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FTV Presents The Black Tape Project at LAFW S/S 19 Art Hearts Fashion | FashionTV | FTV

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LOS ANGELES - I’m a Cuban American first generation, born and raised in Miami. In 2008 I was lucky to find a box hidden in my late grandfather’s house with a substantial amount of money. After many years of what I considered “the thought era” in my life, I quickly put the funds to work in hopes to correct my debts and life. With the last of the money I purchased a camera and 9 years later here I am. A self-taught photographer, artist, and entrepreneur. I’ve managed to make a business off of my ideas and concepts for almost a decade. I’m the creator of the Black Tape Project, founder of Paradise Challenge and Destination Cover both all-inclusive destination photo shoots. Because of my concepts I’ve been able to travel to over 30 countries and counting, I’ve been published in countless magazines, worked with directors like Michael Bay and recording artists like Rick Ross and some of the top dogs in the world. In 2008 I was an rookie photographer and I was working with a model that had suggested I tape her for the last look, I truly had no idea why she would want this but I tried to make her happy and attempted to use tape as wardrobe. Mind you she looked like 2 Christmas hams wrapped in rubber bands when I was done, I’d never show you these images! It sparked an idea in my head, the following weeks I asked a few models to let me practice on them and the designs started to evolve. For more FashionTV anytime & anywhere, click here: http://www.fashiontv.com FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/FTV INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/FashionTV CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/c/FTVmain FashionTV’s network brings you fashion in new and imaginative ways every day online! From the front row of fashion’s biggest shows and runways, to highlights of all the best fashion stories from around the world, to the gorgeous models that make the industry tick, FashionTV is there to bring them to you first! The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads every day with 24/7 access to content for all your fashion and style needs. Join our online network and SEE it first on DailyMotion with FTV!
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Text Comments (5540)
Kadhim Jawad (2 days ago)
princess heno (6 days ago)
استغفر الله
Kadhim Jawad (2 days ago)
لعد شعندج هنا داخلة
加藤じゅんいち (7 days ago)
Flor der Campo (10 days ago)
Interesante sería ver cómo se los despegan!
Tape advertising
Azad Soch (25 days ago)
Beautiful celebration of female form.
Lado Thapa (25 days ago)
Now I am reading how to make decisions breakfast books.
Lado Thapa (25 days ago)
Now I am reading how to make decisions breakfast books.
JCRGH (27 days ago)
Mary (1 month ago)
What is the track in backdround? Plz send the link
Chopi Vino (1 month ago)
This is what call money power. They r ready for everything
Chopi Vino (1 month ago)
Lucky guy bastard
Teale and Carynne (1 month ago)
This is not okay!!!
임헌향 (1 month ago)
you are doing something  very interesting    i envy  you   but i have a question   yor are working  on a tape  righe  the body of a female  model    you will do that while  she is naked  doesn.t it feel  different  between men and  women ?
Shiza Kashif (1 month ago)
Ohh sexy loook
exy s (1 month ago)
와 ㅈ덴다
auto fm47 (1 month ago)
6:04 name this model???
auto fm47 (1 month ago)
6.04 model name???
MrEnony (1 month ago)
3:50 wakanda forever!!!
Даша Сомик (1 month ago)
У меня дудки слов, круть😳
mammam Klamurai (1 month ago)
พวก มึงมาเดินเเถว บ้าน หน่อย นะ
wibi z (1 month ago)
Ini mah pamer tempik n susu... Pengikut dajjal
Шедевр из изоленты
benny tintu (1 month ago)
Great work !
Nistha Shrestha (2 months ago)
Sexy girls
King's Heart Laskar (2 months ago)
Rage4Me (2 months ago)
The comments are here are bad. Why did they watch it if the don't like it? I think this is an educational video... I now know 10 things to do with electrical tape that I didn't know before watching this video. :)
Susy Adorno (2 months ago)
This is horrible! Es una vergüenza que a esto le llamen " moda". Estos "diseños" son el sueño de muchos violadores, que por vestir de manera provocativa creen tener derecho a violar a una mujer. Chicas nosotras mismas nos debemos de respetar y "vestir" con ésta "moda" no es respetarnos. Éstas modelos realmente están desnudas, creo hay lugares para eso y una pasarela no es uno de esos lugares.
Teale and Carynne (1 month ago)
Traduje esto, por cierto. Estoy completamente de acuerdo. Este espectáculo está arruinando la inteligencia de los humanos.
Popular Tv Series (2 months ago)
Ishqbaaz parinde #Ishtud (2 months ago)
Yusuf Emir KURT (2 months ago)
Neden se şarkılar türk şarkılarını anımsattı.
Reeko Ty (2 months ago)
Porn casting
Noble Designs (2 months ago)
bloody stupid job shamefull
george mansale (2 months ago)
I love that fashion show
L P (2 months ago)
I dont have a job But maybe i could work there everyday?
龢光同塵 (2 months ago)
what is the first girl's name?
Shefa (2 months ago)
What is the musical instrument used?
