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A Man Noticed That His Dog Watched Him Sleep Each Night Then He Realized The Heartbreaking Truth

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Text Comments (12486)
Tessy D. (1 hour ago)
animals have emotions deuuuuuuuuh any animal insect or anyother living thing
ama1110953 (9 hours ago)
My dog is doing the same thing so what can i do to show her that i wont make the same mistake as her previous owner did to her 😞
Mark G. (11 hours ago)
marshall schulz (12 hours ago)
If you like dogs click here 👎
I had tears in my eyes a dog lost trust on an whole human what an shameful thing
s2kBscreamin (21 hours ago)
Wouldn’t happen if you would just cuddle with your doggo! 🙄 and if your doggo still stares while all up in your face, okay that’s just creepy... 😂
Sent Witch (22 hours ago)
This is called dogs love...
ShuffleB Dement (1 day ago)
Your telling me, a man picked up a sleeping dog, put him in a car, drove to a shelter, and the dog never woke up till he was locked in a jail cell. That dogs' a sound sleeper. Isn't that like the whole being a dog thing is about, being the first to wake in an emergency, fire, burglary, ect. and waking others. I'm over thinking this alil.
Craig Beattie (1 day ago)
God...…. typical American - rants on before getting to the point.
Tom Houston (1 day ago)
That is heart breaking, But no way you picked up a sleeping dog drive to shelter and get dog into shelter without waking the dog up.?
Theresa Niau (1 day ago)
May be da dog saint something in da room or he was scared sleeping by his self
smoking7Ace (1 day ago)
Wtf, is it k9 or a golden retriever ? What kind of idiots are you to not notice this fault before loading the video? Have you not watched even for once? Or how the hell did the guy who talks did not notice wtf he is talking. It’s so annoying that he changes from golden to k9 in almost each sentence. Is it social test to determine how easyly people can get annoyed?
karen campanaro (1 day ago)
I thought the dog was going to become violent and attack them in their sleep, but the truth made me ugly cry. 😩
Akhi Yahudah (1 day ago)
As interesting and heart warming and a bit sad this story is, That's just what it is ...a story... a made up story. No dog on this earth will ever sleep so deeply that the owner or anyone can pick the dog up, put it in a vehicle, travel to the shelter, take it out of the car, register to have it put into the shelter, take it to a location within the shelter and the dog does not wake up until the next morning from all that moment? People are simply sick in their heads about dogs, they really do think dogs are humans. Guess what? They are NOT! For some of you, if you see a baby drowning and a dog drowning guess which one gets saved first...the dog gets saved first! Such stupid asses sometimes! There is one way to be sure the dog stays asleep through all that moving around...give it drugs to make it sleep! Which is a form of animals abuse if the drug was not prescribed. This story about the dog is a lie!!
Tania Bernal (1 day ago)
My heart broke
LAMBKILLER (2 days ago)
The Chinese dog owner shared his experiences online, but we have no photos or video of the actual dog or owner. Instead we have random photos of non-Chinese people , mostly with dogs that are not golden retrievers. How are we supposed to trust that the story being told in the video isn't made up? Or is this just a low effort video about a story somebody heard was true?
Asmit Saha (2 days ago)
Mummy I want a doggy
Sa Labs (2 days ago)
I'm getting me another DOG!! Maybe a Cane Corso
Sa Labs (2 days ago)
Ken Hertter (2 days ago)
Ummmm so the original owner waited for the dog to go to sleep, picked the dog up, put it in the car, drove to the shelter, picked the dog up AGAIN, carried it into the shelter and left the dog there to not wake up until the NEXT day? I call BS. Sorry. Unless of course the original owner drugged the dog. But that wasn’t mentioned.
Carl Wilson (2 days ago)
I felt their pain...
Garrett Garner (2 days ago)
The dude who abandoned his dog is lucky John Wick isn’t real.
Carla Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I’m having earthquake and it’s 9.1
Puppy Lovers114 (2 days ago)
This breaks my heart, as dogs being my favorite animal, hearing this is so heartbreaking to hear, poor dog, if I were a dog, I would be nervous too
Jasmine Jimenez (2 days ago)
Story maker?
