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This Pregnant Woman’s Dog Wouldn’t Stop Crying. Then She Realized It Was Trying To Warn Her

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Dogs are capable of sensing a number of things the human eye can't detect. Some dogs use their noses to sniff out pests, while others can foresee an oncoming seizure. An Akita named Keola used her special skills to help save her pregnant human's life. When Alhanna Butler began noticing sharp pains in her lower back, she brushed them off as symptoms of her pregnancy and her doctor agreed. Despite the professional diagnosis, Butler could tell something was wrong based on the way her best friend was acting around her. ------------------------------------ STORY LINK: https://tinyurl.com/y2n5vkdj Alhanna Butler https://tinyurl.com/y5akbdbb ------------------------------------ CONNECT WITH US: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nollygrionews Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/nollygrio On the web: http://www.nollygrio.com For inquiries, please contact [email protected] ------------------------------------ VIDEO CREDITS: Background Music: Audioblocks: https://www.audioblocks.com Day 7: https://soundcloud.com/day7official Video Footage: https://www.videoblocks.com https://tinyurl.com/y5akbdbb ------------------------------------ #nollygrio #nollygrioanimals
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Angela Francis (9 months ago)
😢This is making me cry for so many reasons most of them good ones. I love dogs. And good dogs the ones that are attentive to their family and feel what their family feels are one of the best gifts we humans get. I love your dog she is wonderful. She loved you and the baby from the first moment she saw you and the first moment she sensed the baby. Dogs with that kind of connection to you see things, knows things, are smart and intuitive, you must ALWAYS listen to them when they start acting differently. Two of my family members lives where also saved by their beautiful loving dogs, and neither of those dogs was even a pure breed, they where just excellent intuitive dogs. I am so happy for you and your family Keola included (I hope I spelt her name right. Lol) continue to love and grow with each other. And please continue to share your stories of that growth.
Speach girl
erika zuniga (6 days ago)
Woah there buddy a lot of typing
ii_ Mynx (6 days ago)
Me too
shyann wen covers (6 days ago)
I couldn't stop crying either..lol....this was a beautiful story ..❤
Moon (6 days ago)
Cynthia Brown (10 hours ago)
Animals are smarter than people
kim Ering (1 day ago)
mercy frost (1 day ago)
Very touching story.
Greg Doty (2 days ago)
Always listen to you big they are very smart. And always love them like there your own child.
Silvia Torres (3 days ago)
*First of all the dog is not an it*
tom king (3 days ago)
Mid Wife nonsense
Kawaii DreamZ (3 days ago)
i feel you cuz when my mom gave birth to me mum almost died now im 13 my mom is pregnant again it was so weird that whenever my father is drunk hel say to my mom ur going to live when the baby comes out my it was so awkward but when my mum said why he always said that i was shocked me ME i almost killed my mother
Katrina Rose (3 days ago)
And you don't see a midwife for medical issues. These people....
Peter Goffle (3 days ago)
Plot twist; the dog is a paid actor
Yanira Urenda (4 days ago)
I had my babyshower 3/2 4 wks prior to my due date. It was in a ranch so we spent at our uncles house . His 2 German Shepherd slept next to me when I opened my eyes in the morning they were starring literally staring at me like something was wrong. I told my husband you know what this baby is coming soon. Sure enough my placenta broke 24hrs later. The dogs were beside me all night long they knew what was coming now 5yrs later when we go visit uncle the dog sniffs my son wiggles his tail and plays with him. Cutest thing ever
Sarah Andrus (4 days ago)
Even dogs are pro-life.
Gacha sisters 234 (4 days ago)
That dog and baby knew each other in a different life
Kawaii Konoe (4 days ago)
"She loved him even before he knew she existed"💖
Sophie Kinsella (4 days ago)
And I cant get my dog to sit
I used to have an akita, they are amazing dogs and are actually very protective and playful tbh amazing how the dog warned her 😮
FaTe Crshook (4 days ago)
litterally almost wiped a tear ahaha
Gacha ash :3 (4 days ago)
Get dogged
Weirdo Wolf37 (4 days ago)
Its really quite weird for me to always watch dog vids or even animal vids knowing i have a great fear of them
ramcreign reign (4 days ago)
Like Hachiko trying to warn his master... Master ended up with a heart attack... And Hachiko waited for 10 years for him... Loyal and smart... Akita breed
poseidon 112 (4 days ago)
this is so heartwarming ❤😥
Faffy knowels (4 days ago)
oooh this is so cute,l also want a dog like that
Elskyboi 787 (5 days ago)
So many emotions idk how to feel
Akita did yet another amazing feat!! Kiyora? Like in Kiyoraka in Japanese 清らか which means purity/pure-hearted? Please keep loving Kiyora the Akita, she will be loyal to you and will always love you to her last breath...and I believe even after their last breath. My family had an Akita, Taro, who passed away decades ago but still I know he loves me and I miss him so dearly..
