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Dreamworks Dragons Wild Skies : New Dragon Typhoomerang!!!

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Sandlos Gamer (2 years ago)
Nightshade (3 years ago)
why is my thunderdrum blue and the ppl and the typhoomarang...
IvEk AmEr (3 years ago)
Link games
Dariah Finau (3 years ago)
what the heck why is yours perfect my characters the villagers the building my dragon nearly everything is blue in my game but urs have colour and mine is slow its not funny i need help plz do u have to play it on an ipad phone tablet tell me im desperate plz
cool Eva cool (4 years ago)
Tunder and typhoomerang 
GAMER WACHER 2002 (4 years ago)
Why is my Typhoomeeang hole blue please anwser.
Qi ro (4 years ago)
@QuickBladeCZ NOOOOOOO D: mine is even worse all of the dragons ppl n buildings are blue T^T
PreVale (4 years ago)
Yep,my Thunderdrum and Typhoomerang are blue,it's a texture glitch,but it cannot be repaired. :/
Leo Prendi (4 years ago)
Aurora Bailey (4 years ago)
Is this game on I pads?
Mip Lopez (4 years ago)
What buton Thith you prese to Do the flaming cirrcilre
kookies krumbles (4 years ago)
What game is it called and tell me if u have to download it plz
minecraft builds (4 years ago)
The link to the game is cartoon network wild skies it came on t.v. long time ago
Elizar935 (4 years ago)
It looks like torch
Ammy Albert (4 years ago)
Guys the name of the game is DreamworkDragonsWildSkies but you must install unity player to play it ♥♥
HAVAS (5 years ago)
I fiond this gam hereis the link http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/dragons/wild-skies/index.html 
LVC xx (5 years ago)
Can you give me the link of that game??
daniella yonan (5 years ago)
Can some one tell me how to get this game I was trying found the games without any problem but there were a problem every time I go to a web site  so please tell me web site that have this game please :(
daniella yonan (5 years ago)
ok thanks
Forcer96 (5 years ago)
Its on the Cartoon Network site.
Spookachtige (5 years ago)
...How come so many people can save the game in this game and yet it doesn't work for quite a few others? I'm actually on somewhat of a quest to find out and fix it...
lOlA MISTAR.LAGER (5 years ago)
ребят агде голас
Mr. Marmok (4 months ago)
Я нез наю
amra osmanovic (5 years ago)
amra osmanovic (5 years ago)
can u see the mouse >..<????
jetjoe24 (5 years ago)
a Typhoomerang is not new!!!
HTTYD2 (5 years ago)
Check out my video of "How to get toothless without unlocking the other dragons":) It works awesome and you don't even have to unlock and gather food for him!! No lags no download!!!!!!
Muhamad Azrizam (5 years ago)
i can't play this game because the loading is too slow
Muhamad Azrizam (5 years ago)
i can't play this game because the loading is too lag
Rainbow Dash (5 years ago)
how did you get the night fury?
No Name (5 years ago)
press 6 or a on your computer in the game for thunder drum
Shameran Benyamin (5 years ago)
this game is only on computer
aj umandap (5 years ago)
i have a typhoomerang and night fury
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
i paused the video derp XD
Its Loading Too Fast I Can
Shaine Gomez (6 years ago)
Why is your loading so fast
archie amagna (6 years ago)
When i was playing that, i thought i would get a nightfury, its a typhoomerang though
Ive played this game before i have to keep playing as a guest
Antidote (6 years ago)
Cool custom bro
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
Sam (6 years ago)
how did urs load so fast? or did u cut the vid?
Sam (6 years ago)
search cartoonnetworkasia on google. u can play it there for free
Airpenguin (6 years ago)
this game wont work for me in cartoon network and i really want to play it, any other ways?
Tran Nguyen Minh Anh (6 years ago)
Oh and if anyone wants a Night Fury, then get the Monstrous Nightmare first, or it won't allow you to go to Badmist Mountain...
Tran Nguyen Minh Anh (6 years ago)
How can everyone's computers load so fast ????? Mine is like an old snail...so every time I go to the wrong place or find a dragon but I don't have the right food, it's like...it take ages to get back and get stuff...
Ranz (6 years ago)
on my computer its blank...
