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Dragons: Wild Skies update

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From http://berksgrapevine.com The online 3D game at cartoonnetwork.com has added several new dragons from Riders of Berk: the Scauldron, Typhoomerang, and Thunderdrum.
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Text Comments (24)
im a potato 234 (2 years ago)
The one and only update dis game ever had.
Lucas Gois (3 years ago)
lucas 123456789
Lucas Gois (3 years ago)
Lucas Gois
Heroki 999 (3 years ago)
Melhor jogo do mundo
Rubellious MSP (3 years ago)
Krisz Krisztina (3 years ago)
it lets me play
Mai Nguyen kim (3 years ago)
+Cutie Pie 12 oh
Rubellious MSP (3 years ago)
To me not EVERYTHING would be blue. /:
Mai Nguyen kim (3 years ago)
+Cutie Pie 12 it made me install Unity, but still it wont let me play!!!!! And if i can play, everything is: blue
Rubellious MSP (3 years ago)
It wont let me frickin play. >.<
DA62 (5 years ago)
How to play this game?
Filip Velkov (5 years ago)
The music turns me on! And now the new season is out! :D
Rocio Beuzeville (5 years ago)
tu video es maravilloso
Rocio Beuzeville (5 years ago)
tu video es maravilloso
HoloRiot (5 years ago)
I have finished the game
Play time (6 years ago)
mine too
francis cabahug (6 years ago)
me too
jaggerbug (6 years ago)
how do you fix this problem?
neiasilva (6 years ago)
I have the sane problem :(
Cheyenne Bower (6 years ago)
MattLeeVlogs (6 years ago)
I have that exact same problem and am asking the same question.
Cheyenne Bower (6 years ago)
how come when i plat all my dragons, people, and houses are dark blue and not normal colores
name ist safari wourlt

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