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Woman Was Sexually Assaulted in Dentist’s Chair While Under Anesthesia

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A woman who was sexually assaulted while in the dentist's chair is calling it "a devastating experience." In an Inside Edition investigation, Valerie Oliva revealed she was still groggy from anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth pulled when the dental assistant groped her. Video obtained by Inside Edition showed the assault at the dentist's office in California in 2016. "It was a devastating experience, something that no one should have to go through," Oliva said.
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Youtuber_Galaxy (8 hours ago)
I just got mine removed. I don't remember anything from it.
Not_TryHardDah (14 hours ago)
Wait he assaulted women 17 to 63
Younes Mrabet (1 day ago)
Let s be honest. It was horrible thing to do by him. But 15 years is too much. 4 years will teach him a lesson. Prison is correctional area before being punishment. 4 years will make him A good person
Samuel Jensen (1 day ago)
Nobody there to overlook this
She wanted it she hug him back wtf
Taliah Poling (1 day ago)
Wtf I literally went to that place to get my wisdom teeth out that scares me to know what could have happened to me 😧
shaagy shaggy (4 days ago)
He's gonna get raped
Iverson Williams (7 days ago)
Not only girls get sexual assaulted boys get sexual assaulted too also wtf ask for a female chaperone FEMALES CAN RAPE FEMALES to
Lillian Farlow (16 days ago)
Bruh, that guy is DISGUSTING. What the heck in his brain went wrong to say, “hey I am going to do that to woman so they won’t know! What a great idea.” legitimately he better be in jail for a long time and I mean long.
7saany (16 days ago)
0:25 where is this!? looks so nice. nevermind. it's San Diego. Also doe the owner never check the cameras?
Doneja Hicks (16 days ago)
I get antistedic
Mike Perkins (18 days ago)
Desperate guy... They shouldn't have told the victims who don't remember it. No harm, no foul...
Eduardo Gonzalez (18 days ago)
If it was a girl it would have been ok
BASHEER Anthony (19 days ago)
Sick ass people
D.J HYNES (19 days ago)
Absolutely disgusting at 0:19 . Men can also be sexually assaulted and it is extremely wrong for you to say "at any time to any woman"
Hooda Mahamud (18 days ago)
And also just think about we’re living in a male dominated world when woman barely have the rights that men do.
Hooda Mahamud (18 days ago)
Because most of the it’s women get groped sexually harassed. It hilariously stupid for you to think that she adjusted her shirt because she wanted this perverted guy’s attention. Frick you for thinking that idiot.
Abdi Abdullahi (20 days ago)
I always sexually assault my teacher she likes it
Marisa Mercado (21 days ago)
My mom was sexually assaulted when she was 16 at a dentist...
turner pike (21 days ago)
0:20 Sexual assault can happen to men you know. Let's not bring just women into it include men who have been sexually assaulted.
That’s why you don’t go alone, especially if your drugged up
jesus hernandez (22 days ago)
Omg did he think there were no cameras on the dentist my dentist has a billion camers
Natalie Marze (23 days ago)
2:29 “hey can you come to the dentist with me so I don’t get molested” wtf lol
Mela Pelas (23 days ago)
Yeah that's my boi
asapgoat (23 days ago)
It’s so annoying “any woman”
jaycee padilla (24 days ago)
All always be ruining everything
Kyla Ky (25 days ago)
15 years .... come on ....
Christian Rodriguez (26 days ago)
How old were you when you knew Lisa Guerrero was 55 years old?
