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#ThatsHarassment | The Doctor ft. Cynthia Nixon & Michael Kelly

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A patient (Cynthia Nixon) visits a doctor (Michael Kelly) complaining of sinusitis, but ends up getting her breasts checked for cancer. #ThatsHarassment One in four women face harassment in the workplace. These PSAs— written and directed by Israeli-American director Sigal Avin and executive produced by David Schwimmer, Mazdack Rassi of MILK Studios and Sigal Avin—are based on real events and depict scenarios of sexual harassment in workplaces. Visit https://www.RAINN.org/ThatsHarassment or call 800-656-HOPE for support or information. Subscribe to the ThatsHarassment YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/TG7yYz
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pixel fixer (21 days ago)
https://youtu.be/_nPOfhtazrE One of the finest short film on #metoo moment harassment at workplace Must watch short film
helpstop misandry (22 days ago)
Well it seems like a doctor so maybe he is just doing his job
Sanna Goldman (23 days ago)
She looks like a man . She didn't age well and looks older than 50. Should've gotten a hot 50 year like Cindy Crawford or JLO.
C Frierson (1 month ago)
Watching this like a freaking horror movie. Totally cringing the entire time. First flag: hands on the thighs.
Kim Jackson (1 month ago)
That's disgusting that you go to the doctors coz you trust them... makes me angry. It's good though watching these videos, makes you aware.
BooBooBunny (1 month ago)
Why didn't she get a female doctor?
Kumari Anushka (1 month ago)
Exactly the same thing happened to me when I was 15, two years back, but unfortunately I can't do anything about it. I told my parents about the doctor but they said that I must have misinterpreted. My blood boils everytime I think about the incident.
Clinical Conditioning (13 days ago)
there's always time travel tech/technology.........
dr. sanjay singh (1 month ago)
9144260908 pr call ya watsp kro 💯 grantee ke sath bahut kam paisa me hamesa ke liye thik ho jayega I
J B (2 months ago)
Today my doctor told me I looked well as soon as I walked in the door. When he was measuring my blood pressure he tickled the palm of my hand. The last time he ran his hand down my arm for no reason. He also doesn't really listen but loves lecturing. I wasn't feeling good today and I walked out crying and told the receptionist. Then she called the manager and they were nice about it, said they would speak to him.
Gautam Naik (2 months ago)
Look!First is your safety.The moment anyone is misbehaving with you you should kick on his main part and pull his hair and throw away nearby.Dont allow others to control your life. I hope you are feeling good now. Be safe and happy
Lara Bakar (2 months ago)
The only time I'll let any doctor examine my breats is if it's a straight female or a gay male.
Lara Bakar (1 month ago)
+Sofia Johnson okay..
Sofia Johnson (1 month ago)
+Lara Bakar Yeah but even if it is a Male, I would either my mother or my aunt or any family relative there...... Just to be secure. Like I do not care if the guy turns out to be married but I will tell someone to be there
Lara Bakar (1 month ago)
+Sofia Johnson and a female could lie and says she's straight yet she'll still be attracted to women.
Sofia Johnson (1 month ago)
Gay? That guy could also lie and say that he's gay even though he's into woman
3:11 squeezing those nuggets
anxious one (2 months ago)
Don't care what they say there should always be another person in the room if a male doctor is seeing a female patient. ...ie Female nurse , Husband, Boyfriend, S/O etc etc
Alina Mitchelson (3 months ago)
I like this dude he seems cool
Smelly DOnut (3 months ago)
Can’t these horrible men control themselves???? U can’t just grope or harass a woman for your pleasure
Like really bad
That’s bad
Nikhil H (3 months ago)
What nonsense...minded women are thinking always like shit...in nature..
Belle Lewis (3 months ago)
This is not harassment because he is a doctor duh it's his job
Kumar shingham (3 months ago)
This isn't harassment. The doctor was just checking the lady for another Potential disease. But she was fine..... Please change ur title
Marie D (3 months ago)
This exact thing happened to me as a young woman/ late teens? I cannot remember my exact age. He was a heart specialist. He asked if I did regular breast exams on myself then proceeded to show me how. During the "examination" he asked why i didn't have a boyfriend as i was so pretty. Comments about how nice my chest was, and asked if i was nervous as my heart was beating very fast, i said no, he kept asking if i was sure, asked if anyone had ever touched my chest before. It never crossed my mind that it was inappropriate in so many words, but i knew i didn't want to see him again, never saw a heart specialist again.