George Nasser (6 years ago)
this not game for download this game in to play this game go to cartoon network and go to dragon riders of berk wild skies
Jack Arbaco (6 years ago)
mine is just deadly nadder but next im gonna capture the scauldraon
Jack Arbaco (6 years ago)
so the food is fish right?
angelo ricco (6 years ago)
angelo ricco (6 years ago)
Allen Payad (6 years ago)
i know how it call typhoonmerang causer its a typhoon
scott t (6 years ago)
Typhoomerangs are amazing I love flying on them :D they are awesome
xShaunx (6 years ago)
i have got the night fury the monstous nightmare the gronckle the thunderdrum and the scauldron
xShaunx (6 years ago)
my fav dragon is probally meatlug because he is so fuuny :)
xShaunx (6 years ago)
how many dragons do u have i have like 5
allen payad (6 years ago)
to play this game just go to cartoonnetwork.co m
xTheLoneWolf123x (6 years ago)
i want it
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
i dont think u need any specific dragon
Diemia (6 years ago)
aww damn i didnt get there, which dragon should i take?
Diemia (6 years ago)
i just got my typhoomerang as my 2nd dragon to get the night fury :D
Marco Stark (6 years ago)
as you do so that you get it all in color to leave me in blue
jaime Lopez 003 (6 years ago)
i tell you whit 1 message ok???
flirtishus (6 years ago)
im dieing to play but i dont know how to get it 2 work
flirtishus (6 years ago)
how do u get the game plzzzzzzz tell meeeeeee
jaime Lopez 003 (6 years ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaa yes i have this game but no whit full screen :-)
jaime Lopez 003 (6 years ago)
i play this game whit cartoon network
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
u dont have to
jaime Lopez 003 (6 years ago)
how to download this game pls
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
dont think so
Sam Stedman (6 years ago)
Is this game in App Store?
WebSignDogLover22 (6 years ago)
no whispering death is boulder class
SOULsamaOfficial (6 years ago)
i really like the desing of the wings
Blue_Lugia (6 years ago)
I wish there was a skrill dragon
Blue_Lugia (6 years ago)
youre lucky, I cant even play any more just because of unity player...
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
why is that?
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
LPSLover949 (6 years ago)
It says in the discription is unflyable do to its cyclone style of flying
ana poposka (6 years ago)
i have all dragons if you don't believe me add me to your friends and see . name :WEIR ALICE WITCH
logan yang (6 years ago)
They Don't come out til next season Change wing is found near the Nadder's lair in Unlandable cove whispering death is in wood's that howled Smoke breath is in lava lout near the monstrous nightmare's lair
logan yang (6 years ago)
The 3 mystery class dragons are Whispering death,Changewing,Smothering Smoke breath. Sooner later they may release the skrill
Raphaela Millecco (6 years ago)
you play with everything blue because if you do not download the game he turns blue
Krain (6 years ago)
mine too
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
i dono i just play on chrome!
Mackie Grey (6 years ago)
How does yours have color? ,when I play this game everything's blue.
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
well try a different browser then!like chrome or safari!
Mahmoud Hesham (6 years ago)
Not a glitch, you need to download unity web player again just google it :) worked for me
Scauldron was my first tamed dragon. Then a Thunder Drum. And then a Night Fury. Typhoomerang will be next!
cobraglatiator (6 years ago)
aaah,the typhomerang...what i like to call what happens when a montrous nightmare and timberjack breed.......
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
instead of presing the button on keyboard(numbers) try doing it the onscreen method!
zelda1722 (6 years ago)
why cant i call my typhoomerang and scauldron? I tamed them both already but I can't call them does any one else have this problem?
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
well all i can tell u is its not ur fault,its probably a glitch with the programing which must hve hapened when they were releasing the new dragons ! :D
Nightfuryluver (6 years ago)
Tifumerang is just a timber jack
Horsequake (6 years ago)
Typhoomerang:Burn Scauldron:Tsunami Night Fury:Starflight Nadder:Glory Zippleback:Green and Greener Nadder:Sorra Nightmare:Blister Thunderdrum:Sonic Boom
Meme Queen (6 years ago)
I did 2nd slowest dragon in the game
PrinnyRulez (6 years ago)
Oh ok
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
press ctrl and itll spin
PrinnyRulez (6 years ago)
How come it dosent spin around?
Seraph (6 years ago)
so much speed n the typhoomerang!!! when i fist started flying it i was all over the place lol
Draaxus (6 years ago)
what does CTRL and SPACE do?
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
hehe i did but have u noticed how slow the scauldron is?!
Dragongirl00100 (6 years ago)
:) try it with the others. Its also fun on the Zippleback.
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
Dragongirl00100 (6 years ago)
Hey guys.there's this awesome trick on the Typhoomerang. Press CTRL and SPACE at the same time.
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
find it and feed it fish

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