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Top 5 Just For Laughs Gags - September 2018 (FUNNY!!!)

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Hello September 2018! Just For Laughs has released some Gags in tune with the season! We have here a bonus gags and a few other new gags bundled in this episode! Here's your monthly dose of humour as we look back at the awesome Gags produced by Just For Laughs from 2011-Present Gags filmed in Quebec, Canada New episodes every LAST SAT/SUNDAY of each MONTH! Don't miss out the end where we feature some BONUS gags where we bring back the best funniest gags uploaded by JFL! Important Note: This video is monetized by Just For Laughs, whatever proceeds from this video will go directly to them which I don't get a single cent off. If you are a sincere viewer, Thank You For Watching! Do Subscribe for future Top 5 Just For Laughs Gags New Episodes! Episodes taken from and by the following: Just for laughs 2018 Just for laughs 2017
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Text Comments (252)
Дженні Тан (10 months ago)
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John Wilson (9 months ago)
chandra setiawan (6 months ago)
gurinder lakhanpal (6 months ago)
First one one the best thanx
AMIT TIWARI (6 months ago)
Danny Richards (6 months ago)
gacha caca (6 months ago)
Me gusta la Marie Pierre
Victoria Valdes (6 months ago)
Bored Panda (6 months ago)
Omg the first prank the song from sister act!!!! I wouldn't get scared I would just be like I FOLLOW! ILL FOLLOW!! I WILL FOLLOW HIM!! FOLLOW HIM WHERVER HE MAY GO!!!!!
Najmiddin Orinboyev (6 months ago)
Ўзбелардан боми куратканла
mar y arena (6 months ago)
Que chulo me gustaron los bomberos mmmmmm
hahaha huhuhu (6 months ago)
Najma Begum (6 months ago)
disliked bcz of under arms. .. yaakk
J M (7 months ago)
I really liked the look on his face Black T-Shirt
Ajeeth Ultimate (7 months ago)
6:12 Oh huhh. This too much
Gus Far Blues (7 months ago)
Great songs at the background. Anyone knows the name of the song from 01:23 to 02:34?
Rubeen Sharma (7 months ago)
@6:13 a real nigga 😉.
Roman Reigns Celop (7 months ago)
4.38 that left guy is Roman Reigns fans? 😂
Eri Eri (7 months ago)
fake gags...the same artist from the very first gags...are u all blind?
Saida 12 (7 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 classic
Ashwini Parmar (7 months ago)
8.5 don't waste food
Max Tv (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/0FdN2fElmFs hope this video worth something :)
Kilsi Jimenez (7 months ago)
Omg, arm pit licking its disgusting
Fatime Fatime (7 months ago)
😂das mit dem truhtan war am lustigsten🤣😂
Gowriraja Raja (7 months ago)
Am really enjoy this fun video but please don't waste food
Zainab Zehra (7 months ago)
Which country is this???
Sufi Naqshabandi (7 months ago)
Zainab Zehra Canada
diallo khadji (7 months ago)
j'vous aime tro quan javé bcp de probléme c vou qui mavé aider en sourien merçi encor js8 fans de vou vou venez quant au senegal
Mamello Matlakala (7 months ago)
0:05 what's the name of that song?
Lee yamie Blink (7 months ago)
5:11 really momma??😂😂
icedwhite mocha (7 months ago)
Turkey one is hilarious!
Immortal Firefly06 (7 months ago)
hahahah made my day😂
Jake malvaiz (8 months ago)
The firefighters catch my attention 😍🔥🤤
Erkan Tuncel (8 months ago)
These r wonderful people if ya do like that in afghanistan the people r gonna kill ya
مصرية (8 months ago)
الديك الرومي مسخره😂😂😂😂
Mariana,y I,y (8 months ago)
SALUT 🙋 Good job 😉 😂😂👍💯😄
이준성 (8 months ago)
6:48 HAHA
Alejandro Guzman (8 months ago)
Ji gas Basso frtoi
King Rama (8 months ago)
06:03 😨😨😰😰😱😱😖😖😷😷😩😩😫😫
Mr. Dz! (8 months ago)
Como se llama la canción del 9.01 Name of song 9.01 xd ??
Alfred Te (8 months ago)
in all videos i see something gone wrong with Canada demographic, so many old people, however i love jlg
koushalya koush (8 months ago)
3.22 his look thou 😻
Zafer Kutluca (8 months ago)
Mag Num (8 months ago)
2:03 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️
Jennifer Reneilwe (8 months ago)
The last prank,How is it that the food fell the same way everytime?? That just got my mood down
Bash D'Great (8 months ago)
@6:20 is a Nigerian woman from the look.