Sanna Goldman (23 days ago)
أحمدي المصري (3 months ago)
عـــــاجل تواصـــــل بـــنــا على وتاب :00212621577701: وداعا لكل الوصفات المغشوشة الحل الأكيد لمشكل قضيب قصير أو سرعة القذف أو ضعف الانتصاب الحل أصبح ممكن مع الطبيب مصطــفى المــالــكي الخــبير في الأعضاء التناسلية للاستـفادة من العــلاج
Hope Fights Back (4 months ago)
This happened to me at a hospital in Maryland. After the dr told me I was in complete remission he said “I know I’ve never asked you this but I’m going to check your breast now” he then lifted up my shirt but I told him to stop because he was acting very strange and I didn’t feel comfortable also that’s not the type of appointment I was there for and that’s the first time we’ve ever been in the room together just me and him, usually my mom or boyfriend are with me. I didn’t let him do it but I’ve always wondered what his intentions were. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it really scared me at the time it felt wrong to me just the way he was acting about it and when I said no right away he left the room and sent a nurse in to let me leave. Just so strange.
Ticktock 2z (4 months ago)
Nothing weird here that's not harassment he is a man she is his property he can do what he wants with or to her
GiantTree Productions (3 months ago)
Ticktock 2z god I hope you’re a fucking troll and you’re not serious
Bryn K (4 months ago)
So ultimately non medics should go through the same for ever
يسوع شريف (4 months ago)
وداعا لكل الكريمات الكاذبة الحل الأكيد لمشكل قضيب قصير أو سرعة القذف أو ضعف الانتصاب الحل أصبح ممكن مع الطبيب المالكي مصطفى المتخصص في الأعضاء التناسلية للاستفادة من المنتج يرجى الاتصال على الواتساب 00212621577701
Gaku Yashiro (4 months ago)
The doctor actor had fun acting
J B (2 months ago)
Gaku Yashiro grow up
Atti Vamp (4 months ago)
I have recently been sexually assaulted. In trying to check my stomach..he touched my vaginal area.
Emicruo (4 months ago)
Sooo once o was at the doctor and it was because I wasn’t feeling well and he lifted the front of my pants to “check if I was a girl” is that allowed or ??? I didn’t say anything about hurting down there and he said “ I have to check to make sure your a girl” and my mom had that look on her face.. I don’t know if that is like “protocol” or something but can someone please explain???
William Weems (4 months ago)
You are stupid insane idiots Google
Chantell Stewart (4 months ago)
That doctor is sick
I don’t see singing wrong
Meetu Uniyal (5 months ago)
This is horrible.just horrid.
ღNixღ (5 months ago)
Amanda Roy (5 months ago)
I haven't spoken about this to anyone. Neither have I thought about it further. But here's my story. It was 2013 on my birthday. I had my party in the evening and so obviously I was all excited. My dad appointed this guy from somewhere nearby to clean up our house a bit like dusting the places we couldn't reach. Like a maid but it was a guy. I was in my room reading the latest books my parents got me as a present and so I was completely into it and didn't even care what was going on. Suddenly that guy comes in my room with his cloth in order to clean my room. Well, at least pretending to clean up. After cleaning a little he asks me my name, age and how tall I was. I was weirded out by those random questions so I kinda just brushed it off by saying and getting it over with. Then I told him I don't know how tall I am. At least not exactly. It was his dirty opportunity to get to work. He told me he could tell me my exact height. Stupid me couldn't sense anything wrong with it so I just agreed to let him. He told me to stand up straight against the wall and that he would be measuring me. And then of course without having any actual equipment to measure, he touched my head and slowly diverted into touching my shoulders and the edge of my breasts. That's when I realized it was all bullshit. He continued touching my legs and under my thigh and then my feet. I wriggled but he kept going. Nothing serious but just touching. And just that touching felt so uncomfortable. Ew. Anyway, after he was finally finished I actually didn't wait a minute longer in that room and rushed in the living room out the front door. I realized that my parents had gone out without even telling me. I was furious but obviously didn't say anything when they came back. He did came another time but everyone was there and the moment he found me alone he again asked me the same questions just like before and I knew what he intended to do. I didn't even say anything to him and just glared at him angrily and went away from that area. He had this evil smirk. Ugh. But he never came back again. Its been a long time and I only recalled after watching this video. I'm sorry for everyone who has gone through this indecisive phase of questioning whether it is sexual harassment or not. I hope you are fine. Know the signs of sexual harassment. If your gut is saying it is wrong, you will protest no matter what. Listen to that gut of yours. Those people will be punished.
