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Sleeping Bride (2000) Eng Sub

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Sleeping Bride "Wake up! I'm a Prince!", "Sleeping Bride" or "Glass Brain", is teenage love-story of a girl who sleeps for 17 years. It is a story of a young girl who ever since her birth, has never been a wake. Seven years after birth, a little boy called Yuuchi encounters the girl while he's exploring the hospital he's in. After a nurse remarking to him that the girl, Yumi, is a 'sleeping beauty', Yuuchi believes that just like in the story, if Yumi is kissed by a prince, she'll wake up. So, everyday he goes to Yumi's room and remarks: "Please wake up! I'm a prince!" This becomes routine for him. Then, after ten years, he goes back, says the words and... Yumi wakes up! Sleeping Bride (ガラスの脳 Garasu no Nō, "Glass Brain") is a Japanese 2000 tragic-romance film directed by Hideo Nakata, based on a comic by Osamu Tezuka. It is probably best known to Western audiences for its inclusion in a Tartan Asia Extreme DVD release of the Ring trilogy, which included it as a fourth Nakata feature unrelated to the Ringseries. It was released on January 29, 2000.
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Text Comments (756)
ADAM Othman (16 hours ago)
Good movie..... Huaaa I cry at the end 😭
jeanie Oica (1 day ago)
Nakakaiyak...😢😭😭Sayang sana nagkasama pa sila ng matagal, Magkaroon ng pamilya.5 days is not enough!
Why are they always making me cry soo hard... 💔
saining cantik (1 day ago)
is there any such love in this world...! Yumi only have 5 days live,she woke up after 17 years sleeping ,learn to crawl, walk, talk in 1 day ,get married to Yuichi in 5th day then back to sleep on that night...Yuichi stay by her side till their hair turned grey,maybe that's call true love...Thanks for the English sub
aira hurune (2 days ago)
40:15 who else also got scared like him... 😅😱😱*Totally freaked out.*
Leah ann Guillermo (3 days ago)
Does song seung heon read this??i hope he does..i always wanted to see this man..love this man.
Natalia Esquivel (4 days ago)
Bruh. I'm having so many mixed feelings right now after watching this movie. I mean the story was good and I guess you could say that ending was also nice in its own way, but I feel like there's something missing, and I'm kind of regretting watching this. idk..I can see it was a nice story but I just didn't really like it as much as other ones.
Awal Khan (5 days ago)
Love is a feeling that happen unknowingly we can't scatch it from any one.
Awal Khan (5 days ago)
Love is a feeling that happen unknowingly we can't scatch it from any one.
Nessa S. (7 days ago)
Crying so hard 😭😭
Shahridan Aziz (8 days ago)
38:32 whole minutes of that boy kissing that girl 😂😅
yuki love (8 days ago)
Liza Lin (10 days ago)
Before I watching I read the comments first.!!!
BTSS Dream (10 days ago)
I watched a movie that was sad it the end I cried a lot and here I am crying again what a waste of tears 😂😂😂😂
Julita Abutin (8 days ago)
Hello kumusta for you my sweet friend thanks I’ll pray for you and Worship day there love..
Nidia Project (10 days ago)
dada gain (11 days ago)
Look like Cathryn Bernardo..
ANON San (12 days ago)
28:12 woah the girl look like Kisses De lavin (for pinoys out there)
ANON San (12 days ago)
Awal Khan (5 days ago)
Same l am 15 but haven't get my first kiss.
Jihan Farikha (14 days ago)
Help meee! I'm crying :"((((
Eva Beronio (15 days ago)
Thank u for uploading. My heartaches. Keep it up guys. Its a great movie
Axell Dhirganthara (17 days ago)
Ceburin az ke kali. Klo pngnten ny gk bngun2. ksian dh lo mw ngntot jd gk bsa.
Axell Dhirganthara (17 days ago)
Film gembel..Pngantennya gk doyan ngewe. Mabok obat tdr gk bngun2.
