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The Schwartz Family - Season 2 Episode 11 | Full Episodes | Supernanny USA

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The three oldest children are acting out and discipline in the house is non-existent! Any of you have been grown with their aunt? ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://bit.ly/SupernannyYT ▶ WATCH FULL EPISODES HERE: http://bit.ly/SupernannyS2FE ▶ SUPERNANNY MOMENTS WE LOVE THE MOST: https://bit.ly/2MiofHH Supernanny is here to tackle tantrums, fights and naughty kids all over the world! Have you ever given your parents a hard time? How do you compare to these kids? Supernanny will help families get their behavior back on track- but it won’t be easy!! 😭 Expect lots of extreme tantrums, fighting kids and broken rules! 🎥 These episodes were originally on TV from 2004 to 2012, so it might look like it was filmed on a potato! We publish new videos 3 times a week with the most memorable moments from the show. Subscribe now and click on the bell 🔔 to get notifications every time we upload a new video! ▶︎CHECK OUT THE SUPERNANNY WEBSITE ⇨ www.Supernanny.co.uk ▶︎LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ⇨ www.facebook.com/OfficialSupernanny ▶︎FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ⇨ www.twitter.com/Supernanny 🌍 Check out the World’s Strictest Parents YouTube Channel for more tantrums, fights & naughty kids from around the world: ▶︎ http://bit.ly/worldsstrictestparents
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Text Comments (3463)
micah ddress (44 minutes ago)
i swear those girls only act up with tht donna woman around🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Shadon Kowastica23 (17 hours ago)
deadgrass (17 hours ago)
24:05 “Samantha, please” *”LRRRR”* “S A M A N T H A!” 😂😂
Gilbert Rodriguez (18 hours ago)
Who else just clicked the video because the thumbnail 🤣
Dragon destroyer (9 hours ago)
Gilbert Rodriguez me lol
Ocleg (19 hours ago)
I had to click because this was in my recommendations and because the thumbnail was epic
Lala Land (21 hours ago)
The house on the outside is so pretty
Lala Land (21 hours ago)
She has JoJo's book????!!!!!
Raesomistic (23 hours ago)
basically every big sister in this world
Shayla Le (1 day ago)
The thumbnail made me say YEET
LIBESE Alivitsa (1 day ago)
I feel this woman's pain, sisters who take over our mums to raise us always think the little sister doesn't know and can't do the way I do or better than I do. It's tuff to brake from such grips cause you also don't want to loose that person. It's terrible.
Buttercreme (1 day ago)
i actually cried when they got out of the house 5 minutes early and were the first ones at the bus stop, the mom was so happy .. i‘m too emotional
Supernanny (23 hours ago)
That was a victory for them! ❤️
Marissa LaBrec (1 day ago)
The ant is making the biggest problems
FAX ZAY (1 day ago)
I cant tell Who super nanny here for the kids or the aunt😂😂😂😂
Raven Stovall (1 day ago)
Joe is the IRL Nanny McFee
Finally! She finally says unacceptable correctly 😂
Cheryl Kaiser (2 days ago)
It's normal I used to do it
Teagan Pint (2 days ago)
0:09 I thought the dad was tryna yeet his child.
M.[Beyond The Scenez] (2 days ago)
The end though
Abbi field (2 days ago)
your like mary poppins
Violeta Madsen (2 days ago)
Maybe try changing the thumbnail, People gonna contact social services.
probst wyatt (2 days ago)
That thumb nail yeet
Minerva McGonagall (2 days ago)
Yu pisseen may woff
Jodie baily (3 days ago)
donna is so amazing! she obviously has these blips, but she is very wonderful from what i’ve seen(like 4 mins in)
Super nanny should have stay for two weeks like she used to on earlier episodes. The leave is too abrupt.
Cliphlande Mano (3 days ago)
That Donna no wonder she’s like that so rude and undisciplined herself
Oco coco (3 days ago)
SAmAnThA!! Samantha: arrrrrrrrrrr
Yo my mans folded under the table 😂😂😂😂
Silverbush B (3 days ago)
Where are these folks from? Staten island? Or, Massachusetts, perhaps??
Nino Love (3 days ago)
Super nanny is the best channel i see on youtube
Happy Pingpong (3 days ago)
That Thumbnail tho
Therealfactor 57 (3 days ago)
This is weird the kids don’t even matter in this episode, it’s literally just dealing with the adults.
Therealfactor 57 (4 days ago)
May the Schwartz be with you
Gmolke775 (4 days ago)
17:38 that baby though
Carmen Trance (4 days ago)
are qie
Noah W (4 days ago)
I was potty traind when i was 5 years old.
blazedbyari (4 days ago)
jo: discipline her! donna: *stop*
Keana Ahmath (4 days ago)
Oh God do my parents need super nanny
Pokemon Know! (4 days ago)
instead of the nody bean bag, they should just send them to their rooms where they can cool off more.
Caleb Newsies (4 days ago)
Love the New York accents. One of my favorite accents. I'm not sure why. Lol.
Pokemon Know! (4 days ago)
Why Did They Have To Censor The Orange Juice??? 3:12 1 like= Respect for the orange juice.
Rubes Smithy (4 days ago)
The thumbnail....
I would never let mine act like that towards me
Happy Puppy Friends (5 days ago)
Super nanny is the female Gordon Ramsay!