Sofia Johnson (1 month ago)
Yes, that guy was horrible. Listen to your guts and dont be oblivious. If something like this ever happens, just tell ur parents, aunts or uncles or someone u can trust. But also, even though ur experience must have forced u to think like that of all men, but I assure not all of them r like that.
Gautam Naik (2 months ago)
You should have have kicked him on his main part and pull his hair and threw him nearby.Why the hell you need someone else?Let him die.I mean seriously such people don't have a right to live in this world.Sorry if i was rude but don't allow someone to play with your life.
Road Runner LAVA (3 months ago)
Be carefull all mens are equal in intentions im a man too . i keep saying myself that im bad which keeps motivating me to be good and respect girls consent but anyhow my advice never trust any man ..
Habiba Arif (5 months ago)
So now I'm thankful that I'm a Muslim women , who never let any man to touch her self like this even doctors....
Stella Iman (5 months ago)
No doctor, whether man or woman should do any unnecessary checks which make the patient uncomfortable. I'm saying woman too because I know a female friend who was harassed by a female doctor.
Abril Pacheco (5 months ago)
When I was 14 I went to my friend's house we had a pool party and as I went in to swim my friend's brother started touching me and I felt so uncomfortable he touch my breast my butt and vagina I'm glad my friend shouted at her brother to stop it
Nour Al (6 months ago)
Shadya Brown-Hall (6 months ago)
And this is why I don't have a Male doctor.
Ummay salma Lamia (6 months ago)
One day i was in that same situation.
Paul Schab (6 months ago)
Was it harassment when Joe Biden used to touch all the senators children?
peachie05 (6 months ago)
It definitely was rape when trump sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl. And his ex wife. And others.
Alex Mendez (6 months ago)
So checking patients for breast cancer is now sexual assault, well feminist congratulations for depopulating the earth.
suburbenyobbo (6 months ago)
Stop vilifying men
Deepika Shriyan (6 months ago)
Toruk Makto (7 months ago)
This doesn't happen often.
Toruk Makto (6 months ago)
+peachie05 Doctors deal with human bodies day by day. Except for a very few perverted ones like the one in the video they don't have any particular feeling towards a patient's body.
peachie05 (6 months ago)
How do you know?
Ur Cute (7 months ago)
Sigan Lyn (7 months ago)
Woman should also not wear inappropriately if they are so afraid of harassment
Sheetal Praveen (5 months ago)
U are nobody to tell what a woman should wear.... They wear clothes for their satisfaction and not to get harassed so stop blaming women for no god damn reason
Hey mate (7 months ago)
This dude is creepy. The way he speaks. His voice. How he touches her. Its disgusting.
chardonnay (7 months ago)
a male doctor never does a breast examination without a chaperone... that's what we are taught in medical school...
BxGirl Blazin' (1 month ago)
chardonnay not true. My physician does all the time.
Truth Teller (3 months ago)
Med school 101
DuderMcDude (3 months ago)
"based on real incident" The wording makes me wonder how real it is. Why wouldn't it say "based on a true story"?
Vedant Tiwary (3 months ago)
+Alina Mitchelson Was it a valid check though?
Alina Mitchelson (3 months ago)
+Abhi Crisslee yeah but years ago , but it was the same as having someone in the room
Star Z (7 months ago)
as a health professional student we are always reminded about informed consent. that is explaining the procedure , your role as the health professional , the patient's role (any feedback such as pain or symptoms during the test) and the purpose of the tests or procedures performed. Way before the "breast cancer" examination there was a serious red flag about this doctor not explaining any of the tests he was executing and that is a serious issue. Its very unfortunate that these things happen but perhaps there should be educations around the patient's role and precautions they need to have in mind in these situations should be also promoted.
