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Kris Ea (3 months ago)
Just for laugh gags is the best prank video maker. I love watching your videos whenever I feel bored. Thank you team and God bless all of you. Love from Tamil Nadu, India.
Gideon F (1 month ago)
@Kris Ea, you thanked the right creators in a pirated video.
J A W E E D H (1 month ago)
I'm too tamil nadu☺️
new guy (2 months ago)
@MonkGoneGamer Tamil is the first language in the earth
new guy (2 months ago)
@Kris Ea I'm Tamil too
fahaad997 07704988918 (2 hours ago)
العربي يثبت حضوره بلايك
Shahzaib Ali (1 day ago)
I really watch it in my alone time best channel keep it up
JD JD (3 days ago)
Eby Haryanto (3 days ago)
what is the name of the woman at the end of the video?
Erwin Bawamenewi (5 days ago)
mantap sangat lucu
Rick Sihler (7 days ago)
In California men are forced to give money to children they are not related to.
c grant (8 days ago)
It's all about the funny business okay by 🌚👍
Thani Sawangmek (9 days ago)
ha ha ha awesome
Davron Rajabov (10 days ago)
ohhh i just enjoy watching ur gags. big love from Tajikistan)))
정말 좋아요...like watch just for laugh..always make happy ^-^♡
M.R M. (12 days ago)
Y ellos encantados con masajito
M.R M. (12 days ago)
Esos del helado ahí les va a terminar gustando
2:09 She's so beautiful
Luis Cardenas (15 days ago)
Dislike the first video so gay, i was watching in family and you put that shittt, i will never see your videos again 😡😡😡😡😡 👎👎👎👎
Alex Leroux (15 days ago)
7:08 The old lady is beautiful for her age ! La dame âgée est belle pour son âge !
phiyen trinh (16 days ago)
uciha Indra (17 days ago)
Mohammad Salah
حالات واتس (17 days ago)
يا رجاله اومال فين العرب
Adorable Macaque (18 days ago)
Luom Nguyen (18 days ago)
Funny I love you all
KaduhiN (19 days ago)
забавно, однако постанова же))
Hello there ! Watch mu vídeo in my Chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCioR3TYy0luTA8Bp1FIprEw
You make best stuffs on 🌎. Thanks
Song Đôi Channle (23 days ago)
Vfdhu vfhy ndar
Lili Yu (23 days ago)
watching from antipolo philippines love it very nice funny
' o
নিউ টিভি (25 days ago)
nice beautiful 😍😘😘😍👌👌👌
vai walker (26 days ago)
man....if this was in america, the first skit would have gotten the actors shot dead by some mentally disabled dick sucking christianity pest.
Wahid cirta (27 days ago)
Vrement c'est les meilleurs vidéo gags que j'ai vue bonne continuation avec des comédiens excellents
Raees Ca (27 days ago)
Mo 1:35
Adin Ahmadin (27 days ago)
Abduhamid Anorov (28 days ago)
ramoj ipanac (28 days ago)
very nice prank haha😂😂
Erke Kovács (28 days ago)
You guys are funny! 👍🍦😂
Season Sapkota (29 days ago)
You don't harm others and bring people's kindness. You are aswesome.
Hadori MM (1 month ago)
Vlad Ua. (1 month ago)
Руские лайкните меня чтоб иноземцы поразмыслили што я штото пригодное написал
Alvin Dura (1 month ago)
2:05 i love him haha
Chaos Peace (1 month ago)
The last one hahaha..
The Family of Vloggers (1 month ago)
🤣🤣🤣 Just for laughs is my entertainment while expressing my milk. Watching from London 🇬🇧
Mighty Warrior (14 days ago)
Kindly subscribe to the channel (link given below) for entertaining, sad, poetry and much more fun I assure you, you wouldn't be disappointed https://youtu.be/IaOfwf8UZec
Carlos Santos (1 month ago)
8:44 😂
mohammad aqil (1 month ago)
loved the smile of girl in the last clip .. She's amazing
Tho Fi (1 month ago)
Lot of cursed sodomized in your shit gags
W. dayah (1 month ago)
Very2 kidding ,😂😂😂I love you just for laughs😘 ,love from malaysia
Danny C. Jewell (1 month ago)
pretty funny not like a lot a lot of videos that say they are funny , but show people risking life and limb
Farid Aljazairi (1 month ago)
Abdenour SAHEL (1 month ago)
Désolé mais j'aime pas ça
Brajesh Singh (1 month ago)
All are hilarious
peace lover (1 month ago)
The last one is hilarious😂
Grim Reaper (1 month ago)
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nickleff Davidson (1 month ago)
The last prank got me some tears out. Laugh SOOOO MUCH.