Chapo Tangjang (17 days ago)
One of the loveliest movie I hav seen 😭😭😭😭😭
Chapo Tangjang (17 days ago)
One of the loveliest movie I hav seen 😭😭😭😭😭
krishna Baby (17 days ago)
Hmmmmmm 😕 Base on others comments I think I need to prepare tissues and my soft heart before anything else 😊😉
cesaŕe singco (19 days ago)
touching movie!😢👏
Michael Escalada (20 days ago)
How suffering sad to yuichi
Moufida Attia (22 days ago)
its really the true love but its imagine film very very imagine there are not this love in our life and there are not a sleeping bride
Beautiful movie. Full of love.
cdo71 RAM (23 days ago)
It does'nt matter how long or how short our time in this world...fact is we are all a mere passer by...we should live to the fullest with no regrets...life is too short and yet life is beautiful❤💕❣😀😁😃
Dehbeejah Robinson (24 days ago)
Wow, this is amazing
Gahum Ma.luisa (24 days ago)
So sad she die but it's a happy ending bcoz both them got married.thank you watching 2019
shihabudeen mohyadeen (7 days ago)
Priti Swain (25 days ago)
I really cried. This is true love but i really feel sad about yuichi.
Midhat Ayesha (25 days ago)
This is called true love....he loved her till the end without expecting the love in return ...LOVE is the name to give ....
Sari Tanjung (16 days ago)
True, unconditional love
nella kharisma offical (26 days ago)
Nella lovers mna suaranya.. Like ya
jyotsana singh (27 days ago)
19th June 2019.....movie was fine but i find my little bride better and more entertaining....any other suggestion of Korean/ japanese movie to watch??. I have watched my little bride, suddenly seventeen, 100 days with arrogant and this one
Onionsan (27 days ago)
You could try a film called Matsuko on this channel. It's Japanese but it's excellent.
dvAntz _ (29 days ago)
Watching you again in 17 juni 2019 Yumi & Yuichi, who’s never give up forme his love ❤️ but it’s make me cry so sad 😭😭
shellamae rosales (29 days ago)
its sad story
Mc Gam (29 days ago)
*She sleep until they got old and then never woke up ever again.* *Unconditional indeed* 💞💞💞💞
Mary Rosa Rosa (29 days ago)
Humaira Huda (1 month ago)
What did the doctor do to her?
dexter (1 month ago)
2019 haha
Rosie Pm (1 month ago)
Okhay, im not watching it😢😂
Iram Khan (1 month ago)
This movi touch my heart
Maricel Alingod (1 month ago)
Stay awake agatha
Radha Chatterjee (1 month ago)
29 mins in now lost patience
Cherie Ann Samong (1 month ago)
Thank you Yuichi and Yumi for giving me hope.. 😭😭😭😭
Cherie Ann Samong (1 month ago)
Thank you 😭😭😭
did Dr. hikawa raped yumi?
Tiffany Kim Carcosia (1 month ago)
A pure love 😘 her life (awake) was so short but its worthwhile. Everything is worth it coz she met her prince that loves her so much. Yuichi is a real prince and loved Yumi dearly. I guess their love might continue in heaven. 😘 love from philippines 2019
this was almost 20 years ago dafuq
Zuni Exo L (1 month ago)
I love this movie.......
공시생Study mian (1 month ago)
จำได้เลย ฉายช่อง 7 นางเอกชู 5 นิ้วยุนั้นแหละ มารู้ที่หลัง 5 นิ้วหมายถึงเขาให้นางฟื้นมา 5 วัน
Nagaratna Jinagi (1 month ago)
Cute story.. Painful ending..
SanchezAndrea (1 month ago)
f whoever made this,, i cried so muuuuuch. llke a lot...no but seriously.... A LOT.
bhuvana mani (1 month ago)
sis'ca Mo (1 month ago)
Don Ranski (1 month ago)
6/7/19  WOW. Terrific movie. A lesson in PURE love. What I've learned to love about these movies is that you can never predict how they'll turn out. I've also gotten an appreciation for Asian culture.
Emerlads (1 month ago)
This movie is out of this world. Unbelievable. 💘💘😭😭😭
ashmey yuki (1 month ago)
Oh gosh!what did i just watch??i cant stop crying....what can i say...im just crying for real!..