Nobody O_o (26 days ago)
I was today years old
Bailey Cankrimpen (26 days ago)
Yeah when I had 2 adult teeth removed I had my step dad in the room with me
Pickle Pickle (29 days ago)
"you suffer what you put so many of us through" wait a minute... but they didn't know
Pepperoni Pixel (29 days ago)
I don't like how at the beginning it said that this shouldn't happen to any WOMAN. Yeah, it shouldn't, but men can be sexually assulted too. This shouldn't happen to ANYBODY. I hope it was just a slip of wording and not the result of blind ignorance
TIME TRAVELER (29 days ago)
Roger Acosta (1 month ago)
Damm Ramos can touch all he wants that’s why I take my siblings with me everywhere I go
mew.z (1 month ago)
why do some men do this?
jade isa ruri (1 month ago)
he is rapist
Maliaplaysroblox (1 month ago)
I can relate
alejandra hdz. (1 month ago)
okay but mr ramos finee😂😭💀😍
Auntie M (1 month ago)
Why so many victims? Did this all take place in a week? The Dentist looking at the video at the end of the week. Did the Dentist just not look at the footage till a complaint was made? How was he able to attack so many people.
X_Swelllicense380 _X (1 month ago)
They over here crying to make a scene when they enjoyed it
Cayden (1 month ago)
ikr free checks.
just someone (1 month ago)
Hahaha dumbass
Brandon Playz (1 month ago)
People act like no woman can be a lesbian so it’s impossible for a woman to sexually harass a woman smh
Weeb Ygg (1 month ago)
Hope I can become a dentist 😂
Brandon 27 (1 month ago)
63 eww
Mia Gomez (1 month ago)
So he only got 15 years for sexually assaulting multiple women on security footage no less, and then experts say well it would be a lot safer to have a woman chaperone you in the room like is it the victim's fault?
Hazel Diez (2 months ago)
Death sentence death sentence!!!!!!!! Wtf
strxwberry tae tae (2 months ago)
“Sexual assault can happen at any time to any woman” okay, nobody should be sexually assaulted or assaulting anyone, but i don’t get why people don’t understand that men can get sexually assaulted too. The double standards, I swear— I can guarantee if it was a woman in the dentists place, she’d get much less time or let off the hook. And I’m NOT defending the dentist, what he did to those people was disgusting.
Crazy Rich Chinese (3 months ago)
Well..did she sued him?
Darkist Lunxr (3 months ago)
They say that woman should ask for a woman worker... but what happens if the worker is lesbian?
Peter Pan (3 months ago)
Melanie _thequeenn (3 months ago)
the thing is he touched many women. so he deserves the year’s in jail.
Carson Whitfield (4 months ago)
I would give him 40
Heather duke (4 months ago)
And what if the female chaperone is a lesbian??
The lebanese lad (5 months ago)
Another thing to hate sergio Ramos for.
Cj Leflame (5 months ago)
He even sexually assaulted kids.... wow ☹️disgusting
zeke cook (5 months ago)
he got 15 years because he assaulted multiple women @ people in the comments lol
Rukia Kuchiki (5 months ago)
She wasn't sexually assaulted! She lieing from what I am seeing in the video never mind it was sexual assault
Cassandra Lauziere (5 months ago)
Damn Lisa she do all the sexual assault story’s ❤️❤️❤️
Roman Arana (5 months ago)
Only 15 years he needs more
J rocs (5 months ago)
But...there's always two or three people in the room...so things don't go wrong...
vivianna hinks (5 months ago)
Lol, wats the diff in this world today? A female can do the exact same harm. It's a world where trust is going extinct.
Han Shen (5 months ago)
0:09 who else got excited when they heard her name?
haseeb siddiq (6 months ago)
15years is too much . I can understand how horrible the situation is. But on the other hand he would have been running through sexual problems ending up doing such evil things . These people should be counselled to the right path instead of dumping them in prison for several years. However , what he did was a crime he deserves to be punished . Alteast 5-6 years would have been fair enough. Hes entire career and one portion of life is ruined.
VarinderSidhu ROMANS6 (6 months ago)
My dentist gives the injection in gums .and i was fully awake the whole time. (Iam a guy)
Christina Lynn (6 months ago)
I need to go to the dentist, but I have a fear of this happening to me.
