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Learn English: Daily Easy English Expression 0201: trip VS travel VS journey

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JOIN my Daily Dictation Members ONLINE CLASS! http://dailydictation.blogspot.kr/ Today's E-cubed: trip VS travel VS journey Do you like to travel? Not really. I prefer short trips. So, you've never been overseas? Never. I haven't even seen the ocean! This is a video for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. This video explains a common expression in American English. It also explains typical American pronunciation.
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Text Comments (17)
Iosif Sarmat (2 years ago)
A journey to Russia can be tricky now))))) They can accuse you of treason))))))) Stupid times... Welcome to Russia, coach!
Argenis Aguilar (2 years ago)
Thanks so much
Could you make a video to explain the difference between "purpose", "aim", "goal", "objective" and "target"? 
Daily English (4 years ago)
@Михаил Калита I'll put it on my list, which I do with all my students' requests! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my other video lessons! :-] 
jdtrozsnyai (5 years ago)
And what about voyage?
Daily English (5 years ago)
@jdtrozsnyai Simply put-- it's on a ship and lasts a long time! :-D 
Daily English (5 years ago)
You'll have to watch all my videos to find out!!
우굴 (6 years ago)
But you might visit the 5 Great Lake in Wisconsin ^^ which is American Midterian(?) Sea I think.
Hesham Hassan (6 years ago)
U forgot Voyage Shane
raamaale5 (6 years ago)
thank you so much shane
yoga at home (6 years ago)
It's very helpful . Thank you , CoachShane. My Vietnam country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean , so we see it often. I sometimes take a short trip to Mui Ne , one of the most beautiful beaches in VN to relieve stress .I wish I had a lot of money , so I could travel around the world because I like to travel
g2hector (6 years ago)
I was born and raised in Cuba, It's a beautiful island and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. So a trip to the beach is very common.
Marcin M. (6 years ago)
Hi. Trip, travel, journey seems easy but what about trek and excursion ? And one more question, you said "travel by foot", is "travel on foot" correct too ?
Raul Guerra (6 years ago)
"A woman has never set foot on the moon
Vadim Makhmutov (6 years ago)
Hi, Shane! Can you continue the saying on your T-shirt? :) Thank you for the interesting video! Also thanks a lot for your youtube channels! They are really helpful!
gil barros (6 years ago)
Hey Shane A woman has never.... What????? That question is going to kill me.
pureching (6 years ago)
Thank you! It's helpful.

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