King 1983 (8 months ago)
Lucky Doctor
Gareeb engineer (8 months ago)
It is not good
Li G. Ma (8 months ago)
damn this was down right creepy...
teddygramz2008 (8 months ago)
No man would ever touch Cynthia Nixon
first last (3 months ago)
J Gunn (8 months ago)
Some women actually think ALL men are that way
Superstarseven (16 days ago)
+suburbenyobbo of course you watch videos by SargonofAkkad and Pewdiepie, another Alt-Right, "PC culture is destroying everything" piece of shit.
Areee Ash (3 months ago)
No i don't.
Ay u (3 months ago)
*feminists want to know your location*
suburbenyobbo (3 months ago)
@L W Nobody is patronising you. You can keep pedalling your victim narrative all you like but you still have not provided any supporting evidence for you claim that all women have experienced this. Evidence should be of a scientific method, otherwise it is not credible nor trustworthy evidence of the claim you have made. By your own admission it is not possible for a person to meet everyone in the world, so some sort of scientific method must be employed make a judgement of the world population of women. Without have a scientific basis, you claim is meaningless.
L 7 (4 months ago)
suburbenyobbo thank you for patronizing me! every female person i know has a story like this. obviously i can’t gain evidence from every person on earth, but from the “experiment” i have gathered that 100% of the “test subjects” have experienced this. however, reducing these experiences to “the scientific method” is not only incorrect, but it is repulsive. it is not “science”, it is trauma. if you believe that not all women have experienced this, then you do you. but i do believe that you would be incorrect in saying that. seeing as evidence is all you want, conduct your own “experiment” like this and the numbers will probably astound you. hope you have a good rest of your week.
trcsonic (8 months ago)
Hey, that's CJ from Dawn of the Dead.
Allison Scherer (8 months ago)
Her face is my entire mood about the issue of harassment
Sophie Louise (8 months ago)
Just disgusting and vile that people we are supposed to trust are doing things like this. It’s wrong and he shouldn’t of been touching her like that at all.
Tahmid Hossan (8 months ago)
This is the norm in the uk so it isn’t a bad thing
2x3yQ78# (7 months ago)
That’s awful. I feel bad for women in UK who have to deal with these pigs.
Jessie Jones (8 months ago)
Umm no it's not..
MacGregor88 (8 months ago)
I bet Nixon was 100% behind this. Hardcore lesbian feminist types like her fantasize about being sexually harassed like this so they can be part of the #MeToo club and spill their heart about it for likes on social media.
Hope Fights Back (4 months ago)
It doesn’t seem bad to you because no where in your brain do you sympathize with women. It might seem very small but things like this stay in your brain. Have you ever been beat by your dad? You still remember that? Its the same feeling you get when you remember it and it never goes away.
peachie05 (6 months ago)
...said an obvious rapist.
Charitha Kalupahana (9 months ago)
Wow Dr.Doug Stamper , Might have been funnier if Kevin Spacey played the doctor .
Mc Poopypants (8 months ago)
hes got his own thing going on right now
Mira Green (9 months ago)
Oh God. I am shocked like that woman did
Aishwarya wali (9 months ago)
I really felt so bad
this is uncomfortable because it is such a fine line especially in this specific situation
Rajul Saxena (9 months ago)
If males are there then it's sexual harassment , and if female doctor is there then he is a lucky patient , Feminism at its best .... Our family run hospital turns away many female patients , if the female doctor is not there .
Rajul Saxena (6 months ago)
+peachie05 every mental patient consider others as sick , go and visit a psychiatrist .
peachie05 (6 months ago)
+Rajul Saxena You're pretty sick.
Rajul Saxena (7 months ago)
+2x3yQ78# Every staged feminist video is like this , A reputed doctor treats at least 10 to 100 patients , depending on his speciality , and won't give a damn to the looks of the female patients , if he is looking for male and female patients both , untill it's staged video by feminists to extort money. Besides , in many European clinics the female patient has to be accompanied by male attendants .
