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Nuns Sexually Abused These Women For Years. Now Survivors Speak Out.

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The Catholic Church has been rocked with allegations of sexual abuse carried out by priests for decades. Now survivors of abusive nuns are speaking out. Patricia “Trish” Cahill and Anne Gleeson were teenagers when the abuse began. Even though these two survivors grew up in different cities, the grooming and manipulation conducted by the nuns they say abused them sound eerily and tragically similar. Subscribe to HuffPost today: http://goo.gl/xW6HG Get More HuffPost Read: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ Like: https://www.facebook.com/HuffingtonPost Follow: https://twitter.com/HuffingtonPost
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FREAKISH FANGIRL (4 minutes ago)
In the beginning of the vid the producer was being aggressive lol
Black Rose (1 hour ago)
And then the Catholic church wonders why society hates them.
Lisa Fredell (2 hours ago)
I was waiting to here about the nuns. Wait until you hear about the births and deaths.
pie n mash (2 hours ago)
9mm back of the head
Moonmoon Pati (2 hours ago)
evil nuns
Marilyn Monroe (5 hours ago)
That’s gross ..!!!
Anne Nielsen (7 hours ago)
Knowledge is power, talk to your children. Let them know what's acceptable and not, when it comes to touching, and that they are the ones setting the rules for their bodies. That people might want them to do stuff and try to scare them, by threatening to hurt their family or something similar. And that they should always tell someone they trust, a grown-up, police etc. It's probably more difficult for you to talk about it, than for the child. Children are open-minded, they don't think about bodies and sexuality like grown-ups, they just need to know, because they are protected by just knowing.
Anne Nielsen (7 hours ago)
Victims of sexual abuse, only has to forgive themselves. The perpetrators can rot in hell, we don't need to make them feel better about what they have done. We need to figure out how we can feel good about ourselves again. Teenagers are in a very confused time of their lives, it's a grown-ups duty to protect and guide them in that time, not abuse it. And children are just children, they don't think about bodies or sex like a grown-up. I wish there was instant karma going around.
Michelle Chog-ap (8 hours ago)
Mamma Mia (9 hours ago)
wayneOFgotham Brittany (9 hours ago)
That’s so powerful , why does she get to live normal and I never will again, I never hurt anyone. Now that’s hard to swallow :(
Sweet Cocoa (10 hours ago)
Damn even the nuns molesting kids
HENRY MARTIN (11 hours ago)
Obviously the work of satan. And to think they call the pope Father.That goes against the Scriptures.We are to call no man Father but He that is in Heaven, our Creator. Rebuke satan daily.*Elaine *
Bianca님 (11 hours ago)
Obviously the nun has the devil inside her
BigCoolViking. G.S. (13 hours ago)
THE SOONER THE WORLD WAKENS UP TO THE FACT- That the Vatican and Catholic church is a Satanic paedophile cult, and war financing bank, pretending to be a religion the better, please STOP giving these beasts your money.
Laura Dierking (13 hours ago)
If it ruined you, then why do have cards, jewelry, etc saved from that time? Holding on to those items are not helping.
kbrack86 (15 hours ago)
Not only does it happen in Catholic Churches it happens in black churches as well I don’t allow my children to go to Sunday school...! My aunt was raped in the church by the pastor and his congregation did absolutely nothing to him still to this day my aunt won’t step foot in a church! It’s so easy to lose your faith in situations like this, this is heart breaking! People are sick...
jabhomemonitoring (16 hours ago)
Tom R (16 hours ago)
What did Breitbart know about Podesta? I don't think HuffPost would even care.
Janelle Williams (16 hours ago)
How evil to use the name of God to do evil to people, this is what confuses people and distances people from the true love of God. This is the work of the devil. Please get to know God for yourself. These people playing with fire, and will burn.
monicas madhouse (18 hours ago)
satanic church members infiltrate the church to abuse christians & to give the church a bad name.... study & research satanic ritual abuse in church basements
I'm Funny (18 hours ago)
Omg when the guy in the grey suit talked, I was surprised but when the other dude spoke, I was even more shocked.
Ron Kauffman (19 hours ago)
My 1st 2 years I went to Catholic school. The Nuns were the meanest people I'd ever known...at least until I started in public school. I'm very sorry for the things that happened to these women...though I'm not surprised...the Catholic church is extremely corrupt.
eleonora vostanis (19 hours ago)
These foul wolves in sheep's clothing....they never had the love and teachings of Christ, only worshipping themselves, act like they're gods and proceed to take advantage of others to satisfy their own sick twisted devilish souls, these nuns and priests who committed these abominations worship the devil, not the lord, makes me sick and disgusted
Anony Mouse Likes DAWs (19 hours ago)
Those abusive nuns should be horsewhipped if they are still alive. If dead, they're going to one place, the fires of Hell.
