago)
just b/c they are shown sheer..doesnt mean you have to wear them that way. they are shown this way..so, they hang on the body..without bulge under them. and i dont see boobs as being disrespectful.
Muy Bien (4 years ago)
what a big shit
Atsushi Takayasu (5 years ago)
She is a goddess.  15:43
David Lopez (5 years ago)
Patti Pierce (6 years ago)
who is the designer? beautiful! Thanks for posting
floofytown (6 years ago)
So, "oops" is a euphemism for tits now?

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