Rodolfo Gramaccini (2 months ago)
jaggu ji (2 months ago)
Madharchod launda tep cipka kr pata nhi kaun so creativity dikha rha bhosadi k
IamAFK AMA (2 months ago)
Now just put some over there mouth and it's the perfect woman. Sry bad joke I kid I kid
IamAFK AMA (2 months ago)
I like the girl wearing the tape
Next project...very very nice ......SEXY
Marcinha Honorato (2 months ago)
Que merda é essa? Cade as feminazi pra falar em da exploração do corpo feminino? Deslike total.
indian Thakur (2 months ago)
Nce costumes by the way really awesomee
Chuck Gates (2 months ago)
jjjkkk hsjsj (3 months ago)
I don't know about fashion, but this was lit 👌👌 Specially when your stoned
Itz Tiffany (2 months ago)
Your right
The Birds (3 months ago)
This is a mocquerie to all greatest fashion designers basically all about the creativity of dressing people now it's all about undressing them. Not mention the abuse, exploitation of woman, and portraying them as sexual trophees. Perhaps it's Art not fashion , it should work fine for some perdition entertainment and House of whore. All respect for the creativity but this ain't fashion
Kharkov Lawyer (3 months ago)
cindy g (3 months ago)
Who's she at 9:30 please ?
Irina Ivanova (3 months ago)
Модели классные!!! А повелитель то Голый))))!!!
Tianyu Lu (3 months ago)
eh...how...emmmm.i mean.....that tape ....well , fuck
Deep Raj Kalia (3 months ago)
Tell me first model's name, just for research purpose
Tiểu Ngao Vương (3 months ago)
Look like kendall jenner
123 Banana (3 months ago)
who's the girl at 6:00 ?
alla lo (3 months ago)
Hell, I was using it to insulate wires when I joined them.........didn't know I could do this with tape...............where's my wife.......
Mosabbir Khandaker (3 months ago)
Can anybody tell me the name of the first model in the thumb nail
Zino Yong (3 months ago)
I dont get it
高橋英 (3 months ago)
Duy Dương Official (3 months ago)
Vú đẹp quá các bác ak
BLACK KENNEDY BLK (3 months ago)
Ok this is not fashion at this point, that abstract art to me, what are we selling here ? Black tapes ? Like are women gon dress like this on the street in everyday life ? I don't think so ! That original, that beautiful, but that not fashion at this point !
وياترى اللى عجبه موديل من دول هاياخد المصمم معاه عشان يلزقهوله على جسمه ؟؟ لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله
Antonio Ferreira (3 months ago)
beign_Mello Dash (3 months ago)
It's extremely hard to write with one hand only
Hayati Yamuna (3 months ago)
Pedda bokka meelanti vallu
Mohamed Elzoghpy (3 months ago)
Music name ?
channel dunia nyata (3 months ago)
Ahmet Savcı (3 months ago)
Pıyasa orospudan geçilmiyor bunları Türk askerine gönderin iyi becerirler
Effin Yess (3 months ago)
Duct tape has proven itself yet again even in the most moist of circumstances
David Jacobson (3 months ago)
Very classy!
Vide Dd (3 months ago)
gulay ezizova (4 months ago)
9:05 boy?
tralio 5 века (4 months ago)
sex bomb
jhg fnjj (4 months ago)
crazy aminal
jhg fnjj (4 months ago)
are you crazy
Gopal Krishna (4 months ago)
Надо было голубой изолентой.))))
gugulo (4 months ago)
რა მაგარია ეს შობელძაღლი
섬마을 (4 months ago)
어 변태 아조씨다
Hovhannes29.01 .2001 (4 months ago)
First model name please
Animation (4 months ago)
chỉ muốn lôi từng em vào phòng chịch từng đứa 1
tizzee11 (4 months ago)
What's the name of the music?
Butzal 04 (4 months ago)
Name off the tape girl?
Sharis Cordova (4 months ago)
Que Bello Cuerpo de La Chica.😯😲!Puro talento del Joven que, creativo...👍❤
sooul keeper (4 months ago)
What is the name of this girl with black tape project???
viral videos 4 all (4 months ago)
nice, for more , plz click👇🏻 #hotgymgirls4u #viralvideos4uAll
Ты российский стиль понимаешь?
Vedant Khapare (4 months ago)
Who's the first model with designer and the one at 6:07
SATRIA & YENI VlONA (4 months ago)
So hot girl
bdentist (4 months ago)
Any leads to which music ?
Jodhpur Desire (4 months ago)
She has been wet inside 😂
shi. santosh shukla (4 months ago)
Jh Jh (4 months ago)
Ini sebenarnya jualan apa sih.......🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Ferrari Subash (4 months ago)
Tape model
Grace D (4 months ago)
OMOR KHAN (4 months ago)
So,cloths are now so cheap for girls😏. better to be baked😑
jannat zubari rahmani (4 months ago)
Farheen Kausar (4 months ago)
This is not a fashion show. Just like a shameless
Catherine Taylor (4 months ago)
http://tinyurl.com/DatingForSEXgx27r යොමු කිරීමට දුම්කොළ දුම්, වීදුරු නිවා දැමීමට
Ancy (4 months ago)
It is tap show
Dale Walker (4 months ago)
Is this how low the bar has dropped when it comes to talent and fashion creativity?

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