Tracey Daly (20 hours ago)
Bioshock Bitch (22 hours ago)
As a Canadian we are still reminded that nuns, not just priests took part in the sexual abuse of native children in residential schools. It was never just the priests bt the sisters were also very involved in harm and punishments. It's a daily reminder, however like this videos states, nuns are often largely ignored and get a free pass
Telinha Teka (22 hours ago)
But of course this happened and still happens in all religions in churches, temples, Moschee in all! For religions are of men, and it is from Babylon! The Most High does not dwell in temples made by men! !! He is within the clean temple, which is us! ! The name Jesus Christ is an invention of men. ... he is not the son of the Most High! ! That does not exist! The cross is a symbol of death, T from Tammuz in Babylon the religion of the woman with the child in her arms and that symbol spread throughout the earth! 🍃Many will come in my name but they are not of me: Nimrode, Tammuz, Baal, Sun God, Zeus (Big-Bang Theorie), etc., etc., Yausha, Jesus Christ. And they will deceive many, and if possible go to the chosen ones!🍃 💖Name here is a pleonasm, just a figure of speech. The Most High has no name !? For name is given to matter, objects, mortal beings, a way of identifying that which is changeable, perishable. The Creator was, is and always will be the same so we can not give names, carnal to "Him", only definition as The Most High, The Eternal, The Creator of all things: Heaven, Earth and Water Fountain and all that is in them! !!! 💖I hope I've helped!
Watcher (1 day ago)
male on female. It could be female on male, male on male and female on female. Survivors of both sexes have to be united to fight this crime that ruins millions of lives every year
Nichelle Cross (1 day ago)
Absolutely Disgraceful😥😥😥😥They need to prosecute these damn people.
Dee DeCorte (1 day ago)
I wasn't sexually abused at St. Michaels, but I was physically and mentally abused. Everything got blamed on me. When I was in 1st grade, I had to go to the bathroom. The nun (Sister Brick) Mrs. Brick wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. I ended up wetting my pants in front of the whole class. They took me into the Parsonage and washed my clothes. I had to sit on a couch wrapped in a towel until my clothes dried. They wouldn't even wash me after this. They ended up calling my MOM and apologizing. I was humiliated and heard about it for the rest of my school years. They were very cruel. 2 kids got into a fight, and I was sitting at the lunch table. When one shoved the other one, they hit me and dumped my milk and food all over. I got blamed for starting a disturbance. These NUNS need a rude awakening. The next year, my parents pulled me out of that school. Between the gossip and the bullying, I am 49 now and it damaged me. I now have PTSD and Social Anxiety Disorder and Major trust issues.
Nic (1 day ago)
"It steals your faith. I envy people who have faith." That broke my heart.
Senora Senora (1 day ago)
God loves you and what this nun did was a real demon. Sicko
Mara Costanza (1 day ago)
About Amanda Knox' lies. A first important point is that Amanda Knox did not just "lie during an interrogation". She did indeed spin a story falsely incriminating Patrick Lumumba, but she didn't do that during an interrogation: her false accusation was a protracted and repeated behaviour. It went on long after the interrogation. Indeed Knox went on spinning false stories - not just accusing Lumumba but also threatening Sollecito - that this is protracted behaviour is a first important point to bear in mind, yet still not the main point. - By the way I also note that her written memoriales are not the work of a person who is weak and naive to the point of having lost mental control, no longer able to concoct and organize a tortuous manipulation. Her memoriale is a sophisticated and highly controlled text, it is the manifest attempt by a person still in full rational control; anyway, any theory of Amanda being weak and naive and psychologically coerced should be backed with evidence. It should be proven, you cannot just postulate or guess that a person lies because is psychologically weak, with no evidence. And yet as I said this is still not the main point. A rather more significant point is Knox's actual position in the trial. her actual claims. The fact that Knox, at the preliminary hearing and trial, did NOT claim that she had lied, under pressure. That was not her position at the trial at all. On the contrary, she claimed that she had not lied ad all, and told that she suffers of a false memory syndrome. Her defence called a psychiatist from a Rome university to testify to support her claim. Your might have played the card about psychological weakness and coercion if Knox had brought a story of psychological coercion to the trial. She did not. she brought up a story of a false memory syndrome. So, the lack of consistency in her own explanations about her behaviour is a point more important than what she said during an interrogation. This is not, however, the only contradiction from Knox in her own defense. But a further and