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Cirone Swim Lingerie Fashion Show SS 2019 Art Hearts Fashion Miami Swim Week 2018

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Yaers Fashion TV https://www.yaers.com Miami Swim Week Fashion Shows https://www.yaers.com/miami-swim-week/ Cirone Swim Lingerie Fashion Show 2018 Art Hearts Fashion Miami Swim Week 2018 HD 1080P Video provided directly to Yaers Fashion TV by Art Hearts Fashion Music by Ehrling https://open.spotify.com/artist/5wo7dlNLNdFmaaU7NTtdoT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXVou-i0Qm-L1DYVQE9BEw/featured https://soundcloud.com/ehrling Music attribution license directly from Ehrling Music Watch Miami Swim Week 2018 fashion shows on the Yaers Fashion TV channel from brands and designers such as Monica Hansen, Bikini.com, Baes & Bikinis, Monday Swimwear, Aguaclara, Mikoh, iShine365, Style Saves x Eberjey, Agua Bendita, Aerie, Stone Fox Swim, Acacia, Luli Fama, Sinesia Karol, Gigi C, KAOHS, Montce, Fashion Palette x Australian Designers, PITUSA, Maaji, KOA-KYA, HALE BOB, JUST BONES BOARDWEAR, CANDICE CUOCO, MAGALII ARAVENA COLLECTION, VICHI SWIM, LYBETHRAS, TRIVERA BY TAMMY RIVERA, GYV ME BODY, LUXE ISLE, SURF GYPSY, SAUVAGE SWIMWEAR, HONEY BEE SWIM, OMG MIAMI SWIMWEAR, ARGYLE GRANT, STELLO, GOTTEX, ROSE PAULINO, K8 SWIM, FERNANDO ALBERTO ATELIER ,CAROLINE CONSTAS, ORLEBAR BROWN, VILEBREQUIN, MARYSIA, ONIA, TRINA TURK & MR. TURK , ALAIA EVE, PIKAI SWIMWEAR, LILA NIKOLE, WILLFREDO GERARDO, CIRONE SWIM, CARMEN STEFFENS, BLACK TAPE PROJECT, CZARINA, MISTER TRIPLE X
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Text Comments (726)
Altaf khan (9 hours ago)
I love modeling peoples saying you are perfect for modeling but I have no idea how to join modeling
Nathani Nano Naraindas (2 hours ago)
Porno movie is the most popular
Nathani Nano Naraindas (2 hours ago)
Blue movie
中須賀明夫 (11 hours ago)
The Kripthol (13 hours ago)
2:19 se le ve un pezón es el diseño o como...?
Silvia Mara Rodrigues (13 hours ago)
Desfile lindo só mulheres belas parabéns evento maravilhoso.
Pandy Prasdiawan (13 hours ago)
Marhaba Nasir (17 hours ago)
Last walk was no . 1
Kenny Chung (18 hours ago)
Hmmmm beautiful swimsuit. Too bad can't deep to the water, just good for a show room party.
Jim Skenadore (18 hours ago)
Hope they don't swim near me!! I'll never be able to get out of the water😍😋
Steven Bates (22 hours ago)
Jimy-ko Palencia Lazo (23 hours ago)
Las verdaderas princesas cada una un real encanto!!! Felicitaciones
Miguel Cuco (1 day ago)
Padarte.chimboteé Qegrandelotienes
Hisnu Hisnu (1 day ago)
Even if the music porn does not make porn any way. Cool again for entertainment, i"m going to the garden people.
Daniele Mulazzi (1 day ago)
Mado! !!...quanta gnocca! !!...sin diventato cieco !!!..
hamed sadek (1 day ago)
Waaaw secy good
Ömer Eryılmaz (1 day ago)
Çok güzel sexsy
F James (1 day ago)
Too bad...
F James (1 day ago)
Too f..ng short
F James (1 day ago)
Bunch of morbosos, put...madre
F James (1 day ago)
Madre mia..k cantidad de enfermitos y morbosos..pm
Mhd Nazri (1 day ago)
Dmana ada d. Jual baju kayak gt aq mau lah beli ny 1
xavier porras (1 day ago)
Stupid ...you people need to grow up.....nutter
البرنس.** : (1 day ago)
والله نسوان مال نيج وكتل شلون رشاقة
Quisicimas todas esas bellas hembras😍😍😍😍
ADIDARMS videos (2 days ago)
i need their name please
Alex Savelev (2 days ago)
Adnan Ahmad (2 days ago)
Bhut zyada kapda phena hua h
jbcouncil (3 days ago)
Imran Shaukat (3 days ago)
Nice body sexy love me
張大加 (4 days ago)
Nelson Lioni (4 days ago)
Desfile nota dez.
abdul salam (9 days ago)
Very sexy
德州庭长 (9 days ago)
U K (30 days ago)
ı like angel babe.
james stafford (1 month ago)
1:01 just perfect
John Mendoza (1 month ago)
What's the name of the girl at :44?