David Piercy (2 days ago)
Poor dog....so intelligent and can be loving!
Goti's life (2 days ago)
Some videos like this one changes perspective of life itself. I'm glad Almighty has given me a heart that belongs to these beautiful creatures of God..
Jonathan Trice (2 days ago)
Bulllll shit lies
Felipe Fabricio (2 days ago)
If it was a cat, you better lock your door or kill him first, just saying.
Madhudeep Bharadwaj (2 days ago)
Dogs are more trustworthy than god.
Brittany Rendell (2 days ago)
I don't know any dog that sleeps through their owners going to the bathroom so transporting this dog while sleep seem extremely impossible
New User (2 days ago)
So, no ghost?🙅‍♂️👻🙅‍♂️
clyde shelton (2 days ago)
Danget man. I was thinking it was sizing up its prey or something!
NONE (2 days ago)
I am sorry but I can not buy that a dog can be moved without waking up. Don't buy it for a minute. However, dogs do have emotions and they do understand everything you tell them. Pets with separation anxiety can work it out by speaking to them and telling them that you are leave but will be right back. It works because I have done it.
Moonlight t (2 days ago)
I was thinking that there was some ghost or something wrong with the owner but I guess I’m wrong
ADMIN (2 days ago)
Dont scroll down it wont help😢
Joe & Danielle Nebres (2 days ago)
Whoever this man is, he has a great keiroppi sticker on his door🐸
Plazyen (2 days ago)
T H E R E W A S A D E M O N C O N F I R M E D 1 0 0 %
I’m Tibzu (2 days ago)
Just let the dog in ur room...
Flurgzdadurgz (2 days ago)
Who else thought this video was going to be scary? Only me? Ok....
A. H. (2 days ago)
In Islam Dog is Half Human & Half iblis-shaitan. When God want to Create Human, god made a Statue of earth soil and after that all angels comes to visit Human statue & praise it & kiss it every time. When iblis- Shaitan came to visit it he gets angry as, he did not like the human statue & he spit on it. Then God order Gabrial to remove some statue soil mixed with iblis saliva & later god order to create the DOG from that portion. So Dog is Half Human & Half Evil. Thats why in Islam Dog & his Saliva counts Unholy & sinful.
Layla Zozo (2 days ago)
One time my dog baby die and the dog mom keep hugging the baby dog which is dead and the dog mom keep crying
Charles Taylor (2 days ago)
the guy has a beautiful heart an the dogs sadness should be gone by now
davey Konijnenberg (2 days ago)
Dogs feel more then happy angry fear what a idiots the probably never even had a dog
MZ J (2 days ago)
Why you dumped a dog.? Not hard to take care of them
arica zehe (2 days ago)
Ok ok im crying you win ' sad story poor dog. Bad ex owner bad.
SAVAXGEY (2 days ago)
Mireya Lopez (2 days ago)
So sad😢
EPIC DOG :D (2 days ago)
What a creep dog...
Emilio Barboza (2 days ago)
Why don't they just close the door?🤦🏽‍♂️Who sleeps with the door open anyway😂
True Avocado (2 days ago)
Emilio Barboza i do (;
If you meed science as proof for dogs having emotions you are dumb af!
Pudding Cake (2 days ago)
All they had to do was open the gate
Clarissa Elisa (2 days ago)
Aww he deserves a birthday party with all his favorites snacks and treats 🎂🍦🍪🍧🍰
Mysterious Man (2 days ago)
The dog is like sup dawg you have any treat?
Jayla Johnson (2 days ago)
I feel bad for the poor golden retriever...put a like on this for me to know that you feel bad and flip the people off that put a dislike to this video because...if you guys put a dislike on this video then you’d have no heart
Everyday Massacre (2 days ago)
I ain’t no bitch but that shit hurted no cap
Karis Calder (2 days ago)
What is with all the random pictures
Julia Baida (2 days ago)
I could cry
Ak (3 days ago)
Lovely dog
killa buds (3 days ago)
I really hate these kind of videos that start by saying the title of the video and take 5 fucking hours to say the damn reason
alexander 'd great (3 days ago)
😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢. I once had a cat and love so much who died lying beside me. As of now idont want a pet anymore coz it really hurts when something bad happens to them.