more relavant fact is that Amanda Knox did not lie only when falsely accusing Lumumba. She simply told a huge load of lies, above all before the interrogation. Her whole "story" about having showers in bloody bathroom and carrying mops through the town is a mass of lies. There is no piece of it consistent with any other or with any piece of reality. And then she also lied subsequently: after the trial, in her public declarations, and in her book. She's a systematic liar. One further element to note, is that we are not talking about just one liar; wre are talking about two. Not just Amanda Knox, but also Sollecito always lied. And it is now and an established judicial truth that "all his versions are lies". Sollecito told lies in his changing versions during interrogations, he told proven lies in his book (a Judge forced him and Gumbel to admit that his book was fictional), and he tells lies today. Before any other consideration, any person would ask themselves why two "innocent" people should tell lie all the time - that's not exactly what innocent people do. I won't get into further detalis anout all the dimensions and the steps of Knox lying about accusing Lumumba and about the rest (including her Dec. 17th interrogation, etc.) because it would get too long. About Rudy Guede: he did not act alone. Note: this is, by the way, a fact established definitively by the last verdict. But it is just a proven fact - it is evidence whoever wants to look into it - that this murder was phisically committed by more than one person. It is a fact that it would be impossible for a single perpetrator to commit this crime. Forget about Introna's theory, which is unrealistic and inconsistent with findings and was rightly dismissed by the judge. Meredith Kercher was killed by multiple perpetrators. While Knox is officially proven to have been certainly present at the murder. Knox, actually, did indeed take part physically to the killing action - she was not just an observer - but still, bear in mind that even a "passive" observer would bear responsability, because Meredith Kercher did not die on the spot. She died of blood loss after an agony of ten minutes or more. Not just the physical perpetrators, but even a hypothetical passive observer who happened not to call for help would be a person committing a serious life-threatening or deadly offense,
Sondra Allen (1 day ago)
And we wonder why people are male adjusted in crazy in the society I always said there's somebody old help them to be that way if you go back in history you'll find out that a lot of these old people put their sexual abuse on children and they got used to it and they perpetrated it throughout their life
Mimi Vice (1 day ago)
I was raped by a boy named Scott, who was 13 at the time, and I was only 6 years old.... I found him, on Facebook, and mofo is married and has 2 children.
Fatima Moncada (1 day ago)
I'M so sorry that this girl's had to through this tortured I'm so disgusted with what's going on behind closed doors at some Catholic church's and nobody cares about it is so angering there's NO justice but they will get what's they deserved soon enough our LORD JESUSCRIST will give them straight to fight against this super SICK people 😡
Mimi Vice (1 day ago)
My friends mother had this happen , she got a settlement of $1mill 5 years ago. My friend informed me that she spent it all already.
Mk Rainbow (1 day ago)
it’s ridiculous that survivors are told that what happened to them isn’t credible.
Sharon Landers (1 day ago)
you should go on with life, get counseling to help your self. from this time forward, in this situation think only of yourself. Do this to heal.
TheLeah2344 (1 day ago)
So many pedophiles in the Catholic Church. I feel like pedophiles deserve the death penalty.
Wow. You know i never once thought nuns would pull this crap...but honestly why am i suprised? Its so wrong!
Jennie Spooner (1 day ago)
there should be no statute of limitation because that only helps the abuser not the victim
Megan Gregory (1 day ago)
Good job society...use the church as means to hide being a pervert..I pray you suffer a long death..an then burn in flames! Your disgusting!
Megan Gregory (1 day ago)
The penguin looks like a perverted man!!!! Wake up world!!! Using power and calling it "religion"! Rot in hell..all of you sick penguins need to suffer
C Lykins (1 day ago)
How... as a parent..can you not pursue any legal repercussions for these nuns? If I went to a church that put their own nuns above rape and pedophilia, I would burn that whole place down. Everyone is going down for this scandal. Charges would be pressed on everyone who tried to hide it.
Megan Gregory (1 day ago)
They enjoy abusing others due to their lack of acceptance of their own sexuality! They will all rot in hell!
Jean Jessen (1 day ago)
Evil can be in the most trusted of places which, I think, is a very deep kind of evil. When is the Catholic church going to purge this? It probably goes so deep that it will never end.
Bleached Mud (1 day ago)
They should all be executed
Longinus (1 day ago)
Hmmm, I think this case is evidence of that the 'born that way' argument might not be entirely true.
