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Let's Play Dreamworks Wild Skies part 10: We get the typhoomerang and one other

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I ask some pretty weird questions I wonder whats wrong with me.......OH WELL Follow our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Theadventurebros/758457330836583 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAdventureBr0
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Text Comments (92)
Spirit Potatoe (3 months ago)
How do I play
Starscream 454 (4 months ago)
They should release this on the App Store
Can you play this game on iOS
Mr. Енот (3 years ago)
Voskiemar (3 years ago)
LeeWang8S (3 years ago)
now the last fkn thing anyone wants is to hear a fart talk while listening to HTTYD music..also no commentary gaming videos are the best, your annoying voice talking about useless sht can be distracting oh and 3:55 : SERIOUSLY?!!!..STFU AND LET THE FKN GAME SPEAK!!!.. please guys anyone know any other channel with videos about this game?..thank you.
David GL (3 years ago)
Joan Satuito (3 years ago)
me too.mine is sssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo ssslllooowww
LeeWang8S (3 years ago)
+Joan Satuito try SoD (School Of Dragons)
viviam carla Nicolau (3 years ago)
Declan Andrews (3 years ago)
play school of dragons
p crawley (3 years ago)
get a night fury toothless is awsome
bu oyun nece cixanda qalir
Lucy Song (3 years ago)
this part just doesn't make sense, whispering death is sitting right on where the sunlight is... lol
Dash Gaming (4 years ago)
The wispering death is so awsome :D
Sara Jhayder (4 years ago)
I have all the dragons
Aerin Euann Creencia (4 years ago)
Aerin Euann Creencia (4 years ago)
burgers nigga
jklgames (4 years ago)
ese es le susurro mortal
Dennis Ramos (4 years ago)
como se registra en ese juego???
Nookumboo (4 years ago)
So... where's the Typhoomerang?
mahfoudhi med ali (4 years ago)
Elaina Karosaitė you must have an account
Elaina Karosaitė (4 years ago)
Elaina Karosaitė (4 years ago)
HOW TO REGISTER ON YHIS GAME?!??!?!?!?!??!???!?!?!!!?!?!?!?
Clorox Bleach (4 years ago)
The Whispering Death looks like a worm.
why u saying derp at the biginning
Higantaeyeon Ssi (4 years ago)
yeah its so slow mine too takes like 1 hour to load
Denisa Svobodová (4 years ago)
please, tell me name that game
Regan Page (5 years ago)
you had only tamed the whispering death and not the smokebreath :|
elvio lador (5 years ago)
+TheAdventuresBros ¿como haces para que cargue rapidisimo?
SandreuSeams Normal (5 years ago)
or yipper
SandreuSeams Normal (5 years ago)
my cats name is yipping gipsei
AnnCTzen (5 years ago)
its a free game
Rhonda Ward (5 years ago)
play black ops
Definitely A Dragon (5 years ago)
Why does it say in title we get Typhoomerang? Its called the Whispering Death.... lol
Lily and Chilly (5 years ago)
play school of dragons its much better you can ever make a dragon
Luzia Malik (5 years ago)
wispiringh deaht thast cool
RavenBird (5 years ago)
it's whispering death not typhoomerang
AgreMine Official (5 years ago)
I have a question as to the game store of wild mam when I play I'll do Neak the progress of the game and then turn off and turn it on again when we have to play again from
Brendyn Schmersal (5 years ago)
i want you to play zoo tycoon 2
ludolph mulke (5 years ago)
The name is Wild Skies
Rochelle Santos (5 years ago)
are you a girl or boy yes your boy why your voice is a girl wild skies is my favorite game whispering death is my fav dragon
Lauren dragonbrooke (1 year ago)
Rochelle Santos my favourite is the tyfoomerang
Daisy M (5 years ago)
zk get a sence on punkuation
Daisy M (5 years ago)
your a derp\noob
Zoran Jeftenic (5 years ago)
how to register
Daniel The keyboardist (5 years ago)
1:50 well dreamworks are very busy people with all the movies and tv shows and other things like commercials 
Shocola1 (5 years ago)
How do yours load fast/?? o-o Mine is so slow.. :|
Linca Alexandru (3 years ago)
+Shocola1 The ''internet''
donat weisz (4 years ago)
Catherine Legg (4 years ago)
do you make the loding qicker on the computer
Shocola1 (5 years ago)
Agreed ^
TheAdventureBros (5 years ago)
Its either your computer or internet connection.
Nicka jane Racaza (5 years ago)
can someone help me in my prob why its so slow to load 
ZoomBr205 (5 years ago)
como eu o pego o suspiro da morte 
Dead Channel (5 years ago)
whispering death and typhoomerang are impossible dragons to ride cuasing them not to have  carecter
Dead Channel (5 years ago)
have you been breathing in zippleback gas
Blood Sage (5 years ago)
try the screaming death
Marcin yowkeven (5 years ago)
do toothless becouse he is cute and i am a boy
marites valdez (5 years ago)
to save the game go to the dragon book then go to the settings then you will see save game
meijail miskoski (5 years ago)
eee so you do not later have to have a game toonix??
Kelvin Alejandro Soto (5 years ago)
the whispering death is a really cool dragon
Vanny Gallardo (5 years ago)
Toothless kilss whispering death
Blood Sage (5 years ago)
Yeah but the screaming death is better
bitweird1 (5 years ago)
Play school of dragons pls
AKeera Ford (5 years ago)
You talk WAY TOO much....... SHUT UP FOR ONCE!!! we want to learn how to tame them NOT HEAR AOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE
Will-Shade-Animatronic (5 years ago)
yes its spikes will stab you but i still want to ride it :)
Serdar Serdar (5 years ago)
ok ok ok
Dillon Carl (5 years ago)
ok i like burger
nicole king (5 years ago)
i wanna ride whispering death :(
Nyrufa (5 years ago)
Jared Belyea (5 years ago)
The dragon at your controlling is a whispering death it will taconite Siri
Rasa Strūģe (5 years ago)
I like this game but i colcted all dragons and it is borring now
Mr Freelander (5 years ago)
how do you save the game
Billywithwings (5 years ago)
Love it
pamela padgett (5 years ago)
agrey thunderdrum is the best dragon
Jennifer Heavener (5 years ago)
Thanks. Also, I think Thunderdrum is best dragon. :D
Haha, it's absolutely fine.
Jennifer Heavener (5 years ago)
My little brother did that. sorry XD
Screaming Death>Whispering Death
Jennifer Heavener (5 years ago)
whispering death is best dragon in the world ever
Jean Paul Farrugia (5 years ago)
You guys know about that swamp thing the viking said in unlandable cove?
James Peirce (5 years ago)
Dragons man dragons!!!
Megan Kingsbury (5 years ago)
What game is that?!?!?!
Dennis Merckling (5 years ago)
whispering death is best dragon
Little Red (5 years ago)
how did you get all those coins on mine they keep taking them away
rouliza miguel (5 years ago)
your game loads so fast
EL RENO J (5 years ago)
load as fast as your game
Jaafar Aldoori (6 years ago)
Why don't u do an episode that u ride all the dragons
SSBBHax (6 years ago)
I hope u got the whispering death and typhoomerang WHEN U GET THE CHANGEWING, LOL :} i like this
Tzuki (6 years ago)
why do you not reckomending tips to de ardien :(
TheAdventureBros (6 years ago)

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