In to Deep (8 months ago)
they lick eachothers just for money. i love just for laughe but that
Ralph Darrell Avila (8 months ago)
I love it
Nuha Ly (8 months ago)
2:03 Lmao his face😂😂😂
Vijay Neupane (9 months ago)
0:44 that girl is in many pranks
vivekanand Km (9 months ago)
8:25 😂😂
echo dani (9 months ago)
karthick muthu (9 months ago)
@0:51 all women's doesn't drop the mobile phone even earthquake occurs lol ;)
Video Unik (9 months ago)
love gag so much....
Annert Marquez87 (9 months ago)
6:42 ewwwww
Hossein Shahbazi (9 months ago)
Des ist perfekt
Y J (9 months ago)
Joe Kd (9 months ago)
Alan Chan (9 months ago)
J Tz (9 months ago)
The one with the sexy men stripping is hilarious
SAM PATIL (9 months ago)
Wov fantastic witch country
Akhil V Prakash (9 months ago)
Binh Tran (9 months ago)
Việt Nam đâu điểm danh nào kkk 😂😂😂
Harisalim (9 months ago)
hahaha funy
snehasis sarkar (9 months ago)
Don't waste food man
Tulasiram Tulasiram (9 months ago)
Na m ..lagundi
chuzi la pweza (9 months ago)
Awesome.... hahahaa hahaaaaaaaaa
alexis jack (9 months ago)
Ho yea
Tamarah Sabah (9 months ago)
Tuned Tina (9 months ago)
akash mungale (9 months ago)
What is song in first gag , which was sing by girls group ?
SOMALI 24 (9 months ago)
@6:06 that woman is in another prank. this is 50% staged.
yMeash Luv (9 months ago)
SOMALI 24 i think yes. shes also familiar with me
musin tree (9 months ago)
What is the name of the song at in the beginning asap thx
Mai Lucky (9 months ago)
These gags are always make my days better..especially when I'm stress
CATALINA MOLINA (9 months ago)
Wow cute nice people.
yohannes asmare (9 months ago)
FIRE #einhorn (9 months ago)
mary alexis ka nyeri (9 months ago)
Watching from new china I meant kenya🇰🇪
mary alexis ka nyeri (9 months ago)
grace waruguru grace hi uhoro waku
grace waruguru (9 months ago)
+mary alexis ka nyeri me too
mary alexis ka nyeri (9 months ago)
kyara liz 😂😂😂😂😂
kyara liz (9 months ago)
mary alexis ka nyeri 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
quanico Jenifer (9 months ago)
princess nicole fondare (9 months ago)
2:03 WTF
Fhtgg Thdan (9 months ago)
Edna Castro (9 months ago)
Waaaahaaa...so funny👏👏
Sherif (9 months ago)
Abrahimzibkhan Afghan (9 months ago)
Old men is best comedian. What's his name Please Someone information me What's his name ????
girish gaikwad (9 months ago)
Always Awesome Videos.
Public Care (9 months ago)
shander lalfakawma (9 months ago)
Why making fun in the church
JustAThought (9 months ago)
Because the church is bullshit.. Critical Thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OLPL5p0fMg The Bible and New Testament This is what those who have studied these text outside of an indoctrination building have learned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo-YL-lv3RY&list=PLh9mgdi4rNeyuvTEbD-Ei0JdMUujXfyWi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtQ2TS1CiDY&list=PL462B0F2345C29AFA
TraceyLynn Falconer (9 months ago)
Lol hhh these women thought they died and went to heaven
Azzurri Italia (9 months ago)
see you later (9 months ago)
6:38 👅🙅‍♂️or 🤦‍♂️🤮
Sujit S B (9 months ago)
That face lmao 2:03 xD
Patricia Sebastian (9 months ago)
More laugh
Thylo X (9 months ago)
2:02 *What dimension am I in?*
kasuke yuchia (9 months ago)
5:00 these women are having a field day😂
Proud to be Moroccan (9 months ago)
emily tolman (9 months ago)
I loved the first one I’d be excited if that happened to me!
Lempwei Roiie (9 months ago)
When ever I've had too much of Trump, I often go for Laughs! LOL!!!!
Singing Tom (9 months ago)
Who likes when Their Pussy is Licked😆😆

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