Quyen Nguyen (1 month ago)
Can anyone please tell me the title of a sad-ending Japanese movie in which a taxi driver falls in love with a girl who had paraplegia after an accident?
yee yee girl (1 month ago)
I'm searching for it too
Ekta Shah (1 month ago)
Beautiful simple elegant graceful heart touching love story🤗🤗
Blue High (1 month ago)
What a kiss
sookie stockhouse (1 month ago)
wake up, im the prince. 😘, aawww, what a great movie, true love do exist.💓
serlita anggraini (1 month ago)
39:27 it's a bit horror in the window
pink macroon (1 month ago)
This movie gave me goosebumps in end and I cried alot😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧💙💙
Lei Navine (1 month ago)
She got the best 5 days of her life😭😭😭😭💕
pink macroon (1 month ago)
Kate Wendel (1 month ago)
who tf is cutting the onions
Random Jaye ಠ_ಠ (1 month ago)
Noelle anne Salay (1 month ago)
Yumi she look like twice jihyo when she slept
Super Wow (1 month ago)
I found this gem today. I can’t believe what I was missing out on, and for so long too. This movie is my new obsession 💞
Pynhun Lamin (1 month ago)
I like dis movie..
Jolly Anne Perez (1 month ago)
Yumi is so beautiful. The ending was very sad but proved that love is so pure and true with those people who can love like they did.
레나 (1 month ago)
This movie is really worth to watch, besides the story that the movie showed is really beautiful and meaningful it showed that "true love really last forever". I just found myself realizing the true and deeper meaning of love. Thanks for this movie, it was really worth to watch.
law you (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful story... yuichi ❤😘 yumi.. I admit that I was weeping while I watching this movie. 😢😢😢
Drevian Spade (1 month ago)
Sino mga pilipino dito? Yung isang babae parang kamukha ni kisses
Elaine Macutay (1 month ago)
True yung nagkakagusto kay yuichi
Shahila Islam (1 month ago)
Can't like it....its very cruel....
sarah Gurung (1 month ago)
The best 1😢😢😢😢
Jolets Labbs (1 month ago)
Grabe napakaganda ng movie na to, hango siya sa isang comic kaya bawat eksena maikli pero sulit. Nakakaiyak grabe, sobrang mahal na mahal niya ang babae wala na atang ganun ngayon. Dapat may faith ka lang sa lahat ng bagay at patuloy lang ang buhay 🙂 (Tragic-Romance Love Story) May 18 2019 Saturday 5:28am
Arji Morales (1 month ago)
Karamihan ng korean drama ilove itt
Ali dGreat (1 month ago)
Japanese po eto...
Arji Morales (1 month ago)
Super touch ako doon 5days lng ang gising nya tapos 17 years syang tulog
Arji Morales (1 month ago)
Hahaha ang kulit
enial atsenaidem (2 months ago)
Waahhhh huhuhuhu yukiiiiiii!😭😭😭😭
RBR fan (2 months ago)
I can't say about the quality of the movie itself, but the soundtrack in this movie is really good and has been always my favorite. Hitotsubu no namida, Door, Kenji Kawai's works...
Cheryl Soliven (2 months ago)
Kudos to the Director, casts and the production team of this movie. It is truly a heartwarming and do believe in love..cheers
Foxy 2017 (2 months ago)
Pratit Priadarshini (2 months ago)
ahhhhhh how boring
Pratit Priadarshini (2 months ago)
but amazing
shahroz mubashar (2 months ago)
Magar mach ke ansoo😥😥😥😥😥😥😠
noodlemie mls (2 months ago)
Can I have someone like Yuichi for me? That would be awesome and perfect. Unconditional love til the end no matter what. ❤
If you believe in God Miracle happen
qurrat starlight (2 months ago)
destiny love (2 months ago)
Who chopping onions ????
Itkhomiat Yongkuk (2 months ago)
I love this movie 😀😀😀😘
kay shell (2 months ago)
Why do have this luck of watching emotional movies
u w u (2 months ago)
stay awake agatha
jessica gomez (1 month ago)
She only alive and feel humanity for five days,, and all her years is lying down sleeping is literally considered dead... I really hope it never happened in real life... Because the one who hurt and suffer the most is the people they left behind...
m yama (2 months ago)
Juliet Is Crying (2 months ago)
Aakkhh what a wonderful story..
YouTuber and wattpadian (2 months ago)
I was crying when Yumi falls asleep and until the end but there story was beautiful it madee cry 😭😭😢😢
YouTuber and wattpadian (2 months ago)
@UC6Y8fxUnc_SIoFbSF7JIUcQ well sorry I didn't mean it😟
Juvhe Quisido (2 months ago)
True love😍😍

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