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Dreamworks Dragons Wild Skies : New Dragon Scauldron!!!

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Text Comments (71)
My game got messed up and I stopped playing because every time I got fish the cauldron just disappears off my screen
Christina van Huizen (4 years ago)
i love scauldron
conner fountain (5 years ago)
where do you get the fish at?
+conner fountain its at the forest and this place
Nerdy Gamer (5 years ago)
i don't remember, its at some random map tho
jetjoe24 (5 years ago)
Scauldron is not new
señor Poro (5 years ago)
fala portugues
Tim Spiers (5 years ago)
nerdy gamer realy
ParisianWeetabix (5 years ago)
You have a really cool name.
ParisianWeetabix (5 years ago)
It is in Riders of Berk. Episode 9 entitled "Dragon Flower" Hiccup, Stoick, Gobber and Mildew encounter a Scauldron when they try to get some of its venom to cure the dragon sickness.
ebonypetIce1 (5 years ago)
i always thought it was too fat to fly...
そらミナミ (6 years ago)
i do not speak english i translate only the translator
Slockporcher (6 years ago)
The poor thing is that the scauldron cant fly :C
MICHAEL MISCRITS (6 years ago)
how you got thypoomerang?
Moonlight Muffin (6 years ago)
nvm found were u get them
KitteeCath Cath (6 years ago)
its only easy to tame the sauldron
Moonlight Muffin (6 years ago)
were do chu get the crabs on wild skies?
the most sucks thing in this game is loading, why takes long time but my internet connection is fine
Finchy The Cat (6 years ago)
when it used that Water Gun its Like Oshawott use Water Gun
daniel julian encontro (6 years ago)
yeah and the bad guy got bit in the but!!!!!
Jack Arbaco (6 years ago)
after i get nadder i collect the stars then scauldron is my second dragon
Erwin Solas (6 years ago)
he is my second dragon
SleepyBear (6 years ago)
you dont say (about deadly nadder)
SleepyBear (6 years ago)
or crabs
Sam (6 years ago)
i finally got the scauldron!!
rulizah AB (6 years ago)
how was your loading so fast
Shadow The Hedgehog (6 years ago)
Shadow The Hedgehog (6 years ago)
in how to train your dragon hiccup saw him at book of dragons
Jack Arbaco (6 years ago)
why is the loading so fast for you?
Jack Arbaco (6 years ago)
so to catch scauldron you need fish?
Jack Arbaco (6 years ago)
is that the red dragon montrous nightmare?
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
it doesnt, i pause the reorrding!
Angelo Vinagrera (6 years ago)
how come your loading screen is so fast pls. reply now
Janine De Mesa (6 years ago)
i allready have that and the changewing
robert homero (6 years ago)
bro to tame it you need to load it right there come on cartoon network gosh darn it
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
it is, there was an episode where they fight a scauldron
ferbthe2gadgetguy (6 years ago)
the scauldron is my favorite dragon why isn't it in dragon riders of berks or even how to train your dragon?
cchatf3 (6 years ago)
i have grokle hidues zipple back and deadly nadder
Ashley Cason (6 years ago)
that was posted a long time ago now you can get all of the dragons (unless they come out with me but i dont think they will)
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
theyre not gunna make it
megadracosaurus (6 years ago)
You can't get the Terrible Terror and Fireworm
Diemia (6 years ago)
too bad its too hard to change from a map to another, wouldnt be better if it was downloadable and online, i mean, new areas and wider also, and all players online? that would be neat
Evelina R (6 years ago)
Actually, you can have all the draons , exist those who is not in the game allready.. You can Have Night Fury , Every dragon you can get there.. And i have all the dragons exist Gronckle.. Thats because i dont need him.. i have Night Furry :3 BTW.. You can get all dragons (._.'')
Evelina R (6 years ago)
Press ENTER and then go to map simbol , an then you should search where to seracsh fish xD
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
umm... its called pausing!
Longfei Sun (6 years ago)
um... in your video, it only took like 4 seconds to switch to another area
HttydFan100 (6 years ago)
they meant the ones that are unlocked so far
HttydFan100 (6 years ago)
cool did you name them (i named the two i have so far)
Raphaela Millecco (6 years ago)
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
latched097 (6 years ago)
This would be a fine downloadable game, it takes far too long to download each map everytime you change area...
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
yes yes there are
Ashley Cason (6 years ago)
no you dont...theres 3 that you cant get...
Alex Ramanda (6 years ago)
lol its fat
Ryan Lake (6 years ago)
i have all the dragons
SlotCarSuperstar (6 years ago)
COOL! I am trying my best to get night fury
Erick Peres (6 years ago)
do you see in the bottom left corner how there is a little circle with the picture of the dragon you are using? There it an arrow ON the right of the circle, click it and a list of dragons you HAVE will show up, I found this out the hard way!
StupidRon (6 years ago)
i was about to get ready for wild skies i'm in berk village
skittlemush (6 years ago)
Just press w and this dragon is great for sheep targets
programafogonorabo (6 years ago)
eu tenho todos faz meses!!!
zelda1722 (6 years ago)
how do i call my scaldron and typhoomerang I got them but I can't call them
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
kartel brown (6 years ago)
I have all the dragons
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
JumpyyJosie (6 years ago)
Great for getting those tricky sheep targets! :D
Espeon Overlord (6 years ago)
the reason for that is the training tip is to cover yourself in water
1ZombieRob (6 years ago)
water on head=bff
Espeon Overlord (6 years ago)
can someone help me?i have a typhoomerang,a thunderdrum,a scualdron,a monstrous nightmare,a deadly nadder,a gronkle,a zippleback, and toothless,but im still a novice. HELP!
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
its super slow and has small wings XD
Nerdy Gamer (6 years ago)
wow u did it before it even uploaded!!! :D

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