Rajul Saxena (7 months ago)
+Ikook Yourhope go to some Dance club espevially in Moscow and have a perfect physique , you will know the truth . In India of course females are so less in number that they only ask for the guy with highest money , really pathetic ugly gold diggers , having no looks and no culture but want the rich man for their stupid family politics .
Rajul Saxena (7 months ago)
+Avantika Roy I feel bad for your father and brother , if you have any , females are gold diggers , and even if a male see there terrible ugly faces , then he is guilty starting from starerape to every other type of allegations .
Sayanti Mazumdar (9 months ago)
In India atleast a male doctor CANNOT examine a female patient without a female attendent present and most importantly he did not even ask for CONSENT. UNBELIEVABLE.
Mahesh M V U (1 month ago)
Elisabete that is what the libtard media wants you to believe
+Elisabete population is bigger so states looks like big...
Praveen natuvetty (3 months ago)
+Elisabete more rapes happen in US and Europe than in India , it shows that the men there are no better than the men in INDIA
Nikhil H (3 months ago)
If everything is thought as harashment..no use to live..so idiotic
Vedant Tiwary (3 months ago)
+megadreamer200013 Women who actually are raped don't speak out
Pulkit Dandebaj (9 months ago)
This is not harrassment😠
2x3yQ78# (7 months ago)
If this is not harassment, then I’m Brad Pitt.
-JessiMoss- (5 months ago)
Something similar happened to me on my vacation in West Germany.... I became sick so I went to the doctor. The doctor was very young and seemed like a nice and cool dude. After he diagnosed me with tonsillitis he began touching my chest.... I was wearing a T-shirt and nothing else underneath (because it was a very hot day, about 40 degrees) and that’s when I noticed that he was looking at my breasts... there was another guy (an intern) behind him, who wouldn’t stop smiling at me.. I was focusing on him for a split second because I found him kinda attractive tbh but this does not justify what happened next.... That was the moment when the doctor touched my leg and lifted my Shirt without my permission... I quickly pulled my shirt back down... He started apologising in German (Sorry, es war nicht mit extra).... but was actually calling me names like Kahpe=whore in his native language (Turkish) and thought I would not understand a word... In fact, I’ve a lot of friends who are from Turkey and those names are not unusual in certain areas... I realised that his employees and every other person there wasn’t serious about what happened and even made jokes about my body while I ran out in tears... I never spoke to someone about it... until the day I saw one of them on the cover of a newspaper (they assaulted up to six women or even more) and they were all from West and North Africa... I’ve noticed that our Generation (in Germany) is constantly sexualising black, mixed, arab and east European girls/women and think that we’re not worthy enough to be treated like human beings. But of course, nobody wants to talk about this, because most of them are scared that this would give right wingers a reason to vote their party...it’s just sad
Vineet Teotia (3 months ago)
+Shreya Singha Roy Indian
Shreya Singha Roy (5 months ago)
Something that is happened with me in this summer.... Although he is a old doctor and thereafter he did with me that sexual harrasment... Shame on this all doctors.....
Pretty Girl (5 months ago)
+-JessiMoss- I'm from west africa too and live in Germany NRW
Kasey Lock (6 months ago)
So many dots *Insert T posing*
Real Picture (6 months ago)
Hey....beat him if you find him somewhere....if you can't, atleast teach every girl n women nearby you....there is no shame to defend her self in such cases...
SHUBENDU SHOME (9 months ago)
Someone should slapped the doctor
Shubham Mittal (9 months ago)
??? Fake concept
Laxmi Kanta Pal (9 months ago)
This is not sexual harassment....
Jessie Jones (8 months ago)
It's harassment not assault. Sexual Harassment: Harassment in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. (which is exactly what happened in the video).
Laxmi Kanta Pal (9 months ago)
Breyanna Gobind Some Bastard will Agree
Breyanna Gobind (9 months ago)
Abria Clark Oh yes... Just some idiots disagree
Abria Clark (9 months ago)
Laxmi Kanta Pal exactly it's SEXUAL ASSAULT
Breyanna Gobind (9 months ago)
Laxmi Kanta Pal Then what is it??
ira narain (9 months ago)
This exact same thing happened to me. So wanna kill myself.