Synettra searcy (5 days ago)
That made me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭☺
Skylar Rose (5 days ago)
“Keola soon fitted right in” 1:28 *grammar has left the chat*
The Moon Baby (3 days ago)
Glad I'm not the only one who caught that
Carrie Orser (5 days ago)
Amazing story! Thank god!
Taylor Marshall (5 days ago)
How the dog know about pregnancy test I got some quesses but that stood out to me
Taylor Marshall (5 days ago)
Wow that crazy
battleborn2002 (5 days ago)
Dogs rule!
What's the song?
Kikki K (5 days ago)
Awwe so sweet I actually grew up with two Akitas and they’re the best ❤️
Bumper Simpson (5 days ago)
So so beautiful...i love animals and that's one of the reasons why. Can't stop crying I'm so happy for them. SMOOCHIES
Kokichi Oma (5 days ago)
mida (5 days ago)
Doctors always want to tell u it’s normal
-_Unknown Legend_- (5 days ago)
Is this your first time you all see a type of video like this, how many people are new to YouTube everyday?, are YouTube profiles even real or just bots?, this is the type of questions I have to rethink with most people in this comment section, you find this cute or funny no one asked or cared about your opinion, do you have any fact, something useful then comment it if you have the time.
All animal are like humans, just look and think differently
Legend 21 (5 days ago)
Dogs are so loyal don't abandon them they could save anyone's life in a heartbeat
Han Tran (5 days ago)
I want a dog like her now...
LEANN/13 x fell (5 days ago)
That's was beautiful actually kind of relate to the story except for nothing happened to my mom she knew that I was going to be a girl before I was even born and she knew that my brother was going to be a boy before he was even born I don't know how but she tells me that it's a gift that she has but that was so sweet of that dog <3
Halfofmyheart (5 days ago)
What a miracle. 💜
Meh want a doggo 🐕
Gary Standridge (5 days ago)
Love it
Clifford Jones (5 days ago)
Dogs man BEST friend
Llynex (5 days ago)
Has anyone looked through the comments and thought, "Man I wish I wrote that"
Judi Mcmahon (5 days ago)
Midwives are not the way to go and some doctors are just as negligent. I wish I would’ve changed doctors with my first child. She was horrible. I was going to report her to the AMA bc every time I saw her I told her I was throwing up every single day and she never ever gave me the test to screen for gestational diabetes. Well, finally in the 8th month of pregnancy the quack did her job and guess what, I had very bad gestational diabetes? She threatened to make me take insulin. I threw up so badly that my rib popped in and out and till this day I still have issues with it. My daughter is almost 20. Follow your instincts in every situation and don’t let others sway you and lie to you.
No Limits (5 days ago)
Michael Henry (5 days ago)
This just goes to show you how intelligent dogs really are. Some dogs have been found to even be able to sense when their master is or has developed cancers their sense of smell and taste is so incredible that doctors could take a page from them or even use animals in the process of early detection of cancer. I'm glad the young lady's mother who probably if a dog lover herself convinced her daughter to go see someone before it was too late. It almost look like in that photo when the dog is laying next to her with her head on the belly that the dog is sad or scared. Thank God for dogs. One of his few Creations that truly understand agape love
Baryen Somé (5 days ago)
My dog stole my chicken
Gacha Ally (5 days ago)
Oh so she is German ? So am i btw im half German half Lithuanian and Half Russian AND Half spannish lol
karmah gamer playz (5 days ago)
0:51 Am i the only one who thinks she looks like Beyoncé in this pic?
I just got strep throat and was sleeping in the bathroom last night and I woke up to find something nudging my back and I reached back there and it was fuzzy and apparently, it was Bugs
Just to sum it up, the dog was trying to warn her that she had a kidney infection. :)
Mohammad Faisal (5 days ago)
So Kiula is a good Doctor indeed ..
daloulatoukoum (5 days ago)
My late dad had a cancer who started in his lungs and then spread and our German Shepherd knew it and even used to go cry in front of the parts it reached. When it reached his leg's bone, he would cry in front of his leg. When my dad passed away, our dog kept crying and was depressed for months.