Kakashi YT (6 months ago)
1:20 17? *play we got him meme*
MrSebby13 (6 months ago)
Another foreigner sexually assaults a white women. When will people learn?
wesleykop1992 (6 months ago)
Thats why they should use local anastesia so people so sober and this cant happen
Yaoiismy Childhood (6 months ago)
Inquisaquake (6 months ago)
He could have at least done it in the chair . . .
Mysterious Gamer (6 months ago)
Wait....if she was on that drug, then how could she remember?! 🤔
Betsy Jimenez (2 months ago)
Maybe she wasn't high on the anesthesian level.
Mysterious Gamer (6 months ago)
*touches mouth, See's the news say that he sexually assulted her 🤯
Joseph Roy (6 months ago)
I found by many parts of this video such as 0:18 , 2:29 , 1:33 that y’all really believe your the only victims huh?
Joseph Roy (6 months ago)
As I’m getting mine pulled soon 💀
ii_Kira_ii (7 months ago)
I like that they expose the places lmao
You should always bring someone with you
Harry Is Kind (7 months ago)
Only 15 years??? That’s messed up he sexually assaulted multiple girls, he deserves WAY more time
Ligma balls fagot (7 months ago)
Damn what see said was kinda really deap like that’s the sentence you would here from someone who was a terrorist in 911
Ligma balls fagot (7 months ago)
What’s about men
Angel (7 months ago)
It doesn't just happen to women it also happen to men. But I'm ok with it if a woman groped me. 😏
im so sad (7 months ago)
I had tooth surgery today I didn't get abused😉
Shamya Sqüâd (7 months ago)
MeN cAn GeT sExUalLy AsAultEd aS wElL 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️it just rarely happens
Steve Guzman (2 months ago)
wow and your typeface got assaulted looks like.
Cal the god (7 months ago)
I thought u didn’t remember anything under anesthesia
Kimberly Hernandez (7 months ago)
Omg😱 15yers in prison but if a kid die in a car because the person was drunk they will only get like 11 years I think
afro droid (7 months ago)
Sexual assult can happen at any time to any WOMAN hmm didnt know inside edition was so sexist
trollinghard (8 months ago)
Technically, police made them all suffer by telling them that they were groped even though they had no idea...
Viktor Deniz S. (8 months ago)
He didn’t get sentenced to 15-years for just touching a breast. He sexually assaulted multiple women while they were lacking consciousness. I would give 3-15-years.
Fire (8 months ago)
Damn I'm getting hard listening to this
dogs & me (8 months ago)
17 to 63 age women's damn
xxxiii xxxiii (8 months ago)
Sommy Bunny (8 months ago)
WTF IS HAPPENING TO US RN. THIS IS AMERICA!?! AW HECK NAW! I’m flying to Asia. Flip this country rn
annonymus annonymus (8 months ago)
What a sick twisted man. How can anyone be so disgusting?
Bhhhb Tgvbb (8 months ago)
Ashlyn x (8 months ago)
“Sexual assault can happen any time to any woman” or man don’t be sexist. Lots of people think only woman get sexually assaulted but men do to. Just think about it
Sno Man (8 months ago)
So that's why my ass hole was hurting more than my mouth after I visited the dentist 🤔
Give me the tea (9 months ago)
Anesthesia can make you really stupid so I don't blame anyone they have no clue what happened after
KhanhVy Nguyen (9 months ago)
That why I trust those kid dentist ones, even though im not a kid the weird feeling of going into a kid dentist area
Victoria Brooke (9 months ago)
Disgusting. You can see him touching her butt
Julia Gonzales (9 months ago)
Wat kind of dentist is that mine always is cute and disney themed
Kuzo Toothpaste (9 months ago)
He’s groping 60 year olds too?
Dasani (9 months ago)
My god 15 years?? Terrible what happened but Jesus Christ that’s a long time. I’ve never heard of groping charges lead to that long. I guess because it was multiple victims.
Makayla Awesome (9 months ago)
What do women can not rape or group other women? WTF

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