Benny Ng (1 month ago)
Mentula Magna (1 month ago)
This Swimsuit MUST Be obligatory by law for all the Hot Girls
fastiwiz B (1 month ago)
Superbes !!!!! Beauty !!!!
Yola Montalvan (2 months ago)
Please, we don’t want to see walking skeletons like @0:57
Váradi József (2 months ago)
1:25 and 2:00.
Gran Sultán Suleiman (2 months ago)
2:25 very sexy and hot
Yan Xia (3 months ago)
ELSITA CORRALES (3 months ago)
2:25 woou que sexy 💜💙💞💍💌💑💑
FLam BOYant (3 months ago)
cihan yurt (3 months ago)
thank you god thank you
Não mostraram a preferência nacional;;!🙂
Dom Molyare (3 months ago)
My favourite at 1:55 <3 I need to buy it and wear it :D
jon ford (3 months ago)
hot beaches
jadi selir selirnya sultana ayana jihye moon ya
Vineet Rastogi (4 months ago)
Magick Princess Karen (4 months ago)
2:21 is @Olia.art on instagram😍🔥🔥🔥
BHARDWAJ MOHIT (4 months ago)
Looking full hot
Chiavaccio (4 months ago)
Patrick Wentzell (4 months ago)
I've seen beautiful girls walk the same outside of these videos and I wonder to myself is there gliding in New York?
Olly Wang (4 months ago)
What happened with models why they have so stupid face ?
Colonel JCD (4 months ago)
M Family (4 months ago)
One thing that these girls and I share together is that we are both excited for Avengers: Endgame.
Saiyan Vegeta (4 months ago)
Robercelis (4 months ago)
só gostosa bucetuda
Lucinaldo França (4 months ago)
0:00 2:54
Saliou Thioune (4 months ago)
Non cest pa pasible
Giovanni Duka (4 months ago)
What exactly is the purpose of this type shows....
Jennifer White (5 months ago)
w23857980 (5 months ago)
Do women walk with their legs cross everyday?
Sekou Jahmala (5 months ago)
2:20 so beautifull cat
TheLU83 (5 months ago)
0:43 who is that??? 😍😍
Serhat Tosunoglu (5 months ago)
the 1 st one's name please!!!!!! she is amazing!!!! please help me to find her name. thank you. ;)
Viko Vik (1 month ago)
So Cute girls
Шикарные тёлки 👍
pekstor (5 months ago)
To tentando parar de descascar uma caramba!!😛😛😛😛
LingerieWe (5 months ago)
Oh My God....She has super bikini
Lynn Zick (6 months ago)
11 million views of this!? The black 80’s style thong w/the underboob top was the only hot style.
xavier cabezas (6 months ago)
Modelos cuerpos sexys
Y a esto a llegado la sociedad que a esto le llaman desfile
vfrvfr (6 months ago)
si no hay culos...dislike
Naseem Shaikh (6 months ago)
Ford Ford (6 months ago)
محمد الشخيبي (6 months ago)
Raul Pulido (6 months ago)
💝 Yesss very nice show 💝 Gracias
ag443able (6 months ago)
1:10 who is she???
戴力 (6 months ago)
유요진 (6 months ago)
Мое мировоззрение!!! Не все согласны, я это знаю! Все эти девицы весьма - весьма прекрасные, однако когда они таком виде я вижу лишь уродцев!
Afro470 (6 months ago)
1:00 - wow!
Taso USA 67 (6 months ago)
Ang Dra (6 months ago)
Wih mantul
Karkantas Kantaris (6 months ago)
ti malamatakia ine afta...
Ricardo Mendoza (6 months ago)
And that's good I going to see a little more
Edson Oliveira (6 months ago)
Wonderful girls , love too much their sexy 😍bodysuits😍 (love dress too) and bikinis.
Mimon Barakacka (6 months ago)
this poor audience...man will never get them ,woman will never be like them...hahaha
Jay Adams (7 months ago)
a little overdressed for my liking......
Tuấn Dương (7 months ago)
0:06 who model first??
Yhazarus Draven (7 months ago)
Anyone can tell me the name of model of 2:21? very important its for anatomical research for MIT
Павел Сонин (7 months ago)
Как имя модели на 2:26?
NOKTURNL69 (7 months ago)
2:23 Now that's my kind of body, DAMN
Horst Asbert (7 months ago)
Uhh fat models 😏😒
steve angel (7 months ago)
3.5k gays,feminists and sjw's were here

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