I am from india, last prank wast just osam, I really want to thank you, love from india
Heroe Crazyscoot (1 month ago)
Prank Foundation...
SS SS (1 month ago)
Why faggets??? Why
Leo Austria (1 month ago)
nice :)
SHAUN MAQ (1 month ago)
4:04 nobody came back for the ...we kiddng part ...black people don't play like that ...all 3 black ladies never came back ...u scare them off for real ..loooooool
mohamedameer appas (1 month ago)
R u legend chenal👍👏👏
Charif Farid (1 month ago)
Very best video
Muhammad Jamidi (1 month ago)
Gaetano De rosa (1 month ago)
Elikanah Kamunywe (1 month ago)
Just for a laugh is totally smokin 🔥. Lol from Nairobi Kenya. Kip up the spirit.
Sadda Official (1 month ago)
8:40 made my day bruh
Grace Ng (1 month ago)
How many cars did they have to destroy lol
Người Vietnam đâu cả rồi?? ✌️✌️✌️
Lauren Victoria (1 month ago)
i didn't get the first one😅
Model Steamers (1 month ago)
You will when you are older.
Indian Bollywood (1 month ago)
Best ever..
Ayub Khan (1 month ago)
Very nice video
From algérienne🇩🇿 😂😂
Lovezai Love (1 month ago)
Wow soo nice
Hp Sajjad (1 month ago)
My Chocolate Mint (1 month ago)
5:53 He looks like Jacob from Twilight😂
Haitian comedy Tv (1 month ago)
Gracias me siento bien
Desi village (1 month ago)
Om Yadav (1 month ago)
Love from Mumbai, india
berry boy (1 month ago)
Rapist spoted
alex romm (1 month ago)
Canada is Africa -- 89% of people are BLACK. In other words, Canada is dead now...........
Alexis Jhonny (1 month ago)
I love this comedy we love you no just me and this planet ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤💋💋💋💋👄👄👄👄😻😻😻😻😻😻🤗🤗🤗🙃🙃🙃🤣🤣🤣🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻
Open4Profit (1 month ago)
Wel done team buy crypto
Elcondor Cuih (1 month ago)
Tuh yg pertama jijik najis
SK productions (1 month ago)
The cops were like will smith and jerry Seinfeld
Joergen the 1st (1 month ago)
omg it still exists!!!!!
Maxwell Appiah (1 month ago)
The world's really changed. That you have a white man and a black man doing this. Racism must end!
Tommy G (1 month ago)
Quit it
Francisco Americano (1 month ago)
Mori con los polcias😂😂
Les A. R (1 month ago)
Bloopers for Just Gags for Laughs.
Happy family (1 month ago)
Emilita Samson (1 month ago)
w0Rnq s3Lp1ng (1 month ago)
2:09 she's pretty
Ahmad sabaaneh (1 month ago)
#حق ابن سوريا
Ahmad sabaaneh (1 month ago)
#حق ابن سوريا
Ahmad sabaaneh (1 month ago)
#حق ابن سوريا
Ramu Mila (1 month ago)
Thumbnail 8.30
Netor Lefera (1 month ago)
It's like friends to me cause I start smiling whenever I see them
L P (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but I don't think that any of these jokes are funny lmao They're even gross or totally stupid. Am I the only one?
Susan Wanjiru (1 month ago)
Yeah...u r the only one
Susan Wanjiru (1 month ago)
Yeah...u r the only one
Nerine Beaumont (1 month ago)
Lizzie McCarthy (1 month ago)

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