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Just For Laughs - 10 Funniest Pranks (12)

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Just For Laughs 10 Funniest Pranks (12) Video Editing - Km Music All Videos is from Just For Laughs Channel
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Text Comments (73)
Starm-up Noelandstar (3 months ago)
Who's still watching this in 2019
Dhanraj Kumar (3 months ago)
isaac imo (5 months ago)
shamsher sandhu (5 months ago)
Alex So one (5 months ago)
ha ha ha
Rajugowda Sr25 (7 months ago)
Love you all
game seek (7 months ago)
Am Blessed Abundantly (7 months ago)
I am impressed how calm, cooperative and kind all these being pranked are❤️❤️
CIPRIANI (7 months ago)
Love it !!! Really nice😉
sanjay dadi (7 months ago)
Tahar Sadmi (7 months ago)
Really so funny. Thanks.
Jenelyn Cadajas (7 months ago)
Mr. Uber Crack (7 months ago)
its cool
Namita Tudu (7 months ago)
Имя Фамилия (8 months ago)
Leo Stgo (8 months ago)
9:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anees Sharif Vohra (8 months ago)
Paul Davdiyan (8 months ago)
R Mayarngam Shimray (8 months ago)
Haha the last one.....
ahmad Jawed (8 months ago)
Great 👍
कमलdeep G (8 months ago)
Azzurri Italia (9 months ago)
Raad Al ahmad (10 months ago)
PANKAJ KUMAR (10 months ago)
Really funny video
Happy birthday day to Albert's
Kimo Dias (2 years ago)
Amro B-Deshi (2 years ago)
হাহা হা হা ভাই খুব মজা পাই লাম my former Bangladesh
prabin Bhat chhetri (2 years ago)
Blue Eyes (2 years ago)
Ypsilon Channel (2 years ago)
4:37 is cute hahaha
Plysdyret1 (2 years ago)
Notice how we from the Western world don't like dogs?
Josiel de Assis (2 years ago)
Is this ' Putting On The Ritz'" piano cover, at #2 ?
Nathalie Adriaanse (2 years ago)
Josiel de Assis 88889
Plysdyret1 (2 years ago)
Yes! :)
Andress Tapia (2 years ago)
Jamming Namming (2 years ago)
the hot dog one is sooo funny!!! I can imagine myself falling for that one quick...
14:30 music name or genre?
gonz velaz (2 years ago)
really very good, excellent, thanks for this.....
Josineide Maria Sousa (3 years ago)
Boa viagem
*DANIELITHO560 * (3 years ago)
Uno de los mejores, gracias
noman mehboob (3 years ago)
Eisley Zhang (3 years ago)
9:16 some true acting skills there.
Hamid Nouri (3 years ago)
P00TANARA (3 years ago)
13:15..Just for gangs!!!
Julita Empleo (3 years ago)
so funny hahahaha lol
Julita Empleo (3 years ago)
so funny hahahaha lol
Del Shekasteh (3 years ago)
That was interesting
Md Ripon (3 years ago)
so funny
Md Ripon (3 years ago)
so funny
laxmikanth wacha (2 years ago)
please remove the music next video okay
Md Ripon (3 years ago)
so funny
Md Ripon (3 years ago)
so funny
Koyas Anu (3 years ago)
wooooooow nice
Art Pro (3 years ago)
The best of all the best!
Titanium (3 years ago)
9:13 ahahaahaah so funny
Alexandru Ion (3 years ago)
Cert Funny video
Lokendra Kandangwa (3 years ago)
mliey *?
hindu punjabi (3 years ago)
Very funny
Garn Burintaragoht (3 years ago)
Ashcool (3 years ago)
First prank is brilliant... Mindfucks the victim, but how do they make that video??
foljs (3 years ago)
+Ashcool They merge two video edits of half the screen (one of them shot earlier). It's the same special effect movies use to put the same actor as two persons in the same scene.
chica lokita (3 years ago)
Chris Okafor (3 years ago)
very funny videos
Lazy Bugger (3 years ago)
Wayne Thomson (3 years ago)
Why do they put music over it all why can't we just hear what all of them are saying?
wan zuli (3 years ago)
+Wayne Thomson maybe their mic is so far and can't capture the sound properly
Wayne Thomson (3 years ago)
+Lokendra Kandangwa Still doesn't answer my question
Lokendra Kandangwa (3 years ago)
just for laughs, like this
laxmikanth wacha (2 years ago)
kindly remove this background music
feroz harris (3 years ago)
William Kroupa Jr. (4 years ago)
Lmao....funny stuff, thanks for sharing!

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