Bryanx317 (5 days ago)
This is total horse manure
Julie Rochefort (5 days ago)
This is so precious 😢❤️
It sounds like Killua (Corret me if I'm wrong) from HunterxHunter
Nathan (5 days ago)
I’m getting a tattoo of Keola and my right glute cheek
David Beaulieu (5 days ago)
Abort before it's too late you going to be stuck with something is going to suck the money out of you like nobody's business
Nytemare Playz (5 days ago)
My dog was abused before I got her and she follows me everywhere when I go to bus I ask my mom to come bring my dog and she usually whines before I go to school well not iusally one day she whined and I thought she didn’t want me to go so I said bye but it happend for weeks then I noticed when I had to run a lot I couldn’t breath that good it was really bad I went to the school nurse and then when I got home I told my mom she said if it happend again and it did to tell her so I did turned out I have heart problems I give my dog a little of human food everytime I eat cause of it and I make sure to listen to her my dog is a mutt btw I don’t know what breeds her name is molly she a very good dog if u confuse her or have anything she could get hurt or get her friends taken away she will bite but it’s because she doesent want to be abuse
ns123 k (6 days ago)
This dog is smarter than my doctor
That anime weeb (6 days ago)
*This dog is smarter than me ;-;*
Zambak Deseni (6 days ago)
Well, i have a cat and he's always around me no matter what. Even in bathroom, kitchen, my room... etc. When i get sick, he always stays with me and massages me with his paws. Or whenever i cry, he comes up to me and licks my tears I love him so much ♡
Metangy PlaysRB (6 days ago)
Uh oh i have a progressing kidney infection and stones I'm gonna die and get surgery yay that's going to be so much fun 😐
prachi khandelwal (6 days ago)
God bless that dog
Wall Cutter (6 days ago)
Wish you good luck in your life. You married a very beautiful woman. You better make sure you do what it takes to keep her happy
Novumbra (6 days ago)
I guess I know what type of dog I'm getting :)))
ShaniSoStunning (6 days ago)
This is why I love animals!❤️
Sneaky Rebel (6 days ago)
What a good doggo
This is so sad. But thank God the dog warned her and she finally understood. That's so sad.
Kacyann Tibby (6 days ago)
She is the best dog in the world
Benjamin Sanctuary (6 days ago)
Wow. That dog was definitely sent from God
dandilyonz cassandra (6 days ago)
I want another dog. RIP my Bella.
#BFF squad (6 days ago)
All the dislikes are Japanese people
RedboneBonered (6 days ago)
This was just beautiful their pet is a very precious part of their family....
Bryan Case (6 days ago)
That was beautiful 😢🤧
yumii1212 x (6 days ago)
What a great dog !!
Lily C (3 days ago)
She Protecc She attacc But most importantly She got her mummy’s bacc
Lily C (2 days ago)
Bella Bella learn to just deal with it k?
Bella Bella (2 days ago)
+Lily C learn to see the difference between rude and annoyed
Lily C (3 days ago)
Bella Bella whats with the rude emoji though?
Bella Bella (3 days ago)
+Lily C just pointing out facts here.
Lily C (3 days ago)
Bella Bella wow. Just wow.
_Minty_ Wolf_xxo (6 days ago)
It’s not all about the dog you know. It was your mom who technically saved you.
I don't get likes (6 days ago)
Woman's best friend
How To Hack Gamess (6 days ago)
How does a dog know whats wrong like a double kidney infection?
Network Mites (6 days ago)
Looks like a framed story with a cute and caring dog..
Bonus Baby (6 days ago)
Call me crazy, but I think Lincoln & Keola knew eachother a long time before this.
Isabela G. (6 days ago)
Animals are amazing ! STOP killing animals ! Good Keola!
Deanna F (6 days ago)
I need a dog like that be protective. This dog will be good visiting Assisting living place.
juan farias (6 days ago)
I love dogs now I do more
KRISTINA NGUYEN (6 days ago)
I have an Akita and Yellow Lab mix! She's the cutest  dog ever ^_^
KRISTINA NGUYEN (6 days ago)
+ALKN TSK ? im confused
ALKN TSK (6 days ago)
KRISTINA NGUYEN Omg fr ling lang
Amanda Harker (6 days ago)
I wish I had a dog like that.
My dog couldn’t care less about me, I very clumsy and always trip over things and my dog just looks at me like “ you are an idiot” I swear it’s a look if complete judgement
Brooke Jimenez (6 days ago)
I cried god I'm such a sop.
shyann wen covers (6 days ago)
I am.. a big animal lover...and all animal's are smart and amazing ..they all have a big heart also.. This video really warmed me..such a smart beautiful dog...I couldn't stop crying..I am a sap lol..❤ way to go Keola ❤
Tsuyu Asui (6 days ago)
neck (6 days ago)
The photos I found on her social media about her pregnancy, sounded... pretty much flexing a baby. Don't ever flex just because you have a baby, it's disgusting and shows how bad of a parent you are. She took pictures of the pregnancy, and she sounded she's flexing a baby. What a wonderful way to lose supporters.
Greeshma R (6 days ago)
Wow happy ending
Christina Heard (6 days ago)
wow this is crazy and incredible at the same time True Miracles
Tahlia Brown (6 days ago)
Good job keola
I'm a cute baby mew (6 days ago)
So sad and cute 😢
nikita sharma (6 days ago)
She's an angel ☘️💐🐕💋💐☘️🙏

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