Veronica Mmari (4 months ago)
😔 I'm so sorry that happened to you. The problem is him and not you. Wishing you love and healing from this.
Sameer baruah (9 months ago)
Doc. Face like criminal
Annah HAZEEQ (9 months ago)
Never happened to me.yet
paridhi Sharma (6 months ago)
Koi pucha kya tere se?????
Jan Jensen (7 months ago)
Seems like want it to be happen
Kaylin A (8 months ago)
Sameer Rider no we can't be friends beyond YouTube, have a nice day tho :)
Kaylin A (8 months ago)
Sameer Rider lol do I know you?
Kaylin A (8 months ago)
Sameer Rider hi :)
SilverIris (9 months ago)
it wasn't considered harrassment to me until he said "you have a lovely chest" over the line and absolutely unproffesional.
Cidalia Martins (5 months ago)
Caitlin S The chaperone thing is relatively new. This wasn’t the case for years, when male doctors could and did do all sorts of female exams in private.
Caitlin S (6 months ago)
Male doctors never do breast exams without a chaperone in the room and patients consent
Star Z (7 months ago)
no signs of informed consent from the very beginning. harassment is not just physical but it can also be done when you neglect your duties as a professional
Shaniya Xo (7 months ago)
He touched her breast they can't do that
ally s (10 months ago)
i couldn’t even get through watching this
marwa hayat (10 months ago)
Better let it checked by female doctor
Belle Lewis (3 months ago)
U crazy ass hell i ain't letting no fucking Female checking my boobs i would love for a man to do it to me
Faheem Ahmed (6 months ago)
+Mikasa As much as I know about liberals, they care more about women than men. So, I think, western liberals and conservatives, both agree to prioritise women's and children's security.
Faheem Ahmed (6 months ago)
+Mikasa Rape is a crime. Whether or not someone gets pregnant or not, if they say "No", it means "No". I don't think even western people will try to secure themselves first before securing their mother, sister(s), wife, female family members, and children in reality if a war actually breaks out. Off course there are countries which require mandatory enlisting of men and women in their army. But in case of security, women and children are secured first and men are supposed and trained to protect as much as they can.
Faheem Ahmed (6 months ago)
+Mikasa Abortion is difficult and painful for women. No sane woman wants to get pregnant by random men. Nowadays women and some men are more conscious about consent. The society has not changed fully. It's still mostly men, who have had to get enlisted in military for protection of the country and war. Suppose a war breaks out. The enemy is attacking citizens. Will you try to save yourself first or your mom, sister(s), wife, and other female members and children first?
Faheem Ahmed (6 months ago)
+Mikasa I think that only the society is not responsible for the mindsets of men and women regarding sex and touch. Men and women are biologically different. Women have the risk of getting pregnant. Also women have to take care of themselves and children during and after pregnancy. That may be one of many reasons why women don't get threatened easily by women. Also men are biologically built as semen supplier for breeding. Men don't get pregnant by women and are usually physically stronger so that they can engage in battles and protect their offsprings. Women, related to particular men, have had to take care of them. For example, mother, sister, wife, and even female slaves have been physically taking care of men since history of mankind known to us. Therefore most men don't usually get threatened by women.
Salmi Ghazali (10 months ago)
Sinusitis? Seriously.. You checked on her breast! Bad doctors..
Chloe Isabelle (10 months ago)
Umm I don’t see anything wrong with this, got checked like this be a female doctor there’s nothing wrong here, people are just all tight about it because it was a male. Not harassment
Chloe Isabelle (6 months ago)
Deke Earls you do realise that this is a short film right!? 😩
Deke Earls (6 months ago)
+Chloe Isabelle "Sweetie", at 3:26 is NOT how you check for lumps. That is a caress and inappropriate. And kiss off with your condescending "sweetie".
Denise (6 months ago)
Why was he squeezing and rubbing her breast at that very last touch?
Karen Pham (7 months ago)
Are you telling me that you’re okay with having your doctor telling you to bend forward towards his crouch, rest his hands on your inner thighs, telling you that you have a nice chest, and resting his hands on your breast for a very long time? That’s extremely inappropriate. Maybe you should watch the video again and reevaluate what you just said.