G S-T (1 day ago)
Typical Christophobic filth from the Huff post.
shlisa shell (1 day ago)
Wow. Those last four words were so powerful. "I never hurt anybody." 19:10
BethyKable (1 day ago)
Horror stories spoken from the survivors....these sickening perverts pick their vulnerable victims.carefully. Hell has a special place for these disgusting predators.
Adriana M. Guillot (1 day ago)
God keep shining your light on evil. It's time!!!
Robbin Staup (1 day ago)
I understand 100% I dont even go to church . I do pray and believe tho. I dont trust anybody . What happen to me didnt even happen threw a church . The results are still the same. I live with the past everyday. Never a day goes by , I dont think about what happened. It has scared me for life. Just try to live your life , the best you know how. I feel your pain , your not alone.
TheRainbowMagnum (2 days ago)
These nuns should be burned alive.
Niles Guy (2 days ago)
Priest always got the blame as the nuns who engaged within the same conduct laughed their way to retirement knowing they got away with their crimes. Double standards as always within our society
Paula Stambou (2 days ago)
God in the morning and Devil at night - disgusting humans trying to control children via their churches.
Helen Hughes (2 days ago)
this happened to me put thay beat me ..
GeNaCiDe122112 (2 days ago)
She loved it its why she waz laughing
zap Branigan (2 days ago)
Bunch of actors including the "nuns" fake, bogus and baloney
Lasseigne Cîmpeanu (2 days ago)
Yd she say yes?
Knight Ryder (2 days ago)
Save your child the trauma!! Keep your kids away from catholic schools!!! All catholic schools should be shut down!!
waunlimited123 (2 days ago)
I’m one of them. Not with the nuns. But with the collective. I just can’t understand how many of us are out there. HOW MANY
Fatima Sow (2 days ago)
Hearning Anne speak and stating so much evidence without getting justice broke my heart to pieces, tears are flowing nonstop on my face. Never heard anything about nuns abusing and deeply manipulating females
Neal Gumpel (2 days ago)
very very well done story. At 2 parts of it I said "That's it"! I have been in the forefront of clergy abuse for years as a victim (I did not survive and resent that term) Been though the legal thing with Mitchell Garabedian as my attorney and demonstrations and doing all I can only to find that anyone that WALKS INTO A CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THE ENEMY..... At this point after the proof that for hundreds of years they rape and kill and send soldiers to war with holy water (on both sides of the war) and you fucking people still go into a church and worse DONATE????? I believe a time is coming when millions will be slaughtered for being 'christians' in America..... And it will be the result of this horseshit clergy abuse. This will be the excuse to let loose the demonic armies. If you think I'm a fool then you're a fool
marie MARIN (2 days ago)
🌈repent . Forgive. Love 💕
Rozilyn OH happy day (2 days ago)
First of all why would you take a vow a celibacy when God intended for us to be fruitful and multiply having sex or being sexual arouse is a part of life
jan osborn (2 days ago)
If it's not a preist it's a Nunn. False prophets
jan osborn (2 days ago)
That Nunn will not ascend, but will receive severe punishment for her narcissistic pedophilia because she knew it. I know teachers and Nunn's who should be in prison. I'm sorry that happened to you. That jewelry has very bad low vibrations. Pawn it
Amy P (2 days ago)
I'm Catholic but am appalled at how horrible these women were treated. I am dead set against it.
Bang Big (17 hours ago)
You're still part of the problem
mamaboo cee (2 days ago)
I never liked any of the nuns, they were abusive control freaks and thank god I was only exposed to them once a week at catechism. The poor kids that went to the catholic school came out of there wild and scary compared to us public school kids.
Greg Saint (2 days ago)
GOD give you strength
Miriam Mile (2 days ago)
When she said "I never hurt anybody" at the end... That hit me hard. Yeah, that broke me.
I left the “Catholic Church” I don’t ever want to go back. They committed murder, sexual assault and abuse to the young children, natives, and among each other. The most despicable people in the world. Jesus Christ only forget the Catholic Church.
angiebee (2 days ago)
It really makes you wonder what is this world coming to for all these women and men who have come forth speaking about all the pedophile rings in the Catholic Church and for it all to get swept under the rug with no repercussions and how all the higher-ups in the church are complicit letting these pedophiles rape the children and do absolutely nothing about it these children have been failed by an institution that they should have been safe in and all who knew about and were directly involved need to be held accountable
My great grandmother- who was a very strong Catholic btw, always used to say "priests take their collar off, they're like everybody else!" In other words, treat nuns and priests like you would your average person, they are NOT God, they do not have magic powers!!
heather h (2 days ago)
Its horrifying that there are so many rapists in the world. They love to hide behind religion and positions of power
SandyK (1 day ago)
This is not how a victim speaks about abuse with legs spread out on couch and not one tear. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
Cassadi Marone (1 day ago)
SandyK …what?
