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Dragons Wild Skies - Whispering Death [HD 720p]

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The Dreamworks Dragons Riders of Berk game, I tamed Whispering Death, Changewing, and Smothering Smokebreath, I love to play this game, this is the video of Whispering Death in some challenges and doing some stunts and tricks! Game link: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/dragons/wild-skies/index.html Feedback, like, and a subscribe will be appreciated ;)
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Text Comments (51)
youssef pop (5 years ago)
يلهوتاى اذا عملها من غير ميطلع ولى وحدة اذا
Shivam S. Patel (5 years ago)
Yeah uh read other comments on this and my other videos! There are other videos of smothering smokebreath and changewing too... Check out my channel. :)
Joel Zen (5 years ago)
how could i tame it i have all dragon but i dont have smothering somebreath, whispering death,and changewing. :(
Shivam S. Patel (5 years ago)
It's in the lair of the Gronckle. :)
navavitch ngernkitti (5 years ago)
how did you get this dragon i didn't see in map
Gary Siput (5 years ago)
you or ready have whispring death
Shivam S. Patel (5 years ago)
Saves it automatically! :)
DiamondFGT (5 years ago)
How to save your game?????? cause a have the scauldron and when i refresh and started again it started again pls somebody Reply me!
Eva Thayane (5 years ago)
demora muito
Shivam S. Patel (5 years ago)
dude you dont need to install it... link in the description of this video. :)
Premium owen (5 years ago)
I got all the dragons in this game
Jed Abion (6 years ago)
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
Lol, I've disabled likes and dislikes. Haha, and everybody plays it on Cartoon Network. LOL!
muhammad sukri (6 years ago)
who plays it in cartoon network click like
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
Well do you have the scented flowers? You gotta also have the right food for the dragon.
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
You have to get the Gronckle first. Then Whispering death will be unlocked.
Rommel Bellen (6 years ago)
go to Cartoon Network.Com Choose Dreamworks | Dragons:Riders of Berk Then Choose Wild Skies . Not That Hard , Is it ?
Rommel Bellen (6 years ago)
Men I Can Find It In Gronckles Lair Where Do I Find It Men !!!
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
Hey on one condition. Please subscribe! And read other comments. :)
snowflake frost (6 years ago)
how you find Whispering of Death? i can't find it X( please tell me :)
Jed Abion (6 years ago)
in gronckles lair
Jed Abion (6 years ago)
i had gronckle but dont see anything
awin haris (6 years ago)
im confused do we have to get gronkle,hidous zippleback,monstress nightmare,toohtless,scouldron,typhoomerang and thunder drum?
Dorothy Livida (6 years ago)
you dont get it...you will play it in cartoon network.com
angelo ricco (6 years ago)
whispering death
Shivam Patel (6 years ago)
cartoonnetwork . com / games / dragons / wild-skies / index . html No spaces though.
Raju Gotardo Jainani (6 years ago)
what`s the link of this game can you send it to me? please........
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
it's tutorial
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
it's online game, it's on cartoonnetwork . com / games / dragons / wild-skies / index . html
bruh moment (6 years ago)
Don't you start of with a deadly nadder
dopy brown (6 years ago)
every time i get the gold and i reach to berk my gold is gone
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
if you want to tame it you have to have scented flowers, cuz it is it's favorite food, after you feed it flowers then you can feed some of the mutton and fireweed.
Malena Coan (6 years ago)
i ride the typhoomerang and see my person gosh!!!!!!!!
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
read other comments; it's in the gronckle's lair. ;)
Draaxus (6 years ago)
Draaxus (6 years ago)
help when i try to tame it i use mutton and fireweed but it says wrong food even thought it says fireweed,mutton and scented flowers
Draaxus (6 years ago)
where do you get it
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
yeah, that's right!
Madelynn Soberano (6 years ago)
my friend doesn't have a gronckle.
Madelynn Soberano (6 years ago)
You have to get the gronckle first then go back and get the whispering death.
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
yeah, you can't cuz it will hurt you with dangerous spines, and typhoomerang is way too big for a little kid to ride... not you i mean the character...
brandon henwood (6 years ago)
ive al ready got them smothering smokebreath changewing and whispering death
Bruce Gay (6 years ago)
I think it sucks how you can't ride any of the new dragons. Only the ones that are already owned by characters in the show. I was hoping to ride a typhoomerang
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
wait what? come again?
KD (6 years ago)
okay yeah you go to the gronckles layer, but how can you make it let you put the flowers down
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
Madelynn Soberano (6 years ago)
you need scented flowers but you need to tame the gronckle first then get scented flowers then go back to the gronckle's lair that has for some been taken over by the whispering death.
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
Go to the lair of Gronckle in the Woods that Howled! But you'll need scented flowers first. To get flowers go to WIld Dragon Cliff...
minecraft gamer12 (6 years ago)
how did you get the whispering death!? i tried everything!!
Shivam S. Patel (6 years ago)
Yeah....right? haha!
manuel montano (6 years ago)
at least talk

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