Kaylin A (8 months ago)
Chloe Isabelle lol wut I'm losing brain cells, don't compute
Leeuwin Glosz (10 months ago)
In addition to my comments below, I've watched this and re-watched it multiple times. I've break it down and analyse the language used during the conversation, the physical gestures and From a legal perspective, there was no violation of legality. From a medical perspective, there was no malpractice, violation of AMA medical ethics, hippocratic oath or code of conduct for physicians. From a moral perspective, he could have used different adjectives to convey an intent across to the client but instead he used a more personal approach which actually exemplifies the current hippocratic oath in the following clauses (2) and (10) in the portrayed situation. With the displaying circumstances, if the patient declined to be examined further, she could have said "it's okay, i would not like to be physically examined" and the doctor in consultation would have to accept the wishes of the patient, as per legal context.
Shikuarimiku Lee (5 months ago)
Okay every gesture put aside, the doctor must ask for consent before touching anyone's private areas. And it's not only in case of females If someone just plays around ur dick naming that he or she is looking for hernias or lumps without asking. Being a doctor has a a huge patient and doctor interaction aspect. Before performing any procedure the doctor asks and explains.
Deke Earls (6 months ago)
Perhaps you didn't watch close enough. At the end of the typical circular exam of the breast he crosses the line into more caressing of the breast. It is very subtle, but if you were a woman and it happened to you, you would know. Also, he used a manipulative scare tactic to get access to do the breast exam.
Leeuwin Glosz (9 months ago)
Actually no, he is not required to have a nurse present as this is a out-patient consultation. Federal laws require a nurse or another adult of the same gender (i.e friend, etc) or parent if under-aged as identified by state law to be present in a ER, Burns Centre or Child consultation. If you're seeing a doctor in a family clinic, outpatient clinic, nurse treatment clinic or even a private home-based treatment facility, the attending doctor isn't required to have another nurse present, unless its medically necessary.
Fila Kri (10 months ago)
Theman (10 months ago)
Sexual assault not harassment
Naomi Madison (9 days ago)
+Theman bruh u must be stupid
Belle Lewis (3 months ago)
Not sexually harassment dumb ass
Theman (8 months ago)
+Jessie Jones no it's assault not harassment
Jessie Jones (8 months ago)
Either way, it's harassment not assault.
Theman (8 months ago)
+Jessie Jones u need to finish it "Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment."
JML 481 (10 months ago)
Why didn't she stop him? Why didn't she get up and leave?
peachie05 (6 months ago)
Why are you blaming the victim? She was at a doctor in horrible pain and trying to get a diagnosis.
Mc Poopypants (8 months ago)
people really need a dictionary for words now n days
precious pearl (9 months ago)
JML 481 she is confused
Malik Waris (9 months ago)
JML 481 ..becoz she is modern
Kelly& Selena (1 year ago)
Um why does he need to look inside her mouth? And this is extremely uncomfortable 😣
Leeuwin Glosz (10 months ago)
The patient symptoms are features of rhinosinusitis, due to the described pain below the eyes and near the nasal cavity. Often, the patients would be accompanied with thick nasal mucus and sore throat, secondary to cough. - That explains the examination of the cavity of the mouth and the throat.
Infinity Jacobs (1 year ago)
Dang this is hard to watch.
Danny dragon (6 months ago)
It’s boring as shit watching two old ass person hahaha
edocamoro (8 months ago)
ikr, so boring
ZombieQueen 6161 (8 months ago)
Yeah, it was difficult...
daustin8888 (8 months ago)
I loved it
Baalaaxa (1 year ago)
There is a fine line which some people would consider as harassment and other's wouldn't, and certain sensitivity is required when dealing with a patient. The patient should be able to trust the doctor, which is somewhat authoritative figure. But the important thing here is consent; the doctor should ask patient's permission for any 'invasive' procedures, instead of imposing themselves on the patient. Remember that you can always say 'No' or tell them to stop if you feel violated or uncomfortable. You can ask for another appointment or for another doctor if you prefer.
Betsy Hartman (1 year ago)
I got an unexpected breast exam when I went to get a vaccination for yellow fever once. If a doctor wants to go beyond the scope of the visit, he should suggest another appointment.
Buffy love tyinus (9 months ago)
【Tsundere Toastie/BokuNoArtist】BakaCanDraw it's a trap
Daniel Chishi why would you put your email on the internet?
Leeuwin Glosz (10 months ago)
Who were you referring too? Me or Betsy?
Leeuwin Glosz (10 months ago)
Another appointment could mean life and death, what if you have stage 2 breast cancer and during the visit to the doctors for vasomotor rhinitis with secondary costochondritis, the doctor suspects that you have breast cancer and requested to do a breast examination. As a patient, you decline and request for another appointment, however there isn't another appointment available with your selected doctor till 2 months later. You could die. Betsy, by declining to an examination, you're being extremely irresponsible to not only to yourself but your love ones.
Christina Grisewood (1 year ago)
This happened to me during an insurance check-up. After it was all done and the papers signed, the doctors suddenly said he had to do a breast check. I took him at his word. It was only later that I had doubts about the necessity of the procedure.
2x3yQ78# (7 months ago)
General Care Physicians are not allowed to do Mamograms actually, he was supposed to give you a referral to a Mamogram specialist in truth. Only the specialist is supposed to palpate and do a scan of you. Your doctor took advantage. Always ask for a referral, and deny if he wants to “check on his own”, he’s not likely even trained like the Mamogram doctor would be...
The Patriarch (9 months ago)
Rene do you think Obamacare can help?
Stefanie with an F (9 months ago)
Christina Grisewood you should report him
Shanna McBride (1 year ago)
Poor doctor would have to see another doctor because I would break his shit off so hard. He wouldn’t know what hit him!👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Music Is A Rainbow (1 year ago)
Marcos Sousa (1 year ago)
I can see deaths by breast cancer going up after this.
Cidalia Martins (5 months ago)
Leeuwin Glosz A lot of women don’t decline despite feeling VERY uncomfortable in certain situations because they’ve been conditioned to not rock the boat. Don’t argue. Don’t be rude. Be a people pleaser. They will question their own perception of events before they will form an outright accusation in their mind against an abuser. Plus, with doctors, older generations lived by the “doctor knows best” mentality, giving away their power to people perceived to be in positions of authority. Things are changing and we are learning to listen to that gut feeling. If you’re uncomfortable with something, it’s ok to say no.
Mc Poopypants (8 months ago)
thats not what harassment means
The Patriarch (9 months ago)
Marcos Sousa Sexual Harassment is a form of good, clean fun that causes increased workplace productivity and in some cases rape.
Leeuwin Glosz (9 months ago)
Yes, to see a obgyn, you have to do a preliminary examination by a general practitioner or general medicine doctor.
fazyt86 (9 months ago)
Marcos Sousa no bc that's y women go to the obgyn
Chasing Arches (1 year ago)
Ugh the hands on her legs - totally unnecessary.
Alina Mitchelson (3 months ago)
Boy I would hate to be a doctor doing simple things like that to examine people you would yell harassment
Gerecht igkeit (7 months ago)
That's very normal, Doctor do that to male and female patients, that they can relax
Christina K (7 months ago)
Chasing Arches I was thinking that the entire time
Wejpasadena (1 year ago)
It seems like all the videos show white men harassing white rumen. Glad to see the entertainment cimmunity’s Commitment to diversity is continuing along as usual.
Mc Poopypants (8 months ago)
Joel Isaí (1 year ago)
There's one where the victim isn't white, the one with David Schwimmer
griselda fezullau (1 year ago)
Wejpasadena theres another video with a black politian I think... Check that out... Sexual harrasment doesn' t have to do with skin colour but with the powerful position they're in
Baalaaxa (1 year ago)
@Wejpasadena - Tell me friend, what does the skin color have to do with sexual harassment? If you feel you belong to a group which is not correctly presented here, why don't you make a video where a non-white doctor harasses [insert color here] patient? I guess you can never get it right, because there's always someone who feels like they are being left out.
globalcitizenn (1 year ago)
Well, White men are the most entitled and seem to get away with everything. Even harassing the most powerful group of women.. white.
Heather Daniels (1 year ago)
Oh my, watching Doug Stamper do it makes it more chilling.
Shadow Walker (9 months ago)
Heather Daniels House of cards or 'hospital of cards' 😉

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