JIM DAVENPORT (3 days ago)
Sara Lee (3 days ago)
Bedtime story you just put me to sleep.
Morgan MacKinney (3 days ago)
This makes me want to go squeeze my dog so hard
Belle Calantican (3 days ago)
Because the dog is.....human but he/she look like a dog
Carrie Winston (3 days ago)
That is so sad 😭
Blue_ Gamer 1000 (3 days ago)
Hello people scrolling through the comments while video is playing
hannah carreon (3 days ago)
Oh wow this makes me so sad😭😭😭especially bc I have 4 dogs can’t believe he did that to make sure he didn’t get abandoned again bruh that breaks my actual heart
Jason Chaos (3 days ago)
When i saw the title I thought the dog had like a disease or something like that thank God I was wrong
gt4uk2000 (3 days ago)
Death Trap (3 days ago)
My nana got a chocolate lab and the dog was used to be pregnant constantly. They turned her in and my nana got the dog and yhat night she watched a show about vets and animals there was puppy chocolate labs on it. And the dog started to cry real tears.
Emanuell Hofilena (3 days ago)
Just story no evidence
Dessie Donut (3 days ago)
Poor baby (Tʖ̯T)
Bronson Amoroa (3 days ago)
That dog has lived my life.
Harley Quinn (3 days ago)
Poor dog😟
Kaylieghw5 Gachalover (3 days ago)
Who else thought the dog was flying?
ŁîfëÔf Łįâm (3 days ago)
Was it a pooch or a canina
Bryan Pratt (3 days ago)
I don't care if you like this comment. But I will say that that dog is one sound sleeper to be able to sleep through being dropped off at the pound. Whether that is true or not, be true to your dog. Please be good to your animals and kids. Don't abandon them ok?
happy happy heart (3 days ago)
happy happy heart (3 days ago)
raccoon&foxlover (3 days ago)
Howard Johnson (3 days ago)
Wow. Dogs are definitely more human than we thought. So many human character traits.
Wonder Woman (3 days ago)
❤❤❤❤❤😭 poor baby!!
Logical Man (3 days ago)
Fake story. None of my four dogs are ever that deep of a sleeper that I touch it and it doesn’t wake up. Touching story but a fake one.
Antonio Angelini (3 days ago)
It's so heartbreaking to hear, that the dog was so scared to loose another owner. So happy the guy stopped the fence and let the guy come sleep with him, sending this dog my love!
Cameron Bevill (3 days ago)
Poor pupper
Ana Mateo (3 days ago)
This is such a sad story, what a coward of a man who abandoned a dog while he sleeps.
Kingsley Jackson (3 days ago)
I’m a dog and I don’t trust human
Talking Deaf (3 days ago)
Oh ffs stfu learn to stop dragging on (it really starts at 3:18 )
Dan&Che&Sha bumaac (3 days ago)
s f (3 days ago)
who came to check comment for anything like ghost maybe😆
okay guigui (3 days ago)
who else cried 😭😭
Caaliyah GachaTube (3 days ago)
We left for a week for vacation when we came back she watched to make sure we would leave
Sergbles (3 days ago)
Awwww this is so sad but cute
Lex Groot (3 days ago)
Al animals have emotions
Sid Coffee (3 days ago)
Dragon Uchiha (3 days ago)
I’m gonna kill myself like my comment
Atibu Deen (3 days ago)
Heart breaking, pets are a commitment before u think of a pet make sure you can commit to it
bethani Dugan (3 days ago)
Incorrect use of 'consequently'
Katie Hatt (3 days ago)
The thumbnail looked kinda creepy at first
Lauren Harrison (3 days ago)
Beautiful ending

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