Storm_Cloud48 (5 days ago)
Holy crap the mom works 9:00 to 5:00
DR2024 DiyonnaB (5 days ago)
Donna: "It's not the kids fault don't blame and yell at them" Jojo: " Discipline them! " Donna: .Screaming at the kids. Jojo: "Stop don't yell and blame them!" Me: If you don't make up your minds I didn't use they're exact sentences.
KawaiiArctic_Fox 143 (5 days ago)
Hello super nanny I just wanted to know if you are actually still doing your job, Because I reckon my family kind of needs you And yes we need you coz of me...
letha jones (5 days ago)
0:11 😂😂
Kim Linda (5 days ago)
I came for the thumbnail
Phoenix Naylor (6 days ago)
Donna is awful Donna < SuperNanny
Phoenix Naylor (6 days ago)
I love Jojo, she is so good with kids and so pretty❣️
Amanda Mullins (6 days ago)
Donna and Kathy don't set the best example when they argue with each other in front of the kids. I think Aunt Donna needs to sit in the naughty bean bag...
Sammy Lee (6 days ago)
Me, after watching half of this: -About to raise kids I don't have-
Celine (6 days ago)
Donna is so rude I can't believe
Citrus Mixer (6 days ago)
If you think most of the kids are girls when I was little and I’m a boy I could brush my own teeth
XxGacha GurlxX (7 days ago)
Donna should get her own kids😤
Ethan Crespo (7 days ago)
dat boi (7 days ago)
Super nanny should play fortnite
I don't want kids anymore. I am only 10 ;_;
S pel (7 days ago)
I love it when parents follow Jo’s tips and guidelines, although it wouldn’t be supernanny if all of the members of the house followed along. Expected from the children but I suppose even grown adults need to grow up and see when someone is only giving advice and not attacking them.
Fernando Monteiro (7 days ago)
Wow super granny you are the best can you come help me
TheDinoPuppet (7 days ago)
9:12 have no fear Rambo is here
Bird lover For Life (8 days ago)
Dana is mean🙄
Tahlee Nauta (8 days ago)
i think the person who needs discipline is......... dOnA
Flamzy _Life (8 days ago)
Donna - there kids they didn't do nothing to hurt anyone. Amanda is strangling the baby.
Mickey Ninjago (9 days ago)
Amander and Samanther 🤩🤩✨, what beautiful names, her mind is just👌
Yummy Bleach (9 days ago)
Thank god I didn’t trust the thumbnail too much!
Just Jem (9 days ago)
Super Nanny is always right
Sima Mohammad (9 days ago)
Wait how is the thumbnail the thumbnail then bc the dad was the most innocent in this episode😂💀
Vilma T. Gonzalez (9 days ago)
I love Supper Nanny! Just watching her show helped me understand what my daughter was asking if me. She's a great Mom. The children eat all of their food, but with me my grandson would get away with eating what he wanted. And not all. I didn't know how to discipline him neither. But just watching the program helped me improve my methods. Thank you so much!
Brynna Sweeney (10 days ago)
Donna, u need to back of, they are not your kids, so go away 🙄😡
Bbajj Jsuhsj (6 days ago)
Awww it was so cute how one of the girls tried to help their dad
Conrail Gp-40 Guy (10 days ago)
Why don't I see this show on TV anymore?
The Humanoid Person (11 days ago)
It must be so hard not to judge them
Olivia Xx (11 days ago)
I love the dad omd
Donna is nasty 😬😈
「tzukiramii」 ` (11 days ago)
Dude when I was 4 I was still in diapers 😂
Kenlee B (11 days ago)
My brother is 2 and he is in under wear
Marcus Smith (11 days ago)
Did he just say he has hair on his forhead
Flamzy _Life (11 days ago)
These was the most dedicated mom I have ever seen on suoernanny.
Violletah ;3 (11 days ago)
Super Nany do Paraguai
charlene wood (11 days ago)
Jade Cox (12 days ago)
Why was the girls shirt blurred out?
I have always had this question: Does Supernanny eat at anybodies house? And what DOES she eat?
Lize Brand (12 days ago)
29:15 Sponsor Eagle!!
Lily (12 days ago)
I like Donna🤠
Clips CCH (12 days ago)
Donna was sassy but now she is following threw every like claps for Donna
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan (12 days ago)
Omg dah thumbnail doe xD
K W (12 days ago)
Dona looks at the routine it’s not gonna work it’s nonsense find someone else wobbles away 😂
Ries Borum (12 days ago)
The thumbnail made me watch this video 😂
Abby Hess (12 days ago)
Did anyone else hear “samanthur and amandur” or was it just me 🤔
Itz_Angel_Snow /Gacha (12 days ago)
Is this real? Sorry I’m new here 😅
Aiden Murillo (12 days ago)
Says they give him gray hairs but points to his receding hairline
Melissa Hamilton (12 days ago)
I'm not watching supernanny again 😞😞😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Say Spamz (13 days ago)
Okay I have to say something , why tf is the thumbnail ?
Larissa Gonzalez (13 days ago)
38:19 Donna: I was probably one of the toughest persons that Joe had to deal with. Me: Well... You were the toughest person to deal with in THIS episode. But I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Supernanny has seen worse!
Just Jokes (13 days ago)
This is painful to watch......
Dream Elizabeth (13 days ago)
This is my best friends family lol. We’re on FaceTime watching it together and she’s like “What the hell was wrong with me.”😂
Anthony Copter (13 days ago)
Timeout beats spanking any day!

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