Really 69 (2 days ago)
As long as there are ppl no religion, profession or high position is free from sick ppl. To be human is not only to error..to be human is also to SIN!!! Guard your children!!!
Barbara Robinson (2 days ago)
BULL DIKING NUNS.??.👹👹👹👹👹👹👹..DAMN🥓🥓😠👹👹👹👹🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓👹👹👹
Garden Goddess (2 days ago)
The church has hidden these people for centuries not just decades. The Roman catholic church has been VILE from the beginning.  Now I realize why I don't belong to organized religion. I believe in KARMA. Hope they ALL get their karma.....
Don Peebly (2 days ago)
Pedophilia is part of Rome’s false religion, although the predator priests get all the publicity. It’s not part of Christianity. When you think about it, a religious covering is the perfect means of deception. Being a Catholic priest or nun is the perfect job for these sickos, especially because of their assumed position of authority. It’s far worse than we know.
Alicia Page (2 days ago)
Full-time hate. Enjoy. No remorse for relentlessly hating pedophiles. The law is biased to not protect children adequately. Anger is all that's left of many people, I'm simply one more angry person.
Mia Thomas (3 days ago)
“For people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, savage, opposed to what is good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, loving pleasure rather than loving God. They will maintain the outward appearance of religion but will have repudiated its power. So avoid people like these.” 2 Timothy 3:2-5
Mz Wisdom (3 days ago)
They know who's parents are questioning their children. This is just sad religion can twist the minds of folks. Hiding underneath clothing trying to look all Saintly.
Brandy Stanback (3 days ago)
I hate when evil people use God as a way to defend the fukd up sht they do... Why does she still have things that this nasty, perverted , pedophile ass nun gave her???!!!!
Danni (3 days ago)
What a sad, sad, story. I believe the one woman was really in love with her abuser. If not, why on earth ould she keep all of the love letters and mementos? I'd be burning it in the trash.
One for Rock 'n Roll (3 days ago)
The only difference between a cult and a religion is how many members it has.
bluejay lily (1 day ago)
Preach 👏👏
Gloria Lewis (3 days ago)
Why don't people question nuns? They are not Yahweh.🕎Many called but few chosen wolves in sheep clothing. Question everybody.🐺🐺🐺
Ace (2 days ago)
isn't that J.W's? yahweh? they hide even worse,.lots of rapists in those groups..thank God, yes God and Jesus the real ones, no yahweh, oolah, holla they are being taking down
Senada Pasic (3 days ago)
I wonder how much alcohol and neglect of the poor has to do with this.
Senada Pasic (3 days ago)
Never give up on God . He told people if his guidance isn't followed , social ills will ensue. Learn what is really God's guidance in the Quran, not what men or women want it to be so they can date or use someone, or oppress someone-can especially the disabled, blacks or emotionally challenged peaceful people..
Senada Pasic (3 days ago)
Predators are ODing on simple people because of the patriarchal abusive systems. When victims stand up for themselves often ostracization is the least they experience . Even in some Islamic societies victims are shamed instead of comforted. Not God's Islam , patriarchal Islam.
Senada Pasic (3 days ago)
Sexual slavery is still everywhere sometimes with physical torture and unspoken death threats. It takes thousands in the community and authority for the predators to survive- that's the problem. And then when the courts rip up the victim to shreds or give out meagre punishments, the disease spreads. The worst for victims is the gaslighting . Young girls trained from a young age to be "girlfriends" are being used and assaulted by the millions by men , and they still stand by the "dating " culture - denial is powerful.
MommyCassReborns (3 days ago)
this is so bizarre. like why did no one say to her "what the heck!" and fire the nun and get the kid some help.
cindycox57 (3 days ago)
so sorry that happened to you 💔
two words:Caucasians Mutants
bluejay lily (1 day ago)
Commando Kitten (3 days ago)
Church tried the tell me what I can and can’t do with *my* body, so I said screw it and now I’m an Atheist, *I HAVE NEVER FELT SO FREE!!!!*
aspira l'aria (3 days ago)
I'm so sorry for these ladies. This is so heartbreaking 💔
Sim (3 days ago)
😣 Those fucking nuns